19 January 2009

Crazy times for me at the moment

My email has been down for a while now.

Some lovely person decided to use my address to scam with.

Now I have to wait till they clear it.

I wanted to write to each of you and thank you for your amazing messages or comments on my last post but that has failed so...

Thanks to everyone who commented – I am so grateful

It is a busy time here

with my kids on their summer break

It’s my gorgeous daughters Bat-Mitzvah in less than 2 weeks now so there is so much going on and so much to organise

Everyone calls her Mini-Me - wonder why???

So whilst I am the busy mum I thought you might like to

Enjoy the view a bit from here in Sydney

Whilst many of you in the USA freeze

We are boiling away down here

8.00 pm activities in Sydney mean the beach

Bondi Beaching - a must if you live here - 5 minutes from my place

The hut at Camp Cove - 5 or so minutes the other way from my place

The city skyline at dusk - my favourite time of day

We could hear the wind blown sails so clearly this day it was amazing as we were quite far away from the yachts

I love my home - it is a spectacular

Place to live



Stace and Rob said...

I love the pictures of the ocean Judy, your home is another world to me, I would love to see it sometime!
oxxo gruppa di stacey

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

wow fantastic photo !! here it's the winter, with a storm outside !!

epiphany summersaults said...

What beauty you live in. I have just inherited my grandmother's home in the desert. I came from the South Coast of Cal where it's green and beautiful like your home. As an artist, I struggle immensely in this dry brown barren place. I try hard to acclimate. I dream of greenery and water daily. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to take this desert. Seeing the beauty you live in makes me yearn even harder for the coast. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. And you have a beautiful daughter. I have two myself about the same age.

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Know how that feels about the computer! Some one according to the fraud dept. of Wells Fargo bank has hacked into my computer and continues to get my credit card info....I have had to change it 4 times in a year! This is my business card!!! So, I have been asked to only do charges over the phone for a few months so they can see where it is coming from....go figure!

Beautiful view from your home! Take care and have fun during these special days for your kids....xo...deb

Susie Jefferson said...

Oh, I so feel for you re the email - this happened to me (I was most surprised to get an email telling me I was the Viagra rep for Europe!) I don't think there's a lot one can do to prevent it. I no longer use the email address at all - I have accounts with yahoo and google. And if they get hijacked, I can at least create a new one.

I also recommend you don't use your computer's Favourites file (unless you back it up). I didn't, and lost the lot when I had to put in a new hard drive. I now save on Google or Yahoo bookmarks - which at least means you can access them from an internet cafe or whatever.

Best of luck - I'm so glad you're out on the beach etc to cheer yourself up.

Suze said...

Hi Judy...I have your glass pendants..a gift..just need your address so the office can send them to you. Cant wait to see if they "rust" for you.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow she really is a mini you. Great photos Judy. We're in for 37c today. Oz really is a great place to be.

Karen Cole said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah....too hot.....brrrrrrr, I say. I am looking out at 5 inches of fresh snow. Pretty, but I prefer to wear flip flops.

Sorry about your computer. Hope it all gets worked out soon.

Mazal Tov!!!!! to you and your family. Party on.


Redness said...

Beautiful Bondi, love it, still remember being a howling kindi kid on my first day at Bondi Beach school ... your mini me pic so pensive, so gorgeous. Hope your system soon recovers from those s....ers! xo

Jen Crossley said...

Mt Favorite photo is of Mini Me she is just so gorgeous inside and out Im bias though

Seth Apter said...

That is horrible about your email. The same thing happened to me and I remember the headache that it became. On the other hand...your home town is so beautiful and must be a great place to lose yourself when you need to!

Sarah said...

Great pics of the Bondi pools Judy. Shame you didnt get any with the life guards with a wedgie,,LOL
Happy Bat-Mitzvah to your daughter, she is such a mini you, a true beauty like her mum.

Steph said...

Ok...ok... so it's summer on your side of the world and our summers are more like your winters ... but .. we don't have creepy crawlers like the ones you have! :p ... well ..OK I'm just trying not to be jealous! lol
Wishing all the best for your daughter's Bat-Mitzvah ... and she does look like you! :)

kecia said...

thank you for sharing the pictures as you are correct, it is cold, dark, foggy, snowy and bleak here! i'm ready for it to be over and it's barely cracked January yet - ugh! i love the pool overlooking the ocean and seeing the people swimming laps in it - i enjoyed that (i use to swim competitively) - made me want to whip out my swimcap, googles and ear plugs and practice my backstroke!

JeriAnn said...

I wish you mazal tov and some calm space leading up to your daughter's simcha. My son's bar mitzvah was nine months ago and it feels like it was over in a blink of the eye. I hope your family has a wonderful day!

Janine said...

Great pics Judy... and your little one definitely understand why they say she is a "mini you" lol

3rdEyeMuse said...

your photo's are spectacular! thanks for sharing. :)

MB Shaw said...

Faboo photos, I forget how you are opposite of us. Now I'm bout ready to jump on a plane :-)
Your daughter is gorgeous. Good luck with all your plans.

Suzan Buckner said...

I grew up on the beach, and now am sitting here on a mountain in 16 degree weather. You have definitely made me homesick..hahaha. Beautiful pictures!!

I keep saying.."I want to make art like Judy, I want to make art like Judy.."
Have a great day!!!suzan

Lynn said...

Lovely daughter....and indeed a lovely place to live too.
Mazol Tov re Bat Mitzvah. Hope you post some photos of that wonderful day.

Shelly said...

I am going to spend US winters with you !!! Such gorgeous, gorgeous beaches. Cannot imagine a better way to spend time away from the computer.
Happy Bat-Mitvah to your beautiful girl. She must be so excited.

Chris said...

You bring it to life for me!
When does it get dark there now?

She's a sweetie.

I can't believe a person would use your account like that. I mean, I can believe it, after all my years, but cripes. really sucks. We had a fabulous day here yesterday, with the inauguration and a respite for hope, for promise and belief, and the romance of possibilities. it's hard to conceive of cowardly theft at such a time. Good luck with your email.

I looked at your Bali post again. Truly Awesome.

Ruth Rae said...

give your little one a big hug from me! I adore her outfit! she looks wonderful! I miss her smile!

Sarah just turned 18 last week!
are kids are getting so big!
(how did it ever happen!?)

miss you!

Judi said...

That is quite some pool! I'm glad you posted the close ups first and then panned out to show the ocean last - wow, what an amazing location to take a swim (and a bit safer than the adjacent natural waters, I'm guessing :-)

Enjoy the summer and the Bat Mitzvah and everything else!

Judi is sunny California (81 degrees - so there!)

azirca said...

Lovely photos. Happy Bat-Mitzvah to your daughter, she really is a 'Mini You'!
Sorry to hear about your email trouble, I hope that you are able to get it sorted.

michelle ward said...

No kidding, a mini-me....I thought it WAS you at first. Have a great celebration. We on the east coast are envious of your sun and beach day. Bummer about the email woes *sobs* xo

rochambeau said...

Congratulations to your dauthgter on making her Bat-Mitzvah!!
Just so you know, I'm SO taken with the song that is behind your New Years montage. I keep playing it over and over in the background as I work. It makes me kind of teary eyed, but I just love it. The only words I discern are kindness.

Hope all is well.

Kim said...

Wishing you and your gorgeous girl a happy Bat-Mitvah! Wow she's your girl all right! Doesn't Bondi and the ocean pool look fabulous! Although here in Noosa is quite nice too at this time of the year!

Leslie said...

Awwww, what a great shot of your little mini-me! And I love these pictures. Oh, that pool by the ocean! What a treat! I have ice in my driveway right now.

I hope you get your e-mail straightened out soon. What a pain in the neck.

Happy Bat-Mitzvah to your little mini-me!


Jennie said...

aaaw sun and sea and sand... mmm Here it is raining hard :( and very grey! Mazeltov on mini me's Batmitzvah, and may the day go well.

paris parfait said...

Thanks for these lovely images of warmth and beauty! Hope the email problem is sorted soon.

linnea-maria said...

Lovely pictures! At first I thought the little dots in the waves were seabirds, until you showed a closer look on the surfers. Home is were your heart is and I left my heart in the forest. Have a wonderful week. And if you want to se snow and ice, take a peek at my blog from the other side of the world. /linnea-maria

susanna said...

Ohhhhhhh...you really do live in a PARADISE, Judy! What I would give to be walking on that beach or taking in that breath-taking view of the rocky shore (breathe in, breathe out, ahhhhhh!). I hope you are having a ball with you kiddies during their break (well, of course you are!). And hooray for your daughter's Bat-Mitzvah! Fun! I hope you will write all about it.