14 May 2010

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me.

Family geneaology has been my prime interest and I have had some astounding results. It is not like I can go to ancestry or Australian records. Most of the records for my family were destroyed along with the family and the towns they lived in.

However, I am determined and I cannot stop now - there has been too much new information and leads to follow. I have met new family members all over the globe and we have become a force to be reckoned with.

It is so wonderful to go from such loss to finding new life around the globe.

It has been so exciting. 

I have almost finished my latest piece. In the meantime...

As promised

Here are some more images

From my studio

For you to enjoy

I have to say that

Blogger is not behaving nicely lately

It's driving me crazy

And to get a post up here is a nightmare

I am thinking very seriously of changing blogs

It saves automatically every second which means there is a long long long pause, the formatting is terrible

To get this post up has taken over an hour

It is time I just don't have at the moment

Any suggestions?


Momo Luna said...

Great photographs! Especially the one with the dollhands. I like the light on your photographs a lot.

I don't have your problems with blogger at the moment. I shouldn't know about other blogger programs, but it seems that wordpress has many possibilities. I don't know this from my own experience though.

Have a great weekend!

ArtPropelled said...

I havn't had a problem with blogger. My photos load fairly quickly. Better touch wood quick!

These photos are making my day. Love the last two particularly. Wish I could get into your studio!
Exciting to hear you have more new leads to follow and that you're meeting new family too.

spindelmaker said...

What absolutely stunningly beautiful and inspiring photos!
I don´t have too much experience with different blog-servers or what they are called. Mine is wordpress, and I haven´t got the problems you are frustrated about.
Might the problem be with your computer? Hope it works out anyway. Good luck with your family-research!

Gina said...

yes .. its not blogger ... it might be your computer or your ISP ... things to consider include - are you on broadband? are you pics small size jpgs (under 500mb) and do you shut your computer down regularly to allow rebooting and clearing out stuff ?

not very techie but i am certain its not blogger ...

love the photos too ... all those yummy body parts to play with >> Gina

Cherie said...

Despite not posting for a few days I've found blogger to be fast. Any probs I usually post to their help and invariably get a speedy reply!
Photo's are fabulous. Your uploading frustrations are hugely appreciated. xo

Studio Sylvia said...

Wonderful peeks of studio stills.
I am so happy for you, that your family history is experiencing a rebirth.
Judy,I had one problem yesterday. After writing the post and publishing it, one photo formatted to the left. I edited it again and then things were fine.
I work on a Mac. I have found that formatting is a little different to a PC. If moving pics around on the post. better to cut and paste on the Mac rather than just sliding photos from one place to another, with the mouse.

stregata said...

Love the photos of your studio - what an inspiration!!
And the photos of Yad Vashem - wow, what a place.
Are you working with Blogger in Draft? It is much slower uploading photos that the regular Blogger.

Judy said...

I am working on a pc. When that doesnt work I use my mac laptop. I am not using blogger in draft, just plain old blogger and doing everything the same as before. Thanks guys, I think it must be the pc - its dyeing..

noye studios said...

Wow! wonderful photographs. i love all the bits and pieces you've pulled together.

Valeriote Design said...

LOVE your heavenly photographs!

Sharon said...

Wonderful photos. I sure do relate to your geneology search. I did that many years ago and it grabs me and takes over my life. I have to avoid it now. I must paint.
No problem with blogger for me either. Hope you get it worked out. I know the frustration.

Lynn said...

I Love your photos all...I upload many photos at a time too and it doesn't take an inordenant amount of time??????????? Same program!

So happy for you re: the family history gathering!!!! So happy.

Samantha Marshall said...

I love your photos and I do find blogger quite contrary at times.
Good luck with the research.

azirca said...

For a free service overall Blogger is pretty good but they do have some frustrating glitches that need to be ironed out.

I had issues with the new blogger editor so I switched back to the old one, it seems more stable, especially when handling images. Perhaps if you aren't already, you could try switching back to the old editor and see if it is more stable for you.

Another thing you could try is to compose your posts in Notepad then paste them into the Blogger editor. Then you don't have to worry about the auto save feature (that you can't adjust or turn off) saving your post so often. Don't use Word to type up your posts though as when you paste the text the Blogger editor does something funky to the html.

Love the photos btw...lots of delightful elements and displays.

Corrine said...

Gorgeous photos. I'd also love to live in your studio...at least for a while.
I do all my posts on windows live writer...it uploads to blogger when I hit publish, and is very easy to edit, insert photo's etc. I only go into my blog these days, to change the background, or add another widget

Maija said...

Your studio is scrumptious!!!
I am a big fan of typepad, but I pay for the service!

Sue McGettigan said...

Wonderful peeks into your creative space, thanks! As for the slow upload, I'm no computer ace, but someone told me recently to empty out cookies and internet history to speed up your 'puter (but it will mean signing into places you were automatically logged into before).

Julie said...


Harnett-Hargrove said...

wonderful fodder, wonderful work.

I seem to have trouble moving images around in blogger...I think it is limited in it's own way... I do not know the 'tricks' .. I have learned to put up less at a time .... which is not to everyone's liking! -j

Seth said...

Okay. It is settled. I just have to visit your studio. Oh yeah...that was already settled long ago! Great shots. And I am so happy for you and your family that your efforts are paying off!

Kim Palmer said...

Sounds like a frustrating time with blogger. Love the studio pics Judy, the cloth items look beautiful. I also love the fronts on the drawers in the last pic. Can't wait to see what you are up to, the engraving work sounds like it will be very special indeed! So pleased to hear you are meeting family members and strengthening that network. I hope all the research into your family history is going well.

alteredbits said...

the newer version of blogger has auto save features. in your settings, you can change it to use the "old" blogger version. or, you may be able to edit the auto save feature (i.e. not every dang minute). i am a wordpress girl so am not as familiar with blogger and its features but another not as good option that i know will work is this... auto save is disabled when editing existing posts. so you could write a few lines, save as a post (like "new post coming in a moment...") and then once you're done, you can save/publish it. annoying, but perhaps a temporary fix.

all that aside, your studio is gorgeous! i love your drawer of limbs (i have a bowl of similar body parts) and your porcupine quills are divine! are those african quills? everything is just stunning -- i want to come play in your studio. :)

Chris said...

Hey, best to you on making this work better. It might very well be the PC. I have much more trouble with blogger on the PC at work than I do on the MAC at home.

fabulous photos. Go with the passion!

Deryn Mentock said...

Suggestions? Yes...come decorate my studio! Oh, about blogging...I love typepad. Sorry you're having such trouble!

Hardwood floors installation said...

The photos look really nice. Your studio is quite wonderful. Thanks for letting us have a peek.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

ooooooh your studio! It's like a museum of the most fabulous things- only you're allowed to touch! (I assume!) one day I'll make it up there and visit you.

As for Blogger- I haven't had any problems- it could be your cache needs emptying. That's pretty much my hold-all solution every time I have a problem with a website!

rivergardenstudio said...

Your quest is fascinating. The connections that you are making with family so far away are incredible. This sounds like the making of a novel, illustrated with your art. Have a great day!
And your studio... I have looked at your photographs over and over. I love the little shoes, the buttons and the metal bits!

Judy said...

"alteredbits" is right! I used to have trouble with blogger, but since I switched, it has been much easier to use. Photo uploading is much improved! So check your settings in blogger and see.

Your studio pics are wonderful! I am taking your workshop in August at KC Willis' studio and can't wait to meet you!! So looking forward to it!!

Serena Barton said...

Beautiful and inspiring studio pictures!

layers said...

I always love to get views of your studio-- sorry it takes so long to get them posted--- but my blog posts take me longer-- I thought that was normal :-)

paddysdaughter said...

Gave up on Blogger some time ago due to endless frustrations....use Wordpress now, and there is a simple facility to transfer all blog content across. Posting photos is easy too.
Chanced on your blog via Google reader recommendations. Cheers

Lisa said...

great post...love the photos!

glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing frustration with blogger..way too time consuming for loading pic's and text..going to read your comments and see if anyone has a solution!

ginnycartersmallenburg said...

Oh I love the small vignettes of your studio.
They are just beautiful.
I have typepad and since I am fairly limited in computer expertise, I find it simple and easy to do what I want.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "windows live writer" will help you? I think it works quite well. http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com/

Secret Leaves said...

I second the recommendation for Windows Live Writer. I draft my posts for Blogger using Windows Live Writer and it has changed my life--well, at least as far as blogging is concerned. It really eliminates almost all of those pesky formatting problems. It's a free download, but only available for PC at this time.

Don't want to sign off without saying how enamored I am of your work, your studio and your blog. Just incredible and right up my aesthetic alley. : )

Secret Leaves paperworks