02 January 2010

Racing against the clock

To make as many of these

Darling little books

{Sold thank you}

Each one a different size

{Sold thank you}

Which means different sized papers to cut and tear

You can see the little burlap bag that it comes in

This one was a custom order for Joanna who was not happy the other little girl sold - oops!

I engraved the 2010 on there for her 2010 Hopes

{Sold - thank you}

I love tin types, the clarity is extraordinary

{Sold thankyou}
I have just finished this one - she is wearing a beautiful gold necklace

Looks to me like she is praying

Oh and then there's this one, for the blonde's!

These one's are now available in my ETSY store
which is closing sometime this sunday, until I am back.


Thanks to all my customers who have bought these - it sure makes me soooo happy, as I rarely sell my books.


Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...


paris parfait said...

Fabulous work!

Leslie said...

Look at you go Girl! These books are so sweet. I can see why they're flying off the shelves!


CHERIE said...

Gorgeous - but what else would we expect. Bon Voyage. xo

Ruth Rae said...

I adore these!

studioJudith said...

These are all just
Adorable ... .

not a word I really like,
or would often use to describe
your work.

so,perhaps I should change the
term to

Whatever .. . I love 'em!


Lynn said...

How do you do the binding?
Although we have all been busy with the holidays, isn't it nice to get back to our blogs?
Happy New Year!

Jen Crossley said...

Judy you never cease to amaze me these are just stunning.
Hope you have a nice hoiladay

stregata said...

Wonderful! Just absolutely wonderful!
Wishing you all the best for the New Year and have a safe journey!

Seth said...

Great new series of books Judy!

Lorri said...

Gorgeous and totally stunning!!
I love them all. You have inspired me to get motivated on so many of my "to do lists"
Thanks xo