02 September 2009

This is Jack
Jack is funny
Jack is the partner of "Stiffy" -don't ask

Jack is the best coffee maker in the USA
Praise Jack!
See the sticker on the car:
Jack really does love his Aussie...


Back at Bee’s studio

Which is extraordinarily divine

I had the opportunity to meet and teach with six amazing artists

To whom I was very honoured to teach to






My hostess


We had a marvelous time all too short

But nevertheless brilliant

Thanks to Bee who allowed us to use her studio

Her organisation was impeccable

And made for a very smooth running workshop

As soon as it began, it seemed it was over

But just before my workshop

I just had to try a Philli Cheesesteak

And so I was taken there

I tried to learn how to order

And let someone who knows what they are doing order it for me

This was one very special person

Who came all the way from Washington to meet up with me

Ari Wilkenfeld who I connected with via Facebook not so long ago

It’s a long story suffice to say we are related

I was in contact with his mum a few years ago and sadly she passed away recently. Her name was Judy Wilkenfeld.

My first born son is named Ari
and Ari Wilkenfeld is the other Judy Wilkenfeld's first born child too.
So I just had to connect when I saw him on FB
There’s so much more to the story but this is not the forum for the story

When we went back to the car I saw something on the ground

“Found Object”

We looked and discovered this at Ari’s feet

I turned to my feet and voila another “W”

and now there were 2 very rusty "W's" at our feet

So the two “W’s” who had never met connected one day in Philli
A family, joined together again

It really was astounding and I have no doubt...

It was
meant to be!



Jen Crossley said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip Judy.How wonderful to meet up with Ari.It could only happen to you to find that "W" on the ground your freaky when it comes to finding goodies

Karen Cole said...

It's very nice to be reliving your visit, but couldn't you have photoshoped me 10 pounds thinner????? I am SO going on a major diet.

Whaaaaa......miss you.......BUT, I have your books :-)

xxoo K

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Judy,
What an amazing story! I just loved your workshop photos.

Dede Warren said...

Thanks for sharing all of this Judy. I can't wait to meet Jack, or have a Phili cheese steak. What a great crowd at Bee's, her studio looks amazing. BUT I have to say that meeting family on your trip sounds like the best, and I too think the "W's" were just waiting to be found! Bravo to you two for being open and noticing them.

Kerin said...

I loved LOVED this post Judy!!! The double double-U find is so fantastic and wondrously cool. And it's ever so fascinating how these magical things keep happening to you.

Reading this I thought of one day when I was leaving to send off a bird themed workshop proposal. I was wondering how it would be accepted especially since it was our first one. Just outside the door sticking straight up in the grass (how unlikely that it would just land that way) was the most amazing huge brilliant blue feather. It stopped me in my tracks and I just stared at it while it sunk in what I was seeing. After that I didn't have any doubts about what would happen. : )

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Judy, Amazing and wonderful! I believe in these kinds of things, and in connections. Your meeting with Ari was definitely meant to be. Wow~

I love the post. I wish so much that I could join one of your workshops and learn from you. Alas, I need to win the lottery, or something else that's meant to be. In the meantime, I enjoy being there by blog post. Vicki

Leslie said...

You capture these moments so well Judy! When you're making Karen 10 pounds thinner, could you make me 30 pounds thinner?

Loved every minute of having you here and taking your workshops.


Judy Wise said...

oh oh, I'm hearing that "Twilight Zone" music. Seriously, don't these coincidences just seem like too much?

kecia said...

awesome photos and i still love that story about finding the W's! nothing better than that when you were out with your family and all that you discussed - your right: meant to be! our matching hats are darling!

layers said...

Looks and sounds like a fantastic workshop experience... and the double find-- uncanny.
I have some of those white balls with letters on them--- are yours glass?
I will post a picture of mine next time.

Poetic Artist said...

Great post and the workshop oh so jealous, maybe one day.
The story you shared about the W.
I love stories like that..Nothing is a accident..

Seth said...

Thanks for letting me relive the workshop through these shots. Love the one of us!! And hearing your story about the two Ws again just further confirms my already strong belief in the magic of synchronicity.

Carol said...

What great fun you had and the photos are wonderful. Made me want to be there. Ever thought of teaching on the Central Coast - or maybe that's just me being selfish and I should try to get to Sydney or where ever you do these amazing things.

Kim said...

How wonderful and a bit spooky meeting up with family and the names thingy. You have the most amazing crazy coincidences in life girl! And the two W's to top it off! I'm with Judy, I hear twilight zone music too, LOL!

ArtPropelled said...

Very freaky about the W's. There must be a message in there. Wish I could flit across and do one of your workshops Judy. The more I say it .....maybe my wish will come true.

Jill said...

What a great workshop with beautiful pictures to match. Such camaraderie and energy within the group. The skills and techniques you teach are nothing short of magical. Thanks for sharing some moments from this class as well as your others. I love the shot of everyone together as well as the one of you and Seth! Can't wait to see the postings of everyone's finished books! I have coincidences that happen to me too everyday and just love it. Means you're open to all the wonder life has to offer and it's such a gift that you can feel it! What a blessing!

Sarah said...

Sure sounds like you had a wonderful time over in the US. Another amazing story with Ari and the 2 "W's". Very freaky..LOL

Ro Bruhn said...

I think coincidence should be your middle name Judy, that's an amazing story.
Bee's studio looks like a great place to hold a workshop. It's nice to see Karen and Seth again.

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Love the post Judy (especially seeing my other friends, Jane and Kecia. Hope one day to meet Seth too. Baby sure would have loved to gone with you to Philli.

That studio is just amazing.

Miss you much!

Stacey said...

love this!

Lissy said...

You always have an amazing story to tell...and looks like fun is being had by all :)

Studio Sylvia said...

Have enjoyed the adventure through your eyes, Judy. What a terrific studio to visit.
Coincidences? Nope, fate!

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

Redness said...

You are so blessed, synchronicity abounds ;)

Pearl Maple said...

Looks like a fabulous adventure full of creative treasures to be found. Will you be posting pics of the class projects?

Audrey said...

ooooo,,,, doo,,,do,,,ddooo,,ddooooo (not doggy do do, the scarey music type)LOL)about the 2 Judy's the 2 first born sons named Ari and then the 2 W's. The universe sure does work in mysterious ways.
Loved your picture based post Judy. What a time you must of had.