04 January 2009

Bali Worshop
Michael and I are teaching this worskhop together.
This post represents my part of the workshop.

I spotted this old Tibetan amulet and knew I had to have it and create some-sort of book form with it.

I first had to check its meaning (you know me)

Called the 9 Palaces Amulet it displays the Nine Palaces, Eight Trigrams and 12 animals of the zodiac.

Now this was getting interesting

Tibetan Astrology like the Chinese system is organised according to the 12
animal Signs.

The Buddha rewarded each animal by naming a year after them in the order they arrived.
First came the Rat, then the Ox, the Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and lastly the Pig.

Each animal is related to an element which represents its life force, a direction, a specific gender and certain personality traits. The animals can work together in harmony or not

Just briefly, there is a system preserved in current Tibetan astrology which relates to Five Individual Forces

La – vitality

Sok - life potential

Lu - bodily health

Wangthang - personal power

Lungta - wind horse or energies within a person

These particular amulets are also popular to ward off negativity,

bring healing

and blessings to the wearer

So what better piece to go inside our Temple of Dreams.

I decided to create a book form mimicking the shape of the amulet

Attached to each double page is an aged brass box upon which I have added different elements that relate to the subject matter or objects within each little box. I imagine we will find lots of trinkets in Bali that for our "Temple of Dreams" will relate to our own ideas for our life forces.

Within the first brass box is another aged copper box and within that I made a teeny tiny little book – so students can eventually write a prayer or dreams or wishes for the future.

In the second page and subsequently the 2nd box is another small book for students to decide what they want to do with it – it can house bits of memorabilia from this Bali trip, their choice.

The final box houses three glass vials filled with findings that I imagine we will find in Bali or students can add items that represent their dreams or desires.

The small scrolls within another small aged silver box can be scrolls related to their dreams or mantras, aspirations for friends or family, whatever they choose.

My intent with these projects is to show students that the book form is endless and want them to find objects and think beyond the square. They will learn how to create different yet simple book forms unifying them with found objects.

This is a Tibetan Buddhist praying instrument - a prayer wheel

It always bears the mystical word 'OM MANI PADME HUM' [Om the Jewel in the Lotus Hum]

The syllables are carved outside the wheel

They are also kept inside the wheel printed in the paper in numerous numbers

So here I removed the words inside and added hundreds of small round vintage papers – part of the papers inside here, I decided to collage on the backs of the other book form

The prayer wheel is most often made of a cylindrical body of repoussé metal and it came with a wooden and metal handle which I took off for the purposes of this but it still can be used.

The cylinder can turn around the handle, with a slight rotation of the wrist because of the ballasted chain, which keeps it in movement.

Inside the cylinder of a prayer wheel, written on paper or skin, are esoteric texts, usually invocations or mantra’s
So I decided for this project, being the Temple of Dreams, that what better object to alter for my purposes than this antique piece.
I bought a box of these very vintage tie pins at an estate sale {thanks for the tip-off Redness)
They screw up on both ends so I aged some and thought they would be perfect for this project.
actually they are doing well on my ETSY too.
I added 366 papers envisaging that people may wish to add a mantra a day by altering these varied bits of vintage papers.

My main purpose for this part of the project is to show students how one can find elusive objects when we are in Bali and turn them into a book form

There is one more part to this project which I will share with you in another post

Bali March 2009

Come and join Michael deMeng and I here

Where we will build our Temple of Dreams together.



Teresa said...

This is absolutely amazing Judy - and well researched as always. Congratulations on another beautiful and very meaningful project.

Kathryn said...

Your work is AMAZING! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Just to clarify, most Deaf people do not consider their hearing loss a disability. We can do everything you can do, but hear. :)
Happy New Year and Artful Blessings,

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

wow What an amazing artwork, all those details, I love them !! It's a wonderful project !

Anonymous said...

unfreakin' believable!
i owe you an email...up to my eyeballs in kids until they go back to school on monday...
(seem to be having trouble posting from typepad lately)

Jen said...

Awesome piece. It's going to be interesting to see folk's interpretations. Especially love the paper prayer wheel. Something about round objects and bits of paper .... hmmm ... not sure what that says about ME but there ya go. Happy New Year dearheart! xoxo

Jen Crossley said...

OMG it awesome,you must be so relieved if you know what I mean wink wink

redness said...

Gadzooks ... Congratulations ... totally breathtaking! I was grateful for superb gatherings too ... to be revealed later in the year ;)
Oh Bali ... I'll be there in spirit.

Dale said...

Judy, i just love your prayer wheel here! Such beauty with such meaning. Beautiful.

Laura Jane said...

What a fascinating object you have made.

The original amulet is beautiful, thanks for explaining the meaning. And the Prayer wheel is such a beautiful form, with 366 papers - a prayer a day.

Wish I could join you!

lklight said...

Wow Judy, this looks like an amazing workshop, wish I could be there for it.
Happy new year to you, hope '09 is even better!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Wow, everything looks incredible!!!! Such eye candy!

gina armfield said...

you never cease to amaze me with you creative spirit - this is lovely and something very dear to my heart -

Kim said...

What great ideas you have. I always enjoy looking at your creations they are always challenging us to look beyond their ordinariness. Wish I could attend the workshop but alas... at least I get to enjoy viewing here!

MB Shaw said...

Oh my, this leaves me speechless (nearly, lol). Just incredible, I love the amulet and the prayer wheel, they are absolutely beautiful.

BloggingQueen said...

See, now I'm wondering if it would really be so bad if I robbed a bank and used the loot to buy a ticket to Bali. Or maybe I should start swimming now? [whimper]

Lovely and amazing work, as always. I adore the way ideas bubble up in your brain.

Keli Hansen said...

oh how that wheel must feel in your hand. the weight... the texture... the thought...

you can feel it through your pictures...

great work
take care

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy, you've excelled again, the imagination must have been working overtime, so glad it all came together, it looks fabulous.

The Junkin' Yaya said...

I am speechless!!! And you knowing me is saying a lot :)

Now, I need to get you & Michael to Houston to do a workshop at my store or even better at one of my retreats at the lake house!


Judy Wise said...

Oh, the beauty of that wee book, the Tibetan amulet, the prayer wheel and all the vials and mystery therein. Perfect bliss: resting my eyes on such powerful beauty. You are a wonder, endlessly inventive.

kecia said...

yes, i have to concur with others - your ability to research a subject is quite IMPRESSIVE. the prayer wheel is great and i love the box idea for your students to feel up with Bali findings/memo's of their trip. wish i was going. need to find me a sugard daddy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy
Happy New Year...
Wow , what an incredible class this is going to be .Your work is amazing, i just love to look at your creations , they are outstanding .Beautiful.
Love Lorraine xx

Steph said...

Once again, I can't find any words worth this amazing work .. so I'll just say WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwww!
Have a very happy and creative new year!

Shelly said...

Wow. I am speechless, and that doesn't happen often.
The prayer wheel is pure genius. Such a stunning piece.
The Tibetan book is just out of this world.
Have a great time in Bali.

seth said...

Every detail here is mesmerizing. Seeing the progression of the piece was like walking through a series of doors, behind each of which were a series of treasures geting better and better and better. Another exceptional piece!

Leslie said...

Fantastic and thoughtful work. As always!

I'll be dreaming of Bali. Sigh.


Jo Horswill said...

Judy...this is truly beautiful.
Layers, meanings and emotions all bundled up in a truly Judy inspired piece...what a joy.

paris parfait said...

Oh that is FANTASTIC, Judy! I am blown away by the combination of creativity, knowledge and meaning in your work - so original and beautiful. Wish I could be in Bali - what a great place for your workshop! No doubt you'll have people scrambling over the spots. Bravo for your latest incredible creations, Judy! Wow! Just WOW! xo

azirca said...

WOW! This would be one of my favourite pieces of yours, it's amazing. You astound me with all of the creativity and research that each and every one of your pieces has. The details are stunning. I adore the stitching around the page edges and the little boxes filled with meaningful trinkets are just a brilliant idea as is the prayer wheel.
The folk who will be attending the Bali workshop with you and Michael are very lucky!

Laurie Mika said...

Hi Judy,
Long time since I've stopped by! Wow, that book is incredible. Those will be some very lucky students in Bali with you guys! Sounds heavenly....what a great way to start the New Year....all my best, Laurie

Karen Cole said...

Looks like the lucky folks that will be traveling with you guys will be having the time of their lives.

Amazing projects. TWO amazing people to lead the way.

Oh, don't worry about me, I'll just be over here, cold, limping and trying not to bump into anything.

Kim Logan said...

Really beautiful Judy...and such an education we are getting..!!!

Happy New Year..!


dogfaeriex5 said...

damn judy, you certainly create amazing things!!

Susan Tuttle said...

FABULOUS!! -- this class is sure to rock!!


Judi said...

You astonish me. Just when I think I am getting complacent with the quality of your work, you blow me away with something like this.

Robyn said...

Judy, awesome!!! Love the prayer wheel. Wish I could be there!

katie said...

oh judy, this book - this project - had me bent over my computer, jaw dropped, literally, as i moved through your photographs and descriptions. holy cow woman - you are AMAZING!!!! i wish, wish, wish i could take this workshop with you and michael, but wrong timing for me. i envy (i know it's wrong but i do) every lucky participant that attends. wishing you the happiest new year my warm and talented friend!!

Chris said...

What can I say that you haven't heard, thought, or said yourself? I can't. So, I'll just thank you.


rochambeau said...

Wonderful ~ Fabulous! So glad you and Michael get to teach a class together in such a beautiful setting. Really like what you are going to teach, your amulets. Also all the ones you used as inspiration!


Sarah said...

Outstanding Judy, truely your imagination and creativity astonishes me, where on earth do you come up with this stuff? I wish, oh I wish I could join you in Bali, if it was the year after I possibly could.I hope you have a fabulous time there teaching, relaxing and getting those massages.

Sue Simpson said...

Judy..I've have always admired your work from afar. I recently read Susan Tutttles new book. Your pages are so inspiring, heart touching, encouraging, warm with such depth. All of your works intrigue me, this recent piece is no different. Beautiful work.

Gillian :O) said...

oh Judy, there is no end to your amazing talent!

Stace and Rob said...

what can i say that hasnt been said in all these comments? i simply cant wait, this is so magnificent!
ox gruppa di stacey

Jennie said...

Absolutely Amazing. I have sent you an email,What a wonderful project .

Robyn said...

Judy, my latest post on Fiber art has a beautiful piece, Sabi Tea Jar. I know you are going to love it. Go have a look.

JudyK said...

What an awesome piece and so informative and so much detail! If it looks this good in pictures I can imagine how awesome it would be in person. You are so talented.

Lola Enchanted said...

Wow, I am loving this amazing post!!!!!!

susanna said...

Oh.my.god. You always blow me away with your artwork and what you have here, in this post, is no exception. Holy moly, I don't even know where to begin... What you found, these little treasures, are fascinating on their own. And then, with the research and thought you put behind creating a personal work with them and then how you created your artwork...I mean, really, how did you make that metal leaf???? Wow. I can't think of a better word than that.

I so wish I could make it to Bali and take your class. You students are going to have the time of their lives - and they'll be bringing something amazing back home with them.

Have an awesome time! Don't forget to take time off for a few girlie drinks.

LK said...

Amazing. Simply amazing. I love the way you delve into your subject matter, make it all so rich and powerful with meaning, and gorgeous.

linnea-maria said...

My god! This is absolutely a treasure of wonders. Your work is amazing. I love it. The tarnished old look and the story about every piece. Thank you so much for sharing it. Have a lovely weekend /linnea-maria

Chrisy said...

oh my lord...can't believe that i have stumbled into your blog and found this post...this work is just pricelsss...thank you so much for sharing...

eb said...

so rich

so BEautiful

so true

xox - eb.

Jacky said...

Just stunning as always Judy, your students will have so much fun and inspiration.