28 June 2008

“DOLL” - A Visual Anthology™ Part 2

A huge thanks to everyone who commented on ‘Doll’ – it is so gratifying to receive comments on a piece like this. I so very much appreciate it. I have caught up on some much needed rest, sort of.

A number of the pages I will show you here had more details added after the photo shoot. So some may not look as detailed as others.

'Three Little Maids': The text to accompany this photo was taken from the old Australian novel ‘Three Little Maids’.
Some of you may remember that I used the cover page of this book for a piece in ‘Numbers’.

I suppose I could have chosen any page for the text for it was the title of the book that seemed relevant, however, for my style of work that would not suffice.

The portion of the text chosen from this large vintage novel was specifically chosen to describe my client’s mother’s personality.
You can read it close up on this detailed photo.

Yes I do spend many an hour scouring through books for the exact text relevant to the person about which I am doing a Visual Anthology™.
For me it’s not only the textures and colour choices but it is in these very fine, if not, somewhat esoteric details that make up what is my Visual Anthologies™. It may appear like a random choice on first viewing, however, the somewhat sublime is actually the very fine details that the recipients soon recognize as being the part of the anthology targeted to them.

Yes it’s sometimes frustrating when I cannot find something relevant but inevitably it will appear – or in other words, if I cannot find it, it will eventually make its way to me serendipitously.

I had purchased a Victorian book a while ago. It’s contents were mainly on etiquette etc so I knew which book to look into when I was looking for some text related to the client’s mothers Debut.

She was a sewer and on the back of the original photo she had written that she had made her own dress here.

The text talks about all those things necessary for a young lady’s “coming out” into society. It does make for some interesting and, at times, funny reading.

The blur on the original envelope with her maiden name is there in order to keep my clients details private.
Whilst I do have permission to show this Visual Anthology™ to you – some of the details and pages will remain private as it is just too private. But I will be showing you enough so you can get a feel for it.

On my last trip to New York and sifting through the shelves of Metaliferous, I noticed these palm tree brass stampings.
Awe struck, as always by the gingerbread patina, I held them in my hand for a little while.
{I guess we all find bizarre things inspiring sometimes – for me it was he natural hue taken on by this stamping over many many decades}.

My mate Karen slipped her head around the corner, at the time, to check out what goodies I was acquiring – we all did that, just to make sure we ere not missing out on something –
I had said ‘Look at the colour of these”,
Looking somewhat perplexed at me holding 2 of these stampings, she replied,
‘Oh I am sure you will find a use for them some-time”.

I knew I would, as I replied, kind of justifying the purchase, for I knew that palm trees related to Judaism.
I went ahead and purchased them not knowing if it would be years before I would be able to place the pieces.

Well, here it is, finding its home on this pocket, next to the old postcard for the lady’s name is Tamara.
In Hebrew a Tamar means a date (the fruit). Mentioned a number of times in the bible, this gorgeous coloured stamping became relevant very quickly.

This is a not quite complete page – the tags were completed after the photo shoot – names were added etc.

The frame surrounding the lady in the photo is the lady who introduced Doll and Doll -so she was the “Shadchin”, the matchmaker.
I took a vintage postcard, wrote the text from the Musical, “Fiddler On The Roof”, added a stamp from one of the dozens of letters that Doll and Doll wrote to each other every day of their 6 month engagement {they lived in different cities at the time}.

I wanted the stamp to be from the exact time period that the photo was taken, authenticating the postcard and adding some of their own memorabilia.

I could have chosen any one of the hundreds of small frames from my vintage collection but I chose this frame to highlight and surround the Matchmaker, still, to this day, the best friend of Doll.

Why did I choose this?
Because it has a tree like quality – were it not for her introducing Doll and Doll the family that they were to become, a new branch of a family tree, may never have eventuated.

The 4 buttons were for the 4 people here. Stitching, both machine and hand stitching was very relevant and features throughout the piece as doll loved sewing.
Buttons are not an element I use often but as doll was a seamstress and her father a tailor, I felt it was a necessary component to add throughout. Stitching each one individually into the piece is a detail i think important when adding buttons to any piece.

Just a few detailed shots for you...

Beach scenes were throughout this piece.

Doll was a Legal Secretary.

I happened to have a vintage book on typing for Secretary’s.

Naturally, I took the practice exercises for typing legal documents from this book.

Yes indeed, I need more bookshelves!!!

Doll and her friend were on their lunch shift from work when this photo was taken – hence the insertion of the old typewriter shift key here.

The year was 1956 – so they keys 56 were used to again make the link for the client.

Have a lovely weekend, there is so much more so, to be continued...


azirca said...

Judy, you're amazing. I know that I've said this before and I'm positive that I will say it again but your work is full of so much heartfelt emotion. All of the time and effort that you spend looking for that 'perfect' element or passage of text really adds that extra special touch to what is already stunning work. Your pieces truly are beautiful works of art.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Cindy Dean said...

I am in awe of every piece of art you do. Amazing.

gaby said...

Judy, I not only love your work, but also the comments you make, so we can take part of your creation process. And you always find the piece or the text you need. This is because you make your work with love. You are an inspiration for me. Thank you for make my day better! I'll link you this work on my blog to share this with other peoples.

gina armfield said...

once again just lovely - not that I expected anything less. I just found out that I got your 2 day class in portland at art and soul so now you are stuck with me for three days - sat sun and mon - ;) lucky me!

Julie H said...

As always I am in awe of the detail in your work...your work is priceless.

BloggingQueen said...

Much agreement with everyone else on the awe-inspiring care you take with the details. I'm enjoying reading about this new piece in a slightly different way than I did the Ten Tribes book, maybe because this is the first of your works I've seen that wasn't religion-related...

For that one, it seemed your attention to detail was almost a holy duty, but for this one you're just as painstaking. And it makes this book stunning, but a little more approachable, a little more whimsical (?) for me. Like I could imagine looking at it in my own house all the time. Gorgeous.

seth said...

The detail, and its underlying meaning, is truly extraordinary. And thank you for putting so much effort into presenting your work on your blog. It must be a lot of time and effort but can I say it is clearly appreciated by all!

Izabella said...

this will be a lasting family treasure for them~ This is such an amazing piece of work my dear~

xo!! ~Bella

Sue said...

wow, I love what you do, the detail is amazing, thank you for sharing more of this amazing book and I'm glad you caught some much needed rest.

rochambeau said...

YOur client thrilled with how her book, seeing her words and thoughts come to life. You have a special soulful way of expressing ideas through your art Judy that pulls the viewer in and allows us to ask questions.
Just great.

glad you caught up on some sleep!

shirleymcc said...

This is so beautiful, and the layers of meaning are truly what set your work apart.
I love reading of all your finds and how they find their way into your work.

I am counting the days until Portland...

laurel said...

So much heartfelt beauty and detail!

lindaharre said...

As always.....your attention to detail boggles the mind:D Just lovely!

Leslie said...

Judy, you pour so much of yourself in every piece you do, and it shows my friend!

This is a beautiful work of art Judy, and I'm sure has become an instant treasure to your client.


Carrie said...

I love to read how you go about making these Judy, its fabulous, so much detail and thought, its a pleasure to look at.

Bronwyn said...

Judy, this is absolutely beautiful, your work totally blows my mind. I'm particularly enjoying the South African connection in this work.

paris parfait said...

Oh Judy, it is fantastic! You have such a talent for finding exactly the right meaningful things and putting them together in a beautiful way. Just incredible, amazing work. Bravo!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
These pages have a certain softness to them that radiate such warmth.



Dale said...

it is absolutely stunning to see how much thought and symbolism goes into each page you create. The book is stunning. Fabulous work here!

vintage moon studio said...

Another amazing piece of art... your attention to such minute detail always blows me away! Hope all is well - xox Deb

Jen Crossley said...

Your amazing Judy,your work is simple outstanding!!.
Your love for your art shines through every piece you work on,its a passion that stands out with everypiece you touch

kdj said...

Absolutely amazing!

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow! What an incredible post. Your writing, your art and the way you photograph it and put it all together! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pages and your story...Roxanne