16 August 2008

Whilst I am working away on a commissioned piece which will be keeping me busy for a month or so,

I thought I would upload some of the finer details of Guo-Guo.

These details should give those coming to any of my classes an idea about adding memorabilia to a piece

Heavy old and thick leather stamps really well

What a little cutie pie

Lots and lots of layers

And layers {sounds like a Sara-Lee commercial}

Paper bought in New York – love it

Itty bitty stitches everywhere

add depth and detail

A broken piece of mother of pearl from I- don’t- know- what?
I have been wanting to use this piece for ages.

When I used the Dremel to file it down the smell was rather putrid – like bad fish!

I am a bit obsessed with antique embroidery – always have been

The stunning paper used to line the antique Chinese suitcase used to house the art work

More itty bitty stitches

I love doing all the little details of a piece – I think that is why it takes me sooooo long to complete a piece

Antique currency from the same period as the photo

This was the Cricket Emperor

More cutie pies...

Aussie colours – now how did they get there – lol!

The Emperor’s concubines

Bits and pieces of paper do not have to be expensive

to help tell a story

Nor does some found fabric that fits a piece

I often use the back of vintage papers, books and postcards – don’t always look at the front – I always look at the back – it’s so much more interesting sometimes

Loved the crackle effect that occurred when I aged the tin

Meanwhile my friend Shmoozy Suze who I entertained whilst she and hubby were in Sydney recently, sent me some photos of when she was in China.

Low and behold she came across crickets and cages etc.

They went to the house of a man who raised crickets for fighting

How amazing!

I guess if you want to read the whole story of Hong - which I loved writing, by the way...

You will have to come to my Art and Soul in Canada and do my class – hehehehe.
Registration opens on August 30th I believe.

This class will be called "With One Photo".

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Glenny for giving me some great opportunities to teach in the USA- which is not such an easy thing when you are coming all the way from down here. Thanks Glenny.

Have a lovely weekend.



Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

very beautiful and inspiring...i love to work in little details, sometimes secrets that only i know about...thanks for a thousand and one ideas to keep me going! xo heather

Christie said...

This is it! I am sure it's my favorite so far, or probably until I see the next one. Amazing and inspiring as usual!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and amazing as always. Your work is truly inspiring and your taking the time to share with us is wonderful. Thank you so much.
Nancy A.

Suzanne said...

I'm so mad. My niece introduced me to your website. The first night I was on here for about 3 hours. I LOVE YOUR WORK. The layers and layers, and tiny stitches, and fabulous fabrics etc. Drive me crazy. So very special. (are you!)

gaby said...

Great, inspiring and detailled work. Love it! It will take a long time if I could do a piece like this. But you are the master of this books! Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Thanks for all the explanations! You are so kind in sharing your work and the how-tos. Soon I'll finish my book and then I'll post it. I have trouble with the binding.

kelsey said...

How lovely this must be in real life, all those exquisite details and images and textures. Even if a person is not an arty type, I'm sure they could appreciate the time and love that goes into each piece you create. You certainly leave a little bit of your soul in everything you create Judy....and it shows!

azirca said...

beautiful and inspirational, I don't know how you do it.

Jen Crossley said...

Amazing Dear Judy your a born story teller and artist

Robyn said...

Such thrilling bits and pieces. You have the nack of turning even the not so exciting into masterpieces. I look at old broken book covers with new eyes.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
These detail photos are just spectacular -- I love how they focus in on the details and blur some of the edges -- gorgeous effect.


kiwicarole said...

Hi Judy, your blog has been a recent find for me, and I really enjoy your work. I hope you don't mind, but I have given you an award, (simply because I love your blog!)
Details are on my blog.
Thank you so much for sharing your work and the lovely photos!
Carole in New Zealand.

Sam Marshall said...

Judy,this is so beautiful,the layers-oooh!!!Love the crickets.

shirleymcc said...

I absolutely love your attention to detail - your work is such an inspiration to look deeper, and to look within.
You should write a book!!!!

kecia said...

i learned about the Asian's history with crickets from the Disney movie, Mulan! but instead of fighting, they mentioned "lucky crickets".

Kristen Robinson said...

Wow my dear stunning as usual such a prolific and incredible tale told through photos and artwork. I adore the emroidery as well as the incredible wallpaper used to line the suitcase.

Leslie said...

I am always inspired and amazed when I come over here. You may love working on the little details, but I love seeing how they come together and reading about the elements you choose. Thanks Judy!

Sure hoping to count myself among those lucky folks going to Canada!


paris parfait said...

Wow! It is simply stunning! Wish I could be at one of your workshops. xo

Sanja said...

just found your blog .your art is very inspiring !:0))

Lynn said...

I loved looking at all the details...all the pieces, photos, papers, all of it Judy. Always wonderful, always inspiring.

Do come see my son's beautiful wedding if you get a moment. ;-)

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful creations as always and each page packed full of meaning and symbolism is what makes them special.

katie said...

all these beautiful bits, the details, the layers, the special pieces getting used...so much delicious inspiration here, always.

Diane said...

Hi Judy, I have given you a blog award. Please see my blog for details dianesmixedart.blogspot.com/
Your blog is beautiful!

A bird in the hand said...

Judy, Judy, Judy. You wouldn't consider stopping off in Toronto to give us a class, would you????? I mean, coming all the way from Australia and all.....

lindaharre said...

I want to come....I want to come....I want to come:( Every time I read of one of your workshops.....I long to come and meet you in person!!!! Maybe someday:D Until then....I love your new project. Thanks for your sweet words....always appreciated:D Hugs, Linda

Gillian :O) said...

Judy it's always a Visual feast visiting your blog, I enjoy your highly detailed photo's of Art so much, They are almost as good as having your art in our hands, I so love how you pour yourself into your Art and gladly share it with us - You are Such a Gift to this World ♥