18 November 2008

A day of sharing words:

LK Ludwig is hosting this day of sharing words.

Here's what to do

A Day of Sharing Words

The idea: We have words that touch us, move into our hearts and resonate, creating a feeling, taking us some place- past, present, future- perhaps some place we have never been and may never go, but for whatever reasons, the words pulse in our blood. Meeting new words, new poets, new poems, new ways for my heart to beat, is an intruiging concept. Want to go on this adventure with me? It will be easy to travel along.
Many of us already do this sharing; this idea is just to help us find each other and hear the words we have to share.

The Date: Wednesday, November 19.

The Plan: on your blog, post a poem that moves inside you, touches you, reaches you. (quotes and song lyrics welcome). Include the author (or composer or musician) and source (book, album)- perhaps also the amazon link if there is one. no explanation required, no other revelation necessary.

One last thing- Perhaps add an image. a photo. a video. a painting. a collage., if you would.
Go to LK's blog here to this post. Add a comment with your link.
I'll create a typepad page with the links, so others can hear the rhythm of the words, see the image and share in the experience.

The Request: If you are intrigued enough, post on your blog about this Day of Sharing Words- encourage your friends to post. Who couldn't use a few new poems in their treasury or new songs in their hearts?


Carrie said...

This is such a lovely idea to share Judy. I have posted the most beautiful poem that every parent should read. It touches me every time and reminds me that I am doing something right.
Carrie xx

Carrie said...

thanks Judy lol - I'm a dope! its official rofl.

Izabella said...

thanks for sharing this Judy...I joined in~

xo!! ~Bella
p.s. I was curious what Seth looked like too!! love his new zine!!

Michele said...

Red Velvet has inspired me to create my own blog which will eventually feature my love of books and book arts. Today have posted one of my photos and a recently discovered poem.