06 May 2008


3.00: Leave Judi's place and head towards Art Gallery in down town Philli.

3.20: Praise the L-rd that Karen has a car to get us around in and I don’t have to look like a complete dorky tourist like these guys.

Note to self – how come the guide doesnt have to wear the gorgeous blue helmut.

Hmmm, it seems this lady looks really excited about the tour – she was just jealous that we five had Karen’s husbands Audi to drive around in.

Nope – she was really jealous that she didnt get to play around with Karen’s husband, Bob’s balls

{Karen's hubby, Bob, making us his ever so special home made ravioli - she lucked out big time!}

The Asian variety that is, you know the ones that make that ‘tinkle tinkle” sound when you play with them.

The balls that is.

3.30: Wait in the queue to see Frida exhibit.

It was amazing!

I think one of the best parts of the ehibit was the personal photographs.

Think to oneself -

What the curator was thinking??????????????????????????????

Phew, finally they got their genders right. But where's Frida's moustache????

Begin to wonder to self...

What was better, the Frida exhibit....

Or the gift shop afterwards...

4.50: Spot Rocky outside the museum

5.00: Go on tour of the Art district.

Make sure your friend drives you around when you can only salivate rather than shop.

Listen to your tour guide plead with the owner to open up so

her Aussie buddy can view the mosaic place

Listen to your tour guide tell you many times (love you Karen) that Philli has the most mosaics in the world.

Challenge her to prove it!!!

Head to the oldest residential district whilst tour guide shmoozes policeman not to book her cos she has parked illegally waiting for the crazy Aussie to photograph the street.

Marvel at the street.

Curse the car for parking there and ruining photo.

Remember to learn the American anthem - love your Patriotism! I was amazed at all the flags I saw in the USA.

As we say here in OZ - "ONYA" {loosely translated as Good On You}

And then there's always that reminder to vote for Hilary???

The Philli Primary was on whilst I was there.

Find some more red doors,

Realise there a Mezuzah on one of them.

Remember that it is Passover –

Look really overjoyed when your friend Karen finally snaps about the 5th photo of you and it actually works. Waning is the joy of seeing a smashed Passover plate - the same one I have at home - mosaiced into the wall.

Celebrate Passover with Jerri, holding hands and doing the happy dance at my discovery...

all the while looking like a complete fool cos here am I thinking Karen still can’t work out how to

use my camera.


Drive to New York...


Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy, I love the mosaics, might have to build one of those monuments in my garden.

Jen Crossley said...

Awesome photos Judy,you were lucky to have such a great Tour guide in Karen

Carmen said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your USA tour!!!

J a n e said...

I love Philly so~
(It is only about an hour and a half for me to drive there too~)

SO glad you got a chance to visit.
(OH! And I recognized some of your lovely friends from dinner this past Friday night! THEY are divine!)

J a n e

Judy Wise said...

Loving the tour and dreaming of Bali. This was my first trip to Philly (looking over your shoulder, lol) - had no idea it was full of mosaics and Hillary lovers. Keep it coming! xo

gina armfield said...

you never cease to brighten my day with an out loud laugh! Sounds like you had a wonderful tour - can't wait to watch the next episode or rather read it ;)

annie said...

thinking of you! i've sent a couple of comments...but, they haven't gone through...i'm feeling lucky tonight! mmmmmmmmmmm!

Sam Marshall said...

Cool photos, Judy!!!

Jo Wholohan said...

loving the tour judy!!!

lindaharre said...

What fun you had.......I am envious about the Frida show!!!! She is one of my favorites:D The mosaics are FANTASTIC.....great tour guide too:D

Karen Cole said...

It was truly a grand time, my dear. Perhaps in the fall we can continue the tour.....so you can see the MURALS, as that is what Philly has the most of, not mosaics!!!! LOL

Bob's balls are nicely sitting in his car right now, thank you very much.

cconz said...

Wow, great blog. i love the photos of the art district. It's when i see things like that, i say "Aren"t PEOPLE GRAND!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks as though 'dork' is universal, can't go anywhere without 'em. thanks for the tour and i love your sense of humor.

Kristen Robinson said...

Amazing fun and wonderful photos what a perfect trip I do believe it turned out to be. The murals are so interesting I had no idea they exisited.

Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

I have been quietly lurking...your writing gives me a smile and giggle...and I keep thinking EVERYONE tells you that, so I needn't really comment, but here I am letting you know, "Your writing makes me smile every time I read it", so thanks!

cconz said...

i love your blog. looking at your pictures of the art distict makes me think aren't people grand.If more people were into creating works of art, this world would be a better place.

kass said...

you crack me up, its amazing how much we can get away with over there by explaining we are Aussie. I think they really think we are THAT strange!!!

Peggi said...

Wow, what fun you had -- love your tour (and the fantastic pics - the red doors are my favorites, I think). Thanks for sharing =)


kris said...

Love your glasses! thanks for the great photos and laughs. I just returned from A&S in Hampton and took my camera but the only time I remembered to take it out the batteries were dead. ack! Good intentions with my camera never amount to much.
Have a great weekend.

susanna said...

I'm so glad you had such an awesome time in the U.S.! Karen really IS the hostess with the mostest! She's up for doing anything for her guests. And the Frida exhibit IS really good, isn't it? I don't remember seeing those gender-confused (or all-gender-embracing) statues, though. Hmmm... Did you notice, too, that the postcards in the Philly Art Museum are all 3-D? Yeah, I kid you not! It looks like Benjamin Franklin is doing the oh-no-he-didn't head bob and talk-to-the-hand gesture. Anyway, next time you are on the East Coast USA, I'll show you around NYC, ok? That would be fun!