01 June 2010

After losing so many of

my people


my family in the Holocaust

Because in every generation of the Jewish people we have had to move countries because of anti-Semitism

It is all around us, even today

Even outside my home a few weeks ago

My kids go to a Jewish Day School where before the get on their school buses, the buses are checked for bombs

My kids go through drills at school in the event of a suicide bomber attack

My kids have giant walls and security gates around their school to protect them from an attack.

My kids have to be trained what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

My kids are guarded by security guards every day

When we go to the synagogue we have to go through metal detectors

When we go to a communal function we have to go through metal detectors

Our bags are checked

But thank G-d that today we have Israel


Studio Sylvia said...

Judy, I am lost for words. Your writing and the video have moved me deeply and I can't express the emotions stirring me. I can't believe your children undergo all that in their school days, in Australia. I write no more here, but believe me my emotions are stirred.
Thanks for sharing.

Narrative jewelry said...

Many thanks Judy.

Silver Artisan said...

I had no idea that this was the case even in Australia.
Prayers ♥

Judy said...

Yes unfortunately it is.

romantic decay said...

I had no idea. Nobody, let alone children should have to go through that. We should be way past this by now.

Judy said...

I agree

ArtPropelled said...

I had no idea. I'm also at a loss for words. Very moving documentary. Thanks for sharing Judy.

Lynn said...

Thank you Judy. Todarabah!
I hope this is seen by those who NEED to see it. And then I wonder will it matter? Will it change anyone? We can hope.

I am so sorry your children have to go through this. My grandchildren also attend a Jewish Day school in California. I need to ask my daughter if they are taking such precautions.
The only place I was searched before going in was at the Jewish Museum in San Francisco recently. I remember how at first I was shocked, and then...relieved that they did it. And I thanked the guard. How crazy is that?

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Dearest Judy, I've been following your blog since I got acquainted with blogging just over a year ago, and have loved all your work! Your post touched me deeply. I just wanted to let you know that there are many many of us out here who would defend the Jewish people to the death... despite what you see in the current leadership. Just know this in your heart and soul... we stand with you and always will. I'm so sorry your children have to go through these things. xVicki

stregata said...

Thank you for sharing, Judy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all people were noble, supportive and good - to all people?

jake said...

what an amazing video, thank you for sharing it. when i went to florida for the first time with my husband to see his niece perform in a jewish school play I was shocked to see police cars at the entrance and security at the front door. I was puzzled to say the least and shocked when my husband had to explain it's for protection it's something he has grown use to. all I could think of was these innocent little ones so excited to perform and yet having to grow up with police/security thier entire lives...growing up in a mormon family we never had witnessed or had to think of being protected especially entering a house of god.
yes, thank god we have Israel.
connie freedman

rscoach said...

Amen, Judy! Thank you for continuing to be an example and voice for us all - thank you for not hiding who you are - thank you for reminding me/us that we all need to speak up - and thank you for the video - much love xo ox reva (Los Angeles)

Judy said...

Wow, I am so amazed at these comments. I actually thought, nope there will be none on this post. So thanks, I have enjoyed reading them.

Kim Palmer said...

I am saddened so much that in a country as free as our own this is a part of your family's daily life Judy. Imagine the uproar if every Aussie child had to endure these precautions each day? In light of recent events the national media outlets should play this video for all to see.

Judy said...

Yes Kim and what the Australian Press is not reporting is
1. Under the San Remo manual it is permissible under rule 67(a) to attack neutral vessels on the high seas when the vessels "are believed on reasonable grounds to be carrying contraband or breaching a blockade, and after prior warning they intentionally and clearly refuse to stop, or intentionally and clearly resist visit, search or capture."
2. Israel has a blockade on arms going to Gaza - not humanitarium aid
3. the organiser of the "flotilla" - Bulent Yildirim -is a known terrorist
4. the "flotilla" was offered to either go to Ashdod (Israel) or El Arish (Egypt) to have their goods inspected and for all humanitarium aid to be sent directly after inspection overland to Gaza - they refused the offers of both Israel and Egypt
5. the members of the boat Mavi Marmara wanted and came prepared for a violent confrontation
6.the other boats were taken safely and without problem to land

The truth will come out as always but only after all the bad press.

Seth said...

Such a powerful and overwhleming video Judy. Thank you for posting this.

Maija said...

I am so sorry you have to live in fear for your safety and that of your children. It blows my mind.

Susan Tuttle said...

thank you for sharing the hard things with us Judy:) That is something very special about you. When you share them, I also sense your hope.

azirca said...

It saddens me so much to think that your children are subjected to this kind of ordeal on a daily basis.
We can only hope that one day we all are able to co-exist harmoniously together no matter what our beliefs or heritage.

Judy Wise said...

thank you for this post Judy. There is always more to the story than we hear through the media. I pray for all who are persecuted. We must evolve into humans who accept diversity. My love to you and your family.

Kim Palmer said...

Hi Judy, I've just caught up with your reply here and would like to thank you for taking the time to do so. So much of our news and information is trimmed by the media to fit a timeslot or some other need when what we really require is truth.

Eunice said...

Judy, I can't imagine having to watch your children go through this every day. My heart and prayers go out to you and your children.

Anonymous said...

Judy, you are a good friend who I admire greatly, I agree with all you speak and stand for, please be careful and dont paint a target on yourself there are so many deranged people in the world today.
Steve Manning

Tiglizzyclone said...

Thank you Judy for sharing with us.

You might be interested in the following online article.


alteredbits said...

i am at a total loss for words. i had absolutely no idea what this was going on in australia. nothing like that is happening here and it breaks my heart for you and your children -- i lived right next to a jewish day school and community center before i moved to this side of town (about 30 minutes away) and nothing like this occurred there. no one should have to live like that! it just breaks my heart. thank you so very much for sharing... and making us more aware of the world's truths.

how old are your children?

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Ms. Robinson said...

i am so sorry that you and you're family have to live in those circumstances. i pray for you and you're family... God Bless you!

Rebecca said...

Judy, thanks so much for sharing this. You are an amazing person to share your heart for your beautiful people. May God's hand always rest on Israel and may they continue to be a symbol of peace and hope.

How My Art Beats said...

Thank you Judy for posting the video, i have put it on my FB page. Ya know "these people" better quit messing around with God's Chosen! I admire your work and am so inspired by it. Hope sometime i will be able to join you in a class.
i will lift you and your family up in prayer.
So Calif. sidney

photogal said...

If I had not found your site, I would never have seen this video. Thank you for sharing. I live in Cleveland where there is a very large Jewish population (bet a lot of people don't know that). At one time, I knew several older people who had the tattoo from the Nazi camps. It shocks me to know that this part of history is not being taught as much in our schools. We need to be reminded of WHY we MUST support Israel!

Anonymous said...

Very moving video...G_d will come again to avenge Israel and there will be peace.
Teresa in California

M said...

I had no idea such precautions were necessary in Australia. It sounds like living in Israel! Having grown up in Los Angeles and living in Phoenix, we seldom have to live with such precautions except when there are particular events. I guess we are extremely fortunate in that sense.

My daughter begins a new year of Hebrew school and we're looking forward to high holidays.

Thank you for posting the film. There is so much anti-Israel press, even my fellow bloggers are anti-Israel on their blogs and Facebook. One of them pulls a "Tom Cruise." She reads, therefore she knows...

This is giving me something to think about.

carmenSC said...

It’s hard to imagine that people outside of the Middle East live in so much fear. As a resident of California, 9/11 was a heartbreaking event, but it wasn’t as real to me as for those who live(d) in New York and the surrounding areas. But for families in Australia, I would have never imagined that children would have to suffer in this way.
Why is it that elementary schools require bomb checks on buses and giant walls? Has the anger and fear sadly spread this far into consuming the whole world and into the lives of our children?
The video that you shared really spoke to me. It gave me a glimpse into the pain that Israel has suffered from the past until now. The ways in which Israel has called for peace, but until this day still has not come. Why do we see the pictures of children staring through bullet holes in windows and even the pictures of children holding machine guns. Why is it that there are such extremes? Why is it that we cannot even protect our own children from this ugly history that has killed so many? Why can we not stop this horror from spreading?

Still Waters Studio said...

14 “However, the days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when it will no longer be said, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,’ 15 but it will be said, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and out of all the countries where he had banished them.’ For I will restore them to the land I gave their ancestors.
Jeremiah 16:14-15
I pray blessings, safety, and shalom to you and yours.