04 August 2009

Where Men Create:

An interview with Bruce Adams Aka 'The Accidental Crafter"

Filmed by Ruth Rae

Filmed at Stampington Offices




Kim said...

You two are a hoot! I feel sorry for Bruce, LOL, and you missed the bin!!! One too many gum leaves for you!

Jenny Doh said...

Clearly if I had been with you, I could have made it in the bin. Hilarious video. Love it. Sorry I missed your visit, Judy. Thanks for swinging by.
Jenny :)

Redness said...

Versatile as ever ;)

Ro Bruhn said...

Looks like you're having a great time Judy, nice movie. Say Hi to Karen for me, I'm green with envy over the art store you visited. Miss you, take care

Judy Keefe said...

Oh Judy..It was so nice to hear your voice!
Have you ever thought of doing a video class for us people who can't get to where you teach?
I am such a fan of yours! *blush*


azirca said...
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azirca said...

Hee, thanks for the giggle, you're a delight!

kass said...

you're such a wag Judy!! Bruce looks younger in the video than in the mag, they need to update his photo!

LK said...

What a giggle! I needed that!

Kristen Robinson said...

And to think I was in Dallas and missed this I am now in stitches.

Mandi said...

You're all mad....and thats what I love the most...humor and fun and honesty.....way to goooo....yeaaaa