08 April 2009

More Bali Snippets:

There were so many juxtapositions there

And this

And this

Lastly this

Look at the size of these goldfish

reminded me of a beloved Dr Seuss book...

A view from the massage room in Ubud

You can buy almost anything at the local market

From your happy Market vendor

Selling his wares, complete with fresh bees

Fresh fish sitting in the heat all day

Tumeric - (I cook alot with it and it was amazing seeing it in its natural state - not dired in a bottle)

Rice and grains of all descriptions

Fresh and dried herbs and chillies

Wontons anyone? Could have bought some whilst stopped at a traffic light.

Stopped the car to photograph this old man

Then Stacey showed him his image on her camera and his excitement was palpable – he loved it!

Happy children skipping along the road

Carrying some offerings

Dressed for the Holydays

We got to try some of the offerings too

Bird cages filled with exotic birds

Chickens everywhere

Offerings were everywhere, in the hotels

Preparing them in the markets

On the street

I even managed to find a wink for Michelle Ward

I hate the heat and it was oppresive in Bali - except for this one ATM machine - nice and cool!

Watching the weaving of Ecots

Back breaking work, the weavers' backs hurt after many hours of weaving,

especially with the planks of wood behind their backs holding the loom in place.

Even the doors were full of inspiration

The detail is astounding

Scooters were everywhere

Look at this "car park" at the shopping mall

More like a scooter park!

Traffic jam at the markets

Side saddle

Going to Bali?
Grow your nail as long as this – that mean you are an artist.

Decorations with palm leaves at the entrance to Staceys for our last night dinner

The fine art of decorating - naturally

Our host Stacey was amazing and Wayan who both, were so hospitable

The gang...

Michael walking on water

Check out this hotel room where we stayed on our last night in Bali

Awwwww, rose petals on the bed...

I will leave it at that for Bali.
This evening...

We celebrate Pesach, Passover, so for those celebrating
Chag Sameach!

And for those commemorating Easter, i hope its a lovely one for you too.


michelle ward said...

oh my, what a gorgeous visual narrative of your journey! LOVE those carved doors, the nature crafts, and the WINK. no bus stop kiosks? xo
so glad you had a great time. what an experience!

Lynn said...

Hag Samach Judy! Love the parting of the seas...

Allegra Smith said...

Chag Kosher V'Same'ach, Judy. Although I am not Jewish I love each and every Holy Day from each and every religion I am aware of , and wish to everyone that it may bring with its arrival peace and tolerance to this troubled world of ours.

I love your photos of Bali, it certainly brought memories of Gunning Kiwi and its mysterious candies and I was wondering if you got a chance to visit the Mandala Wisata Wanara Wane? We had a rather disconcerting encounter with some very persistent monkeys there but the temples were something to behold. If you didn't, you must next time. I am sure you would like that bit of the jungle.

Your photos are wonderful and the one of the old man made me smile. I would love to steal that one from you just to keep it on my bench for those "gray days". His joy is indeed something to behold. It sure got me thinking about how little it takes some times to make others happy. Thank you again for this sunny break in my day.

Allegra Smith said...

Of course the spellchecker is up to its tricks, the word is "candis" as the monuments are called, but the English language is so...exclusive! LOL.

BloggingQueen said...

Okay, I have to wish you a good Passover in English. My "ch" sound is in the shop for repairs.

Must try to get to Bali someday, someday... I bet The Husband, who loves to cook, would be happy to come along just for the markets. I had no idea turmeric looked so much like ginger. Trippy!

Carmi said...

I loved seeing the pictures Judy!
Such a great mini tour!

lindaharre said...

F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! Fantastic trip....so glad you got to spend it with Michael:) Can't wait to see your Bali inspired piece!

azirca said...

I feel like I have just been on a tour of Bali with you. Thanks so much for sharing your travel pics with us.

Kim said...

Judy it look like it was just wonderful. Laughed at the pic of you and the auto teller, how funny! Love the parting of the seas pic! Enjoy the holiday.

Kathy said...

Judy it looks like you had a wonderful time, love your photos. I had A Fish Out Of Water when I was a kid, it was one of my favorite books. Happy Passover

Jen Crossley said...

What amazing photos Judy you certainly make me feel like I was there.
Happy Pass over Judy to you and yours

Judy Wise said...

Oh, incredible photos. I especially loved the rose petals on the bed, you must have felt like royalty. And Michael walking on water. Well, no surprise there. hee hee.

All love to you and yours on the holy day.

Cindy Dean said...

Great pictures Judy!

kecia said...

again, judy, loved looking at the pics -you really gave a since of the trip. loved the offerings, the markets and especially the darling littel man who enjoyed seeing his picture - what a treat!

Leslie said...

Such a journey I feel I've just been on. Thanks so much! And Chag Sameach to you sweet girl!


Kim said...

Chag Sameach , Judy - I've enjoyed the Bali pictures so much. The last one was crazy - it looks like it must have been ps'd , but maybe not?

Seth said...

Thanks for the tour. I actually feel like I was just in Bali! The justaposition shots were just perfect!

wanda miller said...

so wonderful to behold! the closest one could be, not in person. thank you for all the wonderful shots, i enoyed on 2 different days! wanda

Ro Bruhn said...

We don't need to go to Bali now Judy, you make a great travel guide. What a beautiful lay back lifestyle they lead. Happy Passover.

grrl+dog said...

how is the mentos in the offering, that made me smile.. glad you had such a colorful time, stacey is amazing.

somethingsublime said...

Amazing photos! I hope your Passover was blessed.

susannassketchbook said...

Oh wow! What an inspiring getaway!! Happy Passover!!!

Sarah said...

So glad you had a wonderful trip to Bali, even if the heat was too much..LOL Great photos thank you for sharing your adventures.

nelda ream said...

What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

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