06 August 2009

Teaching stateside:

First to LA

Spending time with my wonderful friend Ruth is always great.

We shopped and caught up on all our happenings.

Spent time together in Ruth's Studio deciding to do Seth's Finale for the Collaborative project

which Ruth has written about on her blog, check it out.

Then it was off to "Gilding The Lily" for some serious shopping in Nancy's wonderful shop.

Her taste is wonderful.

The trunk show was timed to coincide with my class.

It was a very special evening.

After that Dede, Leslie, Joanna and I went out to eat some Shabu- Shabu together.

We had a ball and it was great to meet and get to know Joanna for the first time.

Then it was done to the serious business of teaching

Dede Warren, on the right was an amazing hostess.

Everything went so smoothly.

It really was a sensational workshop and that is due to Dede.

I would not hesitate to do any workshop that she organises.

I enjoyed her friendship, anything she could have done to make my life easy, she did

and i am so grateful for that.

It is so nice to be made to feel welcome when travelling so far to teach, I have experienced the

other side of that before.

So, thank you Dede, for your friendship, for organising the workshop

and for providing me with some great, great times,

and days and nights filled with laughter and joy.

I so enjoyed the company of my lovely co-artists

We really had a great place to stay.

Lovely weather

Good company

Here is Dede and some of the group showing each other and discussing what they had done

Nearing the end of the class

And we even remembered to do a group photo!

After class it was time to relax and pull silly faces with Leslie - I think this is becoming a bit of a habit now

Then show Dede the fine art of Facebooking!

Dinner with Joanna and our adopted baby!

Meeting Joanna was wonderful and having her take my workshop was an honour.

We hit it off right away and I am so glad she made the long trek to So Cal, just for me!

Now its time to prepare for my Philli Workshop.


Susan Tuttle said...

Awesome class Judy! -- and you had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Joanna -- love her -- I got to meet her last summer in CA.

And now you are staying with the lovely Karen -- what a great trip!

Have fun:)


Dede Warren said...

Thanks for all your kind words Judy. It was my pleasure and honor to have you come teach.

I think the success of the workshop is due to both of us having the same vision; where women come together to learn, share, and explore new techniques and ideas. Your easy teaching manner, made for a smooth running class where creativity could truly flow, and all could enjoy themselves while learning.

Thanks a million for teaching our group. Send thoughts for safe travels and lots of well wishes on your creative journey here in the U.S.

Lynn said...

Im glad to know my country women welcomed you so warmly and treated you well.
The series of photos shows a good time had by all.

Debrina said...

Hello - thank you for your lovely comment on my blog re: Seth's DisCo project. Looks like you had a lot of fun so far from home (of course, you're only a hop and a skip away from me). Do you teach much over in Oz? Do you ever come to NZ? Would love to attend one of your workshops - they look great!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

oh, why do those special times have to end??? Memories, yes, that is what we get to keep. What a great time and so worth my wild drive to meet you Judy. I feel I have been re-born since your workshop. Thank you so very much!!! And the dinners out, how fun. These will carry me through the lonely times here in the woods...lol.
many smooches...jo

Lani Gerity said...

Are you still coming up to Nova Scotia?

Jen Crossley said...

Looks like your having an amazing trip

azirca said...

Looks like you are weaving your magic all over the place and having loads of fun.

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Ohhhhh Someday..........

kecia said...

hey there judy! can't believe class has come and gone. where did it go? thank you for a wonderful weekend, all your time, tips, sharing and caring. i love my hat and my box of goodies; i appreciate that you were so generous to me. i do hope we can meet at the flea AND NY. enjoy cleveland and talk to you soon,

Chrisy said...

Soooo pleased it all went well...lucky participants and lucky you to meet so many talented and lovely people....

Christine said...

Judy- it truly was a great learning experience with you! You are so lovely, patient, and kind. I hope that we can create together again! Thank you for posting the photos, it's brought back some good times. Have a safe journey back home!
Xo~ Christine

Leslie said...

I am fortunate to have been in California for your workshop AND in the Philly workshop this past weekend. Maybe I'm your first groupie!

You are an incredibly generous teacher and friend, and your work always blows me away!

Thanks for all of it!


Ro Bruhn said...

Sounds like you're having a great time Judy. Enjoy it all you deserve it. Miss you.

Chris said...

So sorry I missed it, but congrats on a great class! I know people are looking forward to the next one!

Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey girlfriend!

Looks like you had a blast! And I am sure all the ladies learned A LOT from you and your beautiful work.

Have a safe trip while here in the states...and if you by chance get down this way....let me know!


Loudlife said...

I had to laugh at you guys doing the fish lips! For years I was certain that only my family did that! (Maybe we were the only ones dorky enough to do it in front of other people?)

Charlotte Rossmann said...

Great story and beautiful images. What a wonderful group of women you are connecting with. Imagine this age when from our own homes we can connect throughout the world with other artists. I'm just starting to get into the social networks and I'm amazed!

marilyn adams said...

hey judy!
thank you for a fun, inspiring weekend and sharing your beautiful books. lookout ebay....i've got my feelers out for some old family bibles.

Seth said...

Looks like a great time. And if it was anything like our workshop on the East Coast...everybody must have had one amazing experience!