01 May 2008

We are pausing my USA adventures for a quick commercial break...

Bali Workshop

Join Michael and I on a collaborative Bali workshop.

"Temple of Dreams"

A 5 day workshop

March 11-19 2009

In this class, "TEMPLE OF DREAMS" Judy Wilkenfeld and Michael deMeng are teaming up for a Balinese art workshop experience. Our concept was to come up with a workshop where students could experience both of our unique teaching styles and create a unified piece of art from the process.

The Workshop:
It was important for us to design a project that had a definitive relationship to Balinese culture. One of the most profound images in Balinese culture is the Meru; the multi-tiered, pagoda style temple. It symbolizes the world (or cosmic) mountain and is composed of several odd numbered tiers (no more than 11) that reach toward the sky. This is the form we will be using in class…though admittedly, much smaller, so that it could be transported in a suitcase.

In class we will be building a mixed media/assemblage meru that will have the ability to be opened at each tier. Inside students will create a sacred space for dreams and wishes. The interior space will be created using the methods of assemblage, collage, and painting. Perhaps it is a home for your dreams, perhaps it is a home for your sacred thoughts. In the end you leave learning a variety of techniques from two artists to create your own Temple of Dreams.

You will enjoy...

7 NIGHT ACCOMODATIONS, double occupancy at the lovely Apakabar Villas owned and operated by the ever-so-lovely Stacey Mattraw-Friedman and Rob Friedman of Archangelo productions.


A day trip to to Ubud, the culture arts center of Bali- with lunch included.

Group snorkeling, beach excursion

A private one 1 hour massage

An evening of Traditional Balinese Dance Performance

Bali temple excursion

Hiking through Balinese Rice Patties

All transportation to and from excursions that are included in the workshop week

Daily, fresh prepared breakfast and Dinner's

Time for swimming and enjoying the pool and grounds of Apakabar Villa's

Transportation to and from the airport at Dempasar, Bali.

Now you may or may not know that on my last foray with Archangelo productions, I met Michael.

This workshop is being hosted by Stacey and Rob of Archangelo Productions so its sure to be a great experience and is very professionally run.

Email: arcangeloproductions@gmail.com
Phone, Bali workshops: 503.381.2434

Come join us on what is set to be a wonderful and enjoyable artful experience.
P.S. Sorry, we are not offering a free set of steak knives with this offer.


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Judy,
This looks like an amazing experience.

Lissy said...

WOW that looks sensational :)

and thanks for the warning...I will be looking out for a man with grey hair, about 6ft 4’ wearing a yellow shirt and grey pants...lol...

Glad you are having a fab time :)

Jamie said...

One hour private massage?! Michael didn't say anything about that in his blog. I will definitely have to consider it now.

Steph said...

Ooooooooooooh sounds like heaven!

katie said...

oh judy,
a collaborative with YOU and MICHAEL?!! in BALI...my heart started to beat quicker as soon as i read about it. wishing, wishing, wishing.....

Lynn said...

Can I come just to sleep in that beautiful bed? ;-)
Sounds like a real adventure.

Carrie said...

what a bummer - if you had been offering the knives I would have been booked LOL - sounds amazing - if my winning numbers come up on the lotter I will be there :-)

Karen Owen said...

What? No steak knives? Forget it then. Ha! This looks like a fabulous escape and art experience. I'm going to have to think about this one!

vivian said...

oh judy - girl - how awesome!!!

Cheralyn said...

Hi Judy!
Glad you are having SUCH a great time in the USA... I do miss it sometimes, loving your posts.
Am sorting life to try and get to Bali... fingers crossed :) Take care...

susanna said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like it would be an amazing experience. The location is heavenly and the project sounds so perfect for the trip. Wow...

gina armfield said...

this looks like heaven - heaven I tell ya!