15 November 2008


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As a night owl I used to turn on the tv at times and find the Today show on in the wee small hours – about 4.30am Aussie time.

It always fascinated me how people waved, countless times, at themselves through the windows of the NBC studios. You know there is always that pause until they realise they are on tv and then boom!!

Waving incessantly at themselves.

Then the camera does a close-up shot of the person being interviewed.

For the viewer, well at least for me, the wavers, look, well there is no other way to put it but silly.

One early morning in New York, I was so tempted to go past and laugh in real life – but couldn’t bring myself to do it – there are too many important things to do whilst there.

One my last day, (often on the phone) Karen (uh-huh) came down to hit the shops with Joy and I. I think I am getting worried - my mates are often on the phone when I photograph them.

Here's Joy, who is always such a gracious host to me when I am in New York (thanks Joy, xox)

And Karen...

OMG check out these braids

Wish I could have afforded some of them

Alas photos will have to do

A familiar sight for me - friends dragging my bags around - and they are alway heavy

very heavy

Funny how we were walking through the streets of New York with my luggage and just felt like normal – nobody thought we looked strange at all.

Before leaving Australia, I had arranged to meet Seth. It was kind of bizarre to meet some-one I had never seen even in a photo. Karen decided to come along for dinner too. Seth told us he would be wearing a blue jacket – the suspense was killing me/us.

This time I was on the phone to Australia arranging something critical when Seth walked in – wouldn’t you know it!!!

About 3 minutes later I was off the phone and meeting the famous Seth. In that 3 minutes Karen had managed to practically get Seth’s life story down. Amazing woman.

Here we are

Oops wrong photo

See what I mean about the phone thing.

We had a great time together.

For me it was far too short.

Seth is such an interesting person.

I felt like I had known him for ages and I look forward to the next time we meet so we can get to know each other even better.

I got a lovely lot of gifts too - should have got a photo of them all wrapped up - opps - opened them on the night. But will upload the photos of the gifts soon - thanks again Seth.
Okay okay - here he is!

Busy with commissions at the moment but should have some art to show very soon - with any luck.

Thanks for all the comments from everyone - I so appreciate it.

There’s going to be a nice surprise entry on the blog very soon too – standby...


Jen Crossley said...

Oh what a time you had its looks so amazing.Hm wonder what Mr Seth looks like??
Cant wait for the next installment

Sharon said...

Great digi journal. OK, I'll ask, why does Seth have to remail anon?

LK said...

how funny! Loved those gorgeous trims! I could see them all along a velvet album cover's edge.... yum.

debi said...

Hey darlin!
Thanks for the nice post...I knew if you saw it you would love it! :) and yes...it is "QUITE RUSTY"...just up "our alley"!

Don't ya just LOVE NYC! Looks like you had a GREAT time...and what fun to meet Seth!

With all this traveling to the states...how about coming down here to Houston? :) I promise a great place to stay and loving "Southern Hospitality"! :)


debi said...

I forgot to tell you...I posted you as one our most "Inspiring Women" on the blog!


thanks again sweetie...for you have helped me with! xo..deb

Leslie said...

Awesome photos. Love that NYC backdrop. You are having way too much fun with Photoshop.


Ro Bruhn said...

Glad we got to meet Seth eventually, he looks a nice guy. WOW Judy do those trims have bud lights? They look amazing

Judy Wise said...

Yay, Seth unearthed at last! And Judy, what a magnificent shopping trip and girlfriend/guyfriend party you had all across the U.S. this year. My head is swimming just thinking about it. Glad you're back in the studio now.

Steph said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this post!

paris parfait said...

That is funny - all the photos with the phones. As for the trim - beautiful. But they have similar ones in Paris. Weren't you supposed to be here this fall? :) Am hoping to see Karen next month in Philadelphia. Hope you enjoy the rest of your travels!

Gillian :O) said...

always fun to catch up on your Adventures Judy :)

vivian said...

you make me laugh hey, too funny!! sounds like you had a great time, wonderful!

seth said...

Great to re-live our visit through this post. Thanks!

Megan P said...

Holy Moly - you pack alot into a day!
What a fantastic trip you had - maybe your next o'seas trip will see you venture over the harbour bridge for a trip up the north side!

Karen Cole said...

Hey......how come everyone else gets aged gracefully in the amazing photoshopped pieces you are doing and I am just AGING!!!!!

Was I really on the phone that much.?........I was living my real life, remember and you were on a holiday.

Chris said...

HAHA! Love this post! It's going to be my favorite post on my blog. And, yay! Seth! Finally!
You folks all look so fine. I love hearing about your travels.
You didn't buy *one* braid? They are lovely, but I know there are limits. For one thing...how much can your bags hold, I mean, really?

Lynn said...

Your life is such an adventure, more like one right after the other...I love following it.
It's almost like being in one of those heavy bags you lug around the world. You are amazing!

And yes those cords and bangles were quite something to behold.
Enjoy your stay in NY.

Lynn said...

I thought Seth was in Mexico?

Robyn said...

How wonderful to see Seth! It's great to see all your photos and I love the trims and the street art.

Kathryn and Joy said...

Amazing NYC.....and always at it's best when shared with good people.
Phone? what phone????