26 February 2009


Needed a retail therapy break yesterday

Well actually, the piece that I am working on has grown as usual - no surprise

So I needed a box or a bag – something!

Wasn’t sure what but I knew I would know it when I found it - kinda got side-tracked somehow

I also when skin shopping and chose some amazing skins for the binding of a book –
it had to be exactly right

Fell in love with this

old paint tin

And this thing which I never knew existed

imagine that

Only 2 or 3 missing out of the entire box - reminds me of the metropolis building in Superman

Monopoly accessories in solid gold and silver

Oh joy!!!

Could not resist the old 1940’s truck

Going back to find the wheels on Saturday

Found this for my current art piece

I love it so much I am not sure whether I will put it in, so hard to let go of some found items but you know what I mean, right

Got a text from my friend Carmi today telling me she was just about to sit and have a coffee -so she grabbed the new issue of Somerset Studios magazine for a read.

Then my mate Karen rang and told me that Elizabeth Bunsen had the image of the front cover over at her blog as she had an article in it.

Oh Joy again, well at least my name made the front cover.
Image courtesy and with the permission of Elizabeth - thanks

Texted lover boy post-haste to bring a copy with him as he arrives on Sunday - yaah!
Unless ofcoarse he is playing with his other doll.



eb said...

oh my - look at your toys! - those little buildings! - in gold and silver - goodness indeed - and your truck load of fellas! - you do know how to have fun - taking my 7th grader out for some retail therapy today - loved your article - so cool to be neighbors inside the covers of Somerset...

xox - eb.

Cindy Dean said...

Congrats Judy on the Somerset Studios! I got my copy too. Great piece. I love all the stuff you found. I hope all is well...

Susie Jefferson said...

Oh boy, oh boy! You always find the best stuff! I wanna shop where you shop... What a good eye you have. And congratulations on the SS article! I'm so pleased for you.

J ..de Santa Fe said...

Such incredible treasures . . I'd say it was a successful safari!
Now I'll have to find the new Somerset - congrats on the cover note.

Carmi said...

Seeing your name and article made it seem like you were not so far away!

Ruth Rae said...

looks like you had a fun little time!
all the goodies and a truck no less for your dollies! I adore all the suite cases! I cant wait to see your article! congratulations on the name cover nod (you do know they don't often use names so it really is more of a big then you know) I can wait to see the issue!

(give lannie a hung from me and she can give you one from me!)

kecia said...

just got that somerset today and was so happy to see your article! and am totally loving those monopoly pieces! i picked up a very old monopoly set recently at the flea market - but silver not in gold and silver tones!

LK said...

Oh goodness! Loved your goodies! Congratulaitons on the Somerset Studio piece!!

Seth said...

Amazing finds! Each and everyone. And congratulations on the cover article. That is fantastic and well deserved!

MB Shaw said...

Utterly fabulous finds!! Oh my, now I feel this desperate need for retail therapy too, hahaha. COngrats on Somerset, I will have to check it out. And can't wait to see what you make with the goodies.

Joy and Kathryn said...

Congrats on being published again.
You do find the BEST stuff. Love the paint box. Hope all is well, Joy

Susan Tuttle said...

now that's my kind of retail therapy! -- i love that paint tin!



Steph said...

Now, I'm up to clean the keyboard .. been drooling like a mad dog ! Awsome finds!

Kim said...

ahh, retail therapy, sooo good for the soul, lol. Love the monopoly pieces, have seen them before somewhere just cant remember where it was. Love the cases, makes me curious to know where they have been! Congrats on the Somerset name dropping, lol, you certainly deserve it!

rivergardenstudio said...

I love your new treasures. Especially the paint kit... so lovely! To think who used it once... and your trucks. Have a great weekend with your toys! Roxanne

azirca said...

ooh love the old paint tin, it looks well used.
Congrats on SS!

Jen Crossley said...

Congratulations Judy I saw you name on my issue I got yesterday,Im one proud aussie.
Looks lik eyou had a very good shopping trip lots of goodies
Ps glad lover boy is arriving sunday grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Shelly said...

The most amazing things find their way to you, Judy. Lovely goodies. Can't wait to see your new work.
Congrats on making Somerset Studio. I really think you should do a book.

A bird in the hand said...

I saw it yesterday -- only two copies left in the shop ;)))

P.S. Can I please come shopping with you???

Colette xox

Audrey said...

Hey Judy, you do find the best 'stuff',,, Congrats on Somerset, can't wait to get my hands on it, and the front cover art is beautiful.


Chrisy said...

Well I wanta go shopping where you go shopping! Those houses...and the cars/trucks...so exciting...and the front cover looks fabulous...

Redness said...

Applause, Applause at your Somerset ... Where DO you shop???? ... no use asking now ... have fun ;) xox

Chris said...

Judy, come ON. YOU have got your eyes on the prizes, baby!

The other day at the office, someone decided one of the briefcases was too old and I found it in the trash. Can you believe that? A hard-sided, leather-covered briefcase with leather pockets and metal latches...in the TRASH!

I swear, I almost tendered my resignation. Then, of course, I thought... YAY!!

Lynn said...

What sort of place has these amazing old finds? Wow!!!!
Couldn't you cash in the gold and become very rich? Or were you kidding? I am rather gullable.
congrats on yet another magazine article. I shall go get it too. ;-)
Your boy friend is weird. Nuff said. LOL
My v word is Mucalah which sounds like Hebrew for sweetie, which you are!

Deryn Mentock said...

Oh...what a lucky girl you are! Love the houses and hotels. Congrats on the article...can't wait to see it!

Ro Bruhn said...

What treasures Judy, fabulous paint tin and I love the monopoly pieces, I bet Mayfair and Park Lane are the gold ones. Congratulations again on Somerset publication, I'll have to make sure I get this one. Enjoy Michael's stay.
Catch up soon

kelsey said...

Oh how cool are those Monopoly pieces!!!!!!!! Can't wait for my Somerset Studio mag to arrive now I know you're going to be featured in it Judy, tres cool! A fun looking front cover too! Have fun with Michael... ;-)

Sue said...

I just read your article in Somerset Studio. Congratulations Judy, beautiful work.

Leslie said...

What the heck have I been doing that I have missed all this stuff! You do find the best stuff.

Yes, saw your name on the cover of SS, and loved your piece. No surprise I guess, as I am your biggest fan.


Karen Cole said...

GIRL......you know how to shop!!!!!

Can't wait to see what you do with that old paint tin.....drool drool drool

Jennie said...

oooh am in love with the monopoly pieces :) Congrats on SS , have yet to find time to open mine from the plastic cover .. enjoy!

lindaharre said...

Congrats on making the cover of S.S. and I am hearting the vintage paint set!!!!!! Would you mind if I borrowed the picture? Let me know..........hugs, Linda

Carl V. said...

Wow, you got some great, great finds! I am both jealous and impressed. Can't wait now to see what you are doing for you new art project.

Robyn said...

More amazing images to make me drool! The trucks are wonderful! Congrats on your article. Wish you could print it here for those of us who can't get the mag.

india said...

oh i just love little suitcases. something about them just melts your face!