08 February 2009

"Memento Mori"

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Lynn said...

I did go see and all is so interesting to me...this reminds me of my
heart locket I got at age 13...might have put a photo of my cat in it at that age...not sure now...memories fade with time...I like all the metal pieces you glean and make. I've incorporated some of the ones you sent me into a piece I've been working on for a while now...thanks again for all of those! ;-) Hugs.

Kerin said...

This is quite beautiful Judy.

Oddly enough I just recently made a piece named 'Memento' that is black and silver and in the same configuration (silver on top and black on the bottom).

How very cool that is that we're on the same wavelength!!!

: )


Chris said...

oh,my, Judy, I just read your pages in Susan Tuttle's book Exhibition 36. So haunting. it means a lot that you share. thanks.