27 January 2009

Whilst blog surfing this week, I noticed Nicole Merkins’ had this post up


Aside from the fact that I thought it was a great photo, it reminded me that when I was in Portland I saw a series of horses attached to poles too

I thought I was back in Montana for a second

But I kept stumbling upon these horses

Tied to bike poles in several places

It cracked me up

whenever I saw them

It was fun to keep seeking them out all over Portland whilst there.

Poor little things, I just had to stand them up


I recall Susanna Gordon, an amazing photographer, made these gorgeous wings and placed them and sent them to people to put in random places.

She explains it here

There was a man called the eternity man in Sydney many a year ago who wrote the word “Eternity” in chalk on the streets of Sydney.

The word and its font have become an iconic part of Sydney’s history and the eclectic mix of people who live within it.

Arthur Stace was a reformed metho-drinker (methylated spirits) and a petty criminal who haunted Sydney’s bars and brothels. One night Arthur, in a soup kitchen chapel, had a revelation that sent him on a 37 year odyssey.

Every night, in perfect copperplate script, he chalked his timeless message on Sydney's streets. His unchanging graffiti was the word Eternity.

He wrote it approximately half a million times on Sydney pavements during the 1950s and '60s.

A movie and an opera called “The Eternity Man” was made recently – it tells of the history behind the man.

A few years ago the harbour bridge was lit up on New Years Eve with the Arthur Stace icon Eternity – the word stays lit every night for a month whilst the festival of Sydney is on.


Emails been fixed, still some glitches but thanks to everyone who commented on my last post
and for the good wishes for "mini-me".


Sharon said...

The horses of Portland are too funny. And I never heard about the Eternity guy in Australia. Amazing what one learns in this net of the WW.

LostLuggage said...

I LOVE stuff like this...the eternity man...how I wish I could plaster the city with signature graffiti...and be recognized for it... and the horses! LOVE it.

katie said...

the portland horses are a crack-up, and good-little-you for setting them up right, yeah! i wonder if they are still there?

Lynn said...

Those Portland horses made me chuckle too...I'll have to ask my son who lives there if he has noticed them...I wonder what that story is?

The Eternity Man is interesting too. Thanks for sharing.

Now I will go back and see what the wings are all about. Such fun.

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness - those little horses are so funny! It would appear the people of Portland have a fantastic sense of humour. I love it!

artgirly said...

Oh i wish I saw the horses! love the post!
cheers, Nicole

grrl+dog said...

Love the horses idea...so cute.. and Arthur Stace really did start it, didnt he? He used to get up at 5am, and walk the streets.

Jen Crossley said...

what a great post,Love the horses But I think I like the Eternity man story the best very intersting
Thanks for sharing

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for sharing the fabulous photos-love them. I'm so fascinated by the eternity story!

Kim said...

Hi Judy,
It just goes to show how much we need to walk around with our eyes open. Those horses were just so quirky, loved them, but the story of the eternity man is news to me, and has left me quite curious!

Deryn Mentock said...

Eternity man...very cool. Wish I'd thought of that!

susanna said...

Oh cool (and thank you, Judy)!

I only recently heard about the Portland horses. I can only imagine how much fun it must be for kids and kids-at-heart to search for those little horses through their walks about town.

The story behind Arthur Stace's Eternity is so interesting. What must have he seen through his revelation that inspired him to write Eternity around Sydney? And look what became of his idea...Eternity written in lights for everyone to see! Cool! I wonder if Netflix has a copy of the documentary?

Anyhoo, thank YOU for the nod, Judy. :)

kecia said...

loved the story about Arthur. how cool for his vision to become part of todays culture!

kecia said...

hey again. i think an email i sent you this morning bounced back - can you tell me if you got it? i've actually gotten a few of those error messages about emails to other people, but then it turns out they did get the email, so i'm never sure...........

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Love the horses! So cute!

Corrine said...

Those horses are so cute. amazing what ideas people come up with.

azirca said...

I adore the wings story and the whole concept behind it, really beautiful idea.

The little horses are groovy, I would have stood them up to!

gina armfield said...

what a fabulous story - gives one hope doesn't it that good people are in this world

Seth said...

These mini horses are cracking me up. And I can just imagine you running up to them and putting them all upright!

Karen Cole said...

This is one of the reasons I spend time blogging......world trivia!!!!

Spent the other day in New York and thought of you while I only had 15 minutes in the "junk" jewelry shop.

Janine said...

Great stores Judy! Completely understand you placing the little horses upright! Thanks too for the story on the Eternity Man!

Robyn said...

Lovely sense of humour! The horses make me smile. Arthur Stace has the most beautiful handwriting hasn't he?

Sarah said...

Love the ponies post, very cool. But love the Eternity man, what a local treasure, thank you for sharing.