29 November 2008

The hat was ready ...

The crowds were waiting in line to get into the auditorium

They were building up with anticipation

Ready to run to their seats at any time

A few eager ladies managed to get in early

They started to chant – “we want the results”

The names of the 97 bloggers were cut up and ready for the draw

Boris and Natasha, the owners of the auditorium

peaked out at the audience

Boris was visibly shocked when he saw the early arrivals and heard the chanting

Natasha tried to hush the crowd but decided to send out an early act to entertain them

She sent out he twins

When that didn’t work
she sent out sweet little Poppy
to hush them

Poppy even offered them some light refreshments

But when that didn’t work
Red was ordered to quiet those naughty ladies

Red put on his charm and “sad and pouting face”

All that Red got
was a cuddle

More ladies arrived

The chanting grew louder

The hat was called for

The names placed inside

Into the hat went the hand of the assistant

Winner 1 of the 100,000 blog hits

Who is it???

One of the ladies in the crowd was so overcome with emotion.
She could not believe she had not been picked.
So dissapointed was she that she fell back and fainted

In went the hand for winner no 2

The suspense was intense

Who is it?

The crowd went into a frenzy

Ladies falling back everywhere,
arms up in the air
in total distress and dismay

Poor little dear,

Her arthritic legs just would not allow her to get up

Congratulations Gra and Shelly
Please email me your addresses so I can send you your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who particpated and who made this celebration possible


Jen Crossley said...

Judy you have way too much time on your hands,I must say the crowd was very cheeky !!!
Congrats to the winners

Sharon Manning said...

I'm with Jen, must have been the stress of the last week getting to you! I wondered what the hat was for!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the winners.

Sam Marshall said...

Congratulations! Loved the groovy pics and story!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Very fun way to announce the winners! Congratulations to both!

Lynn said...

Oh Judy you are so much fun! This is a delightful little movie you've made here. I got all caught up in the anticipation. Knowing I had already Won something made me able to not faint! And believe me I know how to faint!!! So happy for the winners!
Your use of the dolls is terrific.
Thanks for making my day start out with a laugh and a smile!

MJ said...

Oh so cute! We are all winners with that grand show. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. I needed that.

Judy Wise said...

I'll bet your kids got the best bedtime stories anywhere. Delightful!(That was me flopping over backwards with laughter.)

azirca said...

Oh Judy, this cracks me up!
I agree with Jen, very 'cheeky' crowd indeed!

Sarah said...

Your too funny Judy. Too much excitment and build up for me, now I too am feeling a little faint. LOL Congrats to the girls, I am green with envy.

Hila said...

hehe, this is so cute.
I hope your son's enjoying Israel - one of my favourite places on earth.

Carmi said...

That was the best...I kept losing my mouse on the scroll option desperate to see what happened next!

Shelly said...

That deserves an Academy Award !! Too funny and wildly entertaining.
Before I get too excited, Judy, was I the only Shelly in the draw?? Must have been, right, or you'd have had a last name initial on the slip. I've never won anything in my life, so I'm dumbfounded. . .
If it is me, a million thank yous !!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations to the winners, not only are you a great artist but a wonderful story teller too. By the way, I love your pages in my book. Talk soon.



debi said...

What a fantastic post! I laughed through the whole thing. How exciting for the winners...and congradulations ladies!

thanks for the post sweetie! (by the way, I am sure that was me with the arthritic knees :) love ya...xo...deb

Steph said...

I love this post ! Congrats to the winners!

seth said...

So very clever. I love that you took the time to do this. And congrats to the 2 winners!

Gail said...

What an amazing story teller you are, when I read this it just made my day, you are so very clever!!!
Congrats to the lucky winners.

artgirly said...

that was a riot! Loved it- was a reward in itself!

dede warren said...

oh... bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

Though I didn't win, I just love the little show you gave us all. How clever a girl you are sweet Judy! You must be quite the fun one indeed. Oh, and those darling little theatre owners, aren't they precious!

Be well sassy girl, and congrats to the winners!

Tiglizzyclone said...

Oh! That is just so funny! What a great way to announce winners!

Loudlife said...

I'm cracking up over here! That was a prize-worthy blog post! I feel like a winner anyway...

I've decided to start announcing my word verification words, sometimes they're amusing. Today's is "medivil"

Deryn Mentock said...

Hilarious girl!

A bird in the hand said...

I especially liked the frenzy scene...


Judi said...

You are a hoot! Oh, I love little red...where is he/she from?

kelsey said...

What a "crack-up"....pun intended!!! lol

How very clever (& time consuming) this was, much more interesting than just saying Gra & Shelly, YOU'RE IT!!! Congrats to both of them for winning and to you for a top post.

Dale said...

Congrats to the two winning ladies! I just love your pictures to show the draw! They are so fabulously adorable. Great post here :).

Chris said...



at one point i got a little scared.

that Poppy looks like she could kick some ass...

Ruth Rae said...

what a stunning visual post! I can just see you playing with all of your Dollie's! I love the little red one!
(she just told me that she would love to come and live with me!)

Pearl Maple said...

Congratulations girls
Judy that was the funniest post, you gave me quite a giggle today.

Susie Jefferson said...

HI Judy

Well done, congratulations on finishing the commission etc. I love the little photo story picking the winners, and decided to give you a little award (come to my blog to get it) as I think you definitely deserve it. Onwards & upwards! This is a great blog and always a total pleasure. Susie.

identityseven said...

you are so funny! I couldn't stop scrolling and reading


congratulations to the winners {grumble grumble}


Susan Tuttle said...

You are too funny Judy!!!


Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

what a delightful post! i love the picture of all their little bottoms! and the rest made me chuckle! bravo!

Gra said...

Oh, thank you so much !!, my PC was out of order, and just now I've seen I've won......wwowwwwwwwwwwww, it's the very first time I win something!!!
I'm very happy!!!!!!!!!!

burntofferings said...

you are way tooooooooo funny!

Sue said...

how cute Judy.

congrats to the winners

rochambeau said...

Wow what a performance Judy!! I won by just stopping by be part of the audiance. I was one of the rowdies in the crowd. Please pardon my behavior.
You are SO creative.
Thanks for dropping by AND thanks for your visit.

Happy Hanukkah Bella!

katie said...

bravo, bravo (standing ovation...)
you truly are the master of ceremonies in my book - what a hoot!!!xoxo

congratulations to the two winners!

Catharina Maria said...

Your photos are GREAT !!
I love it very much !
Rini the Netherlandss

robin dudley-howes said...

That was funny! Very suspenceful!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Judy, have you thought of publishing story telling books? So creative and entertaining. You are so gifted in many areas. I'm sure you enjoyed creating this story as much as we in blog land enjoyed reading and seeing it.
Happy New Year!