06 July 2008

Sneak Peaks

Here are two more sneak peaks from the Altered Book Round Robin I am currently involved in.

The theme for this book was tags and

I followed the suggested colour scheme

The latest book I did was themed Urban Decay

The books will make their way home sometime in November I think.

Art and Soul Portland

Glenny is kindly repeating my two day class “Just in Case” on the 7th and 8th of October.
The additional classes are up on the site if you are interested.

So if you could not get in the first time, here is your opportunity.


Jen Crossley said...

Cant wait to see your book when it finally arrives Home Judy I bet it will be awesome.
Congratulations on the extended classes at ART N SOul a huge honour for you.I say AUSSIE-AUSSIE-AUSSIE

seth said...

Urban Decay! The name alone is enough to grab my attention. Hope we can see full images when the round robin is complete.

azirca said...

This all looks intriguing Judy.
Congrats on the class, that's good news for the folks who missed out first time around.
Ha! I smiled at Seth's comment, when I read 'urban decay' I immediately thought of Seth.

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

wow it's fabulous and very tempting !

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

I left you something on my blog : http://bullesdorees.blogspot.com

MarilynH said...

Hey Judy :)

thanks for the comment left on my blog. The desk was bought from my workplace in 1991 when they upgarded to ones NOT made from 2x4's (boards) LOL The desktop can be tilted up, and it is also inlaid with lights under plexiglass, so its actually a light table as well. I love it although it is very ugly LOL
I would love to be in an altered book RR with you!! Your work is phenomenal!! the layering and use of papers, and distressing...gives me goosebumps!!

Nabeel said...

i love these antique books, and the work that goes in them. It's like a piece of art