26 April 2009

I have been Gifted...

With all sorts of amazing things

Like these

And these

Just look at how they make those teeth on the dolls

From my friends Steve and Sharon Manning

Steve unearthed these at a dump in Perth - (don't ask me where, I have no idea)

Too late - I think he got them all

They were so kind and sent Michael and I all these wonderful objects

Steve has a knack of finding stuff like this - too many things to post all at once.

The ceramic piece below was Steve and my favourite - stunning!

I must have done something right to get such a generous gift

Steve knows that I use hands in all of my Anthologies™ so imagine my surprise when this piece came along with some glass pieces with the hand on them too.


I like to give too so imagine how delightedI was when on a, not so recent visit with Michelle Ward , she gave me these - wow - so thoughtful.

Gorgeous hand carved stamps - the uber talented Michelle made the especially for me.

The top word is Shalom - meaning peace, hello and good-bye in Hebrew

And the word below is Chai, no not the tea!

Pronounced as though you had something caught in your throat- it means "Life".

The numberical value of the 2 letters add up to 18.

Often when we give other people gifts or monetary donations we give it in lots of 18 or the number 18 is in the numeral amount somewhere.


Then this arrived at my door, albeit some-time ago

Kecia Deveney sent it to me.

I was gob-smacked (not so easy to do to me - lol)

It was so lovely of her. Kecia and I hit it off well at Art and Soul and have maintained contact since then.

I was so happy when I recieved it,
the unexpected surprise in the mail is fun.

I have to say it is soooo lovely to have these gifts in my presence.

Lovely reminders of the good friends I have made along the path of this artful life.

Actually on friday my gorgeous friend Ro sent me an amazing Victorian photo album but I have not had the chance to photograph it yet, in due course.

So, I sure have been on the recieving end of wonderful things, delightful gifts from special friends.
A bit about my art...

I was fortunate enough to have been voted as this month's featured artist on Creative Souls.
It is an amazing site created by the one and only Izabella.
So many artists there and I have made some lovely friends in the short space of time I have been there. Come see for yourself - it's so worth the visit.
So in order to show the members what my art is about I had to move fast and produced this video to explain what it is I do.

Better get back to the grind, I am currently in research and gathering mode which has taken me from Biblical times

to medievil France and Italy.

Fascinating stuff!



Carl V. said...

Those are wonderful treasures and wonderful gifts!!! I have no doubt you'll end up making magical things out of these new finds.

Tiglizzyclone said...

What a beautiful hand carved stamp! All those gifts a so lovely!

Lynn said...

You are indeed gifted in so many ways.
And as it would be I came here to day to tell you I have an award for you on my blog. When you have time please come to receive it (Sunday). You are such a deserving soul.
Of course I LOVE those Hebrew stamps! Wow!!!

A bird in the hand said...

After looking at all those goodies, all I can say is: Lachaim!

michelle ward said...


artgirly said...

some great stuff lady! Im jealous!
xo- nicole

rivergardenstudio said...

Your gifts are intriguing an so very special... Roxanne

Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful gifts! You're lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Ro Bruhn said...

You are so generous yourself Judy it's a pleasure to give something in return.

HeArt Collective said...

The gifts are gorgeous and your video was really stunning... the depth of the work that you're doing stirs the soul. Thanks for sharing our work in such detail. I would love to pour over a collection of your work in person some day.


Jen Crossley said...

What a amzing find that sharon and steve found truely amazing.You are always so generous yourself you deserve to be spoilt.
You have good karma

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Great and Glorious Gifts, Indeed!


susanna said...

You lucky, lucky girl!!! What fabulous finds! Did Steve let out an "Oh yeaaaah!" when he came across these broken-yet-desirable little pieces? What a generous friend to have sent these along to you, too. But then, I imagine that he's looking forward to seeing what YOU do with them.

Izabella~ said...

wow!! those are some amazing precious gifts!!

Kecia's bottle is so beautiful!!

Big smooches to you, for mentioning Creative Souls ;) So many amazing talented people there, I am in awe everyday, it's my daily inspiration!!

Can't wait to hear more about your "travels" to medievial France & Italy ;)


Shelly said...

What lovely treasures !! You must be floating on clouds. Can't wait to see how they make their way into your art.
Kecia's piece is fantastic !! The wrapping alone is wonderful.

Sharon Manning said...

Our pleasure! Can't wait to see them pop up in some of your work.

Kimmie said...

I saw your art in CPScissors a while back and it left me with a deep impression. Your work inspired me intensely.

p.s. I have some bits of broken blue and white china that I found beachcombing in Maine years ago. The locals said it gets washed up from an old shipwreck out there in the local waters. Amazing. I treasure it.

paris parfait said...

Such wonderful treasures! And congrats for the recogition of your wonderful art and creativity! xo

BT said...

Strangely enough, today, in my garden, I unearthed all sorts of things from the ground. Mostly bottles and broken glass and shoes, dozens of leather shoes! Now what shall I do with those??

Lovely post, fantastic gifts. You are a lucky girl

Riki Schumacher said...

The treasures you received are fabulous, and they know you will do wonderful things with them! The film is awesome, your work moves me deeply. The layering, textures, found objects....wow.

disa said...