13 June 2008


I am so snowed under at present with a commissioned piece at present.

When involved in a piece I often run out for some fresh air and great coffee.

This time I also took breaks just to keep reading this book...

"People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks.

When I returned from mt trip abroad so many people stopped me in the street and said Judy, you of all people have to read this book.

I never have much time to read novels other than on holidays but thought I would give it a whirl.

I became so engrossed in it. There were so many times I thought I was reading about me. Yes the main character is from Sydney, same suburb same lots of things. It was rather amusing to read a book written by a local frequenting the same haunts with similar observations.

From Geraldine Brooks' website, the book is "Inspired by the true story of a mysterious codex known as the Sarajevo Haggadah, People of the Book is a sweeping adventure through five centuries of history".

It had me on the edge of my seat, this does not occur often when I read novels. I am one to read biographies or factual books on history.

I won't tell you more - suffice to say that going to have coffees became rather more frequent. I finished the book in 10 days squeazing every spare moment I had in to read more.

It's an epic and insight into times (partly) when nations and religions appreciated and respected each other for their skills, lets say.


This week my eldest flew out to Europe for a 6 month adventure.

I was and have been an emotional wreck.

Yes I know, let them spread their wings and fly.

It still does not feel any better when waving goodbye to my confidante, my rock.

6 months of worry for me.

If I write any more about this topic I will be flooding the streets with tears.

Not much of a drinker I did the only Aussie thing I could do as a "pick me up".

I did the Tim Tam Slam.

Tim Tam Slam?

Tim Tams are the favourite chocolate biscuits (note I did not say cookies) of Australians.

Some call the technique “Shotgunning a TimTam”.

Here goes my best attempt to describe the technique...

Get a hot or cold drink.

I prefer hot coffee as the chocolate melts into the coffe too.

Take a Tim Tam

Take a small bite out of one corner - savour that.

Then take a small bite out of the opposite corner.

Dip one end of the Tim Tam into your drink.

Suck on the Tim Tam.

Keep on sucking!!!

Your coffee or other drink will come slowly up into the Tim Tam and then your mouth

Keep going until until the whole biscuit starts to collapse in your hand.

Then go for it! Slam down the rest. dont forget to lick the melted chocolate off your fingers.

Oh, then grab another one and start over!!!

They have even made a range to support Breast Cancer research.

Trivia: Tim Tams were named after a horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1958.

Have a lovely and ceative weekend.



azirca said...
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Jen Crossley said...

Ari will be home soon,Im with Azirca keep busy girl.Your commission sounds awesome I know you will do it justice my girl.
The TimTam slam agh those were the days slamming back a packet of tim tams.
Hm Those tim tam balls hm the mind boggles

azirca said...

Sorry to hear Judy that you are having a tough time right now, I'm sure that your son will keep in touch and that the time will fly past, in the meantime just try to keep yourself busy.

Those Tim Tam Slams are an experience alright. Have you tried it with the chewy caramel ones? Soaked in coffee works the best, Yum! The phone has been known to ring just as I've put the whole coffee soaked chewy biscuit in my mouth. That will teach me!


redness said...

My heart goes out to you - the yearning when OS calls your daughter is the pits - chin up gorgeous Judy - keep slamming the Tim Tams, the dark choc ones are deeelish. Huge Hugs oooo

Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

The book looks like a wonderful read and a great excuse to head to the coffeehouse!
Yes, letting them spread their wings and fly was something that must have been said by a non-parent or a father...yet, they do come home to nest time and time again, that's the part I like.

Robyn said...

I get tearful at the thought of my daughter leaving the country too. As Azirca said, be busy, busy, busy and the time will fly.
Sometimes we get Tim Tams here in South Africa at huge expense but it sounds like it would be worth it just to experience the Tim Tam Slam. I am drooling!
Your work is very compelling. It conjures up allsorts of wonderful memories, yearnings and inspirations.

kelsey said...

Oh how I lament the passing of Chilli flavoured Tim Tam's! But a Tim Tam Slam is still the ONLY way to savour this delectable little treat. Ask any good Aussie girl how many Tim Tam's are in a pack and she'll tell you straight away - 11....how does she know??? lol

Hugs to you for missing your boy, savour the emails and phone calls.

Karen Owen said...

I am intrigued by your commissioned piece. Thanks for the tip on that book. We go to the beach next week, and that sounds like a book I should take along. Also, sorry you're feeling blue right now, but I loved your description of how to eat the Tim Tams. I don't think we have those here - wish we did.

Janine said...

Sorry that you are feeling blue, but as the other girls have already said, keep busy! Ohh Tim Tams... a great help in so many situation! xo

Leslie said...

I am looking forward to seeing your commissioned piece, if you are at liberty to share it. Everything you do delights!

And I feel your pain missing your son. As you know, I have two boys -- one living here with his wife and young son just 10 minutes away, and I see them several times a week. The other living on the other side of the country. I see him only sometimes. But one of those times was this past week, and it was great!

Wishing for a tim tam slam.


Susan Tuttle said...

Ari will unfold his wings and fly, just as you have taught him to do.


Ursula Clamer said...

It is amazing when a book can grip us and drag us into it's world so we don't want to leave. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
Wow! what a big step for you and Ari. I know that you will miss him deeply and that hearing his voice will be great and heartbreaking at the same time. I hope he has wonderful adventures and has so many amazing stories to tell you when he gets back, and you have some good ones to share with him too. Ux

stephanie t. said...

OY! The sweetest little Aussie gal (her dad is a coach/recruiter? for a rugby team over there) came came to our house for daughter number one's wedding bearing FOUR (!) glorious packs of Tim Tams and TWO bags of Minties. I slammed the LAST TimTam with great ceremony...

6 months eh? I did it in the 60's and again in the 70's (didn't you??)...nearly giving my mother heart attack...I stopped just short following my Zionist heart and settled here in CA. Another generation of wonderlust...and here we are as mothers, waiting for them to come home. Chin up. Think good thoughts.

Kristen Robinson said...

Hugging you... Ari will be safe and full of amazing stories when he returns. The book looks amazing so full of beauty and amazing similarities. Tim Tam hmmm looks a bit yummy especiallywrapped in pink.


Ro Bruhn said...

Don't forget the saying 'She'll be right mate". I'm sure Ari will be and he'll be home before you know it. You have a diversion for a couple of weeks to help ease the pain and don't forget what's waiting for you at my place.

Karen Cole said...

OK....so now you have me engrossed in this book. I have SO much to do and here I am reading.

Chocolate....there is always chocolate.

Ari will be fine. I am sure you have taught him well. Missing is the tough part. Wait until he gets married, then you REALLY won't see him.

grrl+dog said...

ha ha.. now I knew tim tams had 5 grams of fat... one sixth of your daily intake..but I never jnew they were naed after a horse.... cheers..welcome back..dneese

Sue McGettigan said...

Mmmm, you had me at 'Tim Tam' :) Don't worry too much Judy, your baby is gaining great life experience and we all survive that first trip around the world - at least now there's email. When I set off my poor Mum had no hope of email, cell phones were not even dreamt of, we just had good old snail mail written in launderettes around Europe and the USA, and land lines, I know, that makes me old, but that's the point - I survived, with lots of stories to tell, your baby will too :)

Cindy Dean said...

Oh it's always so hard to let go. My daughter just got her drivers license and everytime she walks out that door, I worry too. I wish you no worries although I know that won't be, but one can always wish yes? TimTam slam sounds dangerous! LOL

Karen Cole said...

Still can't put that dam book down.

I'm taking it with me tomorrow.

Italy, here I come!

Hugs to Mr. M

Ciao baby.


lindaharre said...

Judy, I just read about your eldest leaving for 6 months and felt your fear! When my first son left for college I felt that way.....I had been a single mom for 13 years and we (the kids and I) were very tight!!! I depended on them a lot for my emotional stability! To have that disappear was frightening. When they take flight (which they must) they tear a little of us away. Where we were once connected there is now a wound and must heal. The healing process is slow....but does come:D I am sure any son that you have raised will be just fine on his own! He surely has many of his mom's virtues and will totally enjoy his journey! My thoughts and prayers are with he and his mom....Linda

Megan P said...

Thank heavens for the the not so humble tim tam! What a wonderful parent you - I know it must be so hard, but the return will be worth the wait. Mx

kecia said...

well, i am so glad you happened upon my blog. i just loved the necklace and the story that went along with it. thank you for helping me remembered what yours looked like and what secret wonders were inside.

Kim said...

He's gone for 6 months? The nerve of that child - he must have lost his mind leaving you for such a stretch! Ground him when he gets back - you'll both be healed in no time , lol.
From the looks of your latest posts , keeping busy isn't going to be difficult (cause WOW! that's a bunch of book , especially in 2 wks!)and even if the time doesn't fly that homecoming date will keep moving closer.
Keep your chin up. :O)