06 September 2008

Been “Bush”

Yes indeed been bush as we say down here.

To Perth

Teaching a workshop with the lovely Sharon Manning who was my host for 5 days. Sharon and I have been working together for years now – we make a good team and we are so relaxed with each other and this time was no different.

She and hubby Steve, star hubby, chef extraordinaire and their kids all were lovely to me.

Their place is rather remote but beautiful and the views talk for themselves.

Just had to make sure I had my coffee fix most days and every day was great.

We ran around alot for supplies and ended up in this place

mmmmm just look at that rusty junk palace.

On Friday I had the pleasure of lunching with Viv, Audrey (in the back) Kelsey (in front of Audrey), Max and Sharon – all very talented artists. It was great catching up

and boy did we dine well

Here’s Viv telling us about her workshop experiences of late

The workshop went really well, ran so efficiently.

The gals were marvellous

Dom – who got stuck into her Halloween themed book which looked wonderful in the end

Robyn – whose hubby chisels into books like magic (hey Robyn, bought myself a set of chiselling tools because of you. I love learning from students!

Jo, from Artistic Journey dipping into the ageing solution without gloves - tsk tsk Jo! Thanks Jo for bringing all the extra goodies that we needed - so generous.
I will be teaching at the Artistic Journwey 2009 retreat along with Keith and LK Ludwig amongst others - I beleive the details of which should be up in the next day or so.

Mum, Jacky and Jo's daughter Samara dropped in for a cuppa on sunday too - it was so nice to catch up with Jacky again. She and the family are so welcoming and such lovely honest folk.

Claudia, all the way from Melbourne, a vintage girl through and through and my first ETSY customer.

Mandy, we share so many of the same supplies, we have the same taste in so many things it was amazing. Her hubby carved into her book beautifully too.

Lisa, was very very pregnant and bought me the most amazing antique Jewish Bible as a pressie – thanks again.

(Photo courtesy Sharon Manning)

I managed to score another one at Mainly books on the way to the airport – never can have too many books.

Val and Mistra, our mother and daughter team.
Mistra took to mixed media like she had always done it. You can see her posts here and here.

Val, well Val just flew through the class. She had the most amazing memoribilia and completed her stunning book. What a powerhouse.

You can view lots of workshop photos here too. Sharon is also a great photographer.
So with inked up hands we gathered and a great weekend of art was had by all.

Especially me, I got spoilt by working with such talented and welcoming ladies.
I would teach them all anytime with the greatest of pleasure.

Just before leaving the kangaroos paid a visit.

Check out these two joeys staring at us.

Then it was on for young and old, well young and young in this case.

Heard of the boxing kangaroo -well this is why.

Just look at them having a fight with each other – awesome!


Kristen Robinson said...

I am ooohing and ahhhing what fun you had my dear!

Karen Cole said...

It looks like the kangaroos were having a grand time, too.

I'm so glad that everyone can now share in your wealth of knowledge. Lucky group.


gina armfield said...

Oh this looks like a great time - the surroundings, the people and the spirit - whew can't wait to see the work. Counting down the days to Art and Soul in Portland and gathering stuff ;) p.s. did you ever get my email about the horse stuff and photos?

Judy Wise said...

"Been bush". I love the sayings you have that we don't. That one in particular. And what beautiful, strange country. And I can see the happiness in the faces of your students. This (workshop experience) is heaven. Some even came through my computer and I can feel it too. xo

vivian said...

loved catching up with you too *girl* ;) and such amazing work your students have done, just marvelous. but then again; with you as their teacher how can they not? pure inspiration... and please tell me where this rusty yard is??????

Anonymous said...

All the girls I talked to that did this workshop said it was the best they had ever done, just looking at the samples I can see why.

Tiglizzyclone said...

The workshop sounds like it was wonderful! I like the kangaroos.

paris parfait said...

Oh what fun! Not only a fabulous group of women, but wonderful views and great food! (P.S. Any chance you're passing through Paris this fall?) xo

kris said...

What a great place for a workshop. Thanks for posting photos. What views!

Still Waters Studio said...

What fun!
You have been awarded the Brillante Weblog award by Stillwaters Studio.

kelsey said...

It was our absolute pleasure to spend some time with you over lunch Judy! Your workshop pictures look fantastic and I'm sure that the girls will remember it with special memories in such a beautiful setting.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous workshop Judy, I'm sure everyone had a ball. It looks like a fantastic venue, Sharon certainly has a beautiful home with great views. I love the junk shop too.

seth said...

Looks like a great workshop and a lot of fun. And those Kangaroos are pretty cool. We don't see many of them in NYC!!

MB Shaw said...

Omg, I *love* the kangaroo pictures, what a magical moment to capture on film. And you're junkin' around looks wonderful, you lucky gal.

Sharon Manning said...

It was my pleasure to have you here for the workshop which was a huge success with everyone.
Can't wait to do it all again!

azirca said...

Gosh Judy, you've been busy! Looks like a great time was had and you were well looked after.

hee, those kangaroos are cute!

Jen Crossley said...

Looks like you had a awesome time Judy.Cant wait till November when I do a class with you in Melbourne.
Glad you had your coffee fix!!

linnea-maria said...

Stunning view and beautiful pictures of nature. I´m "bushing" several times a week but I just have to worry about the bears. You seemed to have a wonderful time on the workshop./linnea-maria

Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful photos Judy! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Loved seeing the photos of all the Perth artists too!

Izabella said...

another amazing post!!

you always capture the moment so brilliantly~

love the newest altered book you are creating too, my gosh girl, the supplies you must have!! only in my dreams could I ever run across such dreamy found objects ;)

xo!! ~Bella

Barbara said...

Since I live in the United States I was delighted to take your visual tour. I just want to get to that junk store and buy those white shelves! YOur world looks like my side of the world except the vegetation is unique and we DON"T see joeys we see DEER!
And they jump in front of our cars alot...

gaby said...

I think this was an amazing workshop. Congratulations for all the talented students you had there! And, love the kangaroos!!!!

Lissy said...

lol...i thought had been off camping since your visit here :) great pics and the worklshop sounds like a big success :)

Sandra Evertson said...

I love the photo of all the rusted metal, it looks like Heaven! And and classes look amazing!
Sandra Evertson

Lynn said...

fun to read about your class, see the wonderful place you held it, and the great artists there...and ending with the adorable little kangaroos...something we never see here. Ever. AWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Shana Tova almost.

Cindy Dean said...

That looks so great! One day I will travel down under! Looking forward to meeting you at Art & Soul! It's coming quick!

Robyn said...

Sighhh...What I'd give to attend one of your workshops. It must be a wonderful learning experience. That scrap yard looks like a giant treasure chest.

Sue McGettigan said...

That looks like so much fun, working al fresco and tons of cool supplies! It looks a lot like my parents verandah and view up in the Perth hills (Kalamunda), just lovely. Love the photo of the roos in the flowers :)