09 May 2008

Shoes glorious shoes!

I am so grateful to my blogger pals!

When I put out the call for shoes I never imagined I would have recieved so many from people

Ain't blogs grand!

This pair came from the very generous Karen Owen whose hubby unearthed them (from memory).

How beautiful are they.

These came from Leslie, who had some more waiting for me when I arrived in Philli.

The pair that the dolly is holding are made of satin - they reminded me of the same satin used in ballet shoes.

And this beauty came a few days after returning to Sydney from Jen Worden - along with dirt that came off the shoe along its travels.

Don't quite know how it made it through customs.

Don't you just wonder where it has been?

Who wore them?

What stories lie within the shoe?

Some of these were treaures I bought whilst in L.A.

Some of these were treasures I happened upon in Port Townsend.

Linda and Opie gave me a pair on the opening night of Artfest.

They were housed in a gorgeous light green box.

Laurie Marshall sent some to me via her friend which were given to me on vendor night at Artfest.

And also during vendor night Denise from Aus presented me a pair too - she wizzed by telling me there was a story to the shoes but I have not yet heard it.

These young girls shoes were from Port Townsend too - I ummed and ahhhed about them for a while - but relented as they were really perfect for 'the project' I will be undertaking.

Thanks to everyone - I am so grateful.

Back to the USA Tour.

The girls, Joy, Karen, Katherine, Leslie and Jerri (get a blog, woman!)

Up and ready for the days 'junking' as I call it treasuring.

Being a night owl, they just loved when I woke them early so we were ready to head out and not miss any opportunities that arose.

JUNKIN 101...

When visiting strange lands and on a strict time schedule - one must sleep little.

Find local haunts from mates.
Or research on the net.

Always take an 4WD - you never know what you will bring back.

In fact, take two 4WD's if I am with you.

Have flat rate boxes ready for shipping your finds back, cos the US postal service is very expensive!

Watch for but listen to OCD shop owners like this one.

She knew where and what every little piece was in her 3 level barn.

It was great but sooooooooooo bizarre.

Going through a box of Cabinet Cards, the OCD will speed round the corner at any given moment - and enquire if you need help.

(I think she needed help of a different sort!!!)

Part of my trip was to discover found anything on Judaism etc so I always ask the vendor if they have anything.

The answer here was no.
No, thinking to oneself, in Philli?

Listen to bells chime as someone else walks into the shop...

OCD lady hastily speed around the next narrow corridor to the front of shop so she can give her spiel (about 5 minutes long- thats the abridged version).

Friend Karen comes around corner and asks...

Find anything?

As she asked, I had just picked up the photo which is in my hand.

Cut off and extremely hard to see the very dirty Victorian type and age photo was about to be a cast off.

But I happened to turn it over and low and behold there was something written in Hebrew but actually it was Yiddish - no time to check yet - too much digging to do.

But it was cut off - right where the writing continued.
Still worth taking, very rare to find anything Victorian with Hebrew writing on back.

Whilst junkin...

Always take crazy photos with friends to keep fellow bloggers amused during long posts like this one!

Always wear a "bum bag" or as you guys call it a "fanny pack" - (if you call it that here in Oz you could be sent to strange areas red of town!).

Allows hands to be free for collecting.

Make sure you only wear one when your partner is not around or you may embarass him as they are no longer in fashion - if they ever were.

Sorry MdeM.

I love my bum bags - they are the best thing invented for junkin and working in the studio.
So there, it's out in the open - ha!!!

Fashion smashion... who needs it when treasures await!

Spend as much time as you need to in a shop.

Finally go outside and find your friends doing pretending to do ballet or something,

Just maybe they are doing the happy dance (a regular occurance on this trip) that I finally appeared long, long, long after they had finished.
Well G-d forbid shops like this have a cash register, don't you know.

Hope for OCD's lady's sake the IRS aren't reading my blog - hehehehehehehe.
Stop for a quick coffee - try and order a cofee like the ones I have at home -
I don't think so.
Go to next place filled with books and epehemera.

Always befriend the vendor especially if he is not OCD lady.

He will there tear about 20 old book covers off for you at no charge.

Take short naps if you are spending about 5 hours in the one bookshop!

But don't forget to,

Pack more boxes!



azirca said...

hee, great story Judy, I love the photos that accompany your tale of junkin 101.
Those little shoes and all of your wonderful treasures look divine. I think you might need a bigger house to store them all in.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy, how many books can one girl use. But they do look very special. I'm off to our rare book place today for cabinet cards, but it looks like a poor cousin in comparison to where you've been.
Great shoes too.

Jen Crossley said...

Those shoes looks awesome Judy cant wait to see what you do with them I know it will be fab thats for sure.
Oh Junkin 101 I so wish I was there with you Im dribbling on the keyboard

Sue said...

wow what sweet little shoes you have, can't wait to see what you do with them. Lovin' hearing about your trip thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

Oh yes, the OCD lady. Have you ever seen anything like that? What a great time!


Ursula Clamer said...

Sounds like you had a fab, and busy, time over there and found many treasures. I can imagine that it will be a treat when it all arrives as I am sure there will be things that you may have forgotten about or had not really had a good look at. I'm also sure your 'intuition' was in full swing and won't let you down. Enjoy!
BTW I love the sound of your joint workshop in Bali, how exciting! Ux

Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

I can't wait to see what you will do with the shoes...
Thanks for another smile to start my day.

Sam Marshall said...

The shoes are cool and I can't wait to see what will happen with them. The places you visited look so interesting. I love reading about your adventures.

gina armfield said...

once again cracking up - your blog puts a smile on my face ;) Love the finds - OCD lady must channel herself throughout the country as I have encountered her too - even as a man. great trip - can't wait to see what you do with the shoes. Just curious - how do you take your coffee? Have a great day.

Tina said...

What kind of coffee were you searching for?

Great post. The shoes are darling and like those before me I can't wait to see what you fashion from them.

Judy Wise said...

ha ha ha, you make me laugh with your good telling of a story. The truth is - you are the treasure. I'm conferring with my experts here to find some good places to take you this fall where you might find some good stuff for your work. I'll keep you posted. xo

Elaine Kerr said...

Have yet to find the book shop with the comfy napping corner.... or did you just pull up a chuck of floor and conk out?? : )

Lani Gerity said...

Ha! I'll bet the OCD lady can recite exactly what she sold and to whom and for how much!

Also I love Jen's shoes!

(She lives down the road a piece from me!)

Gretz said...

Now what are you going to do with all those shoes????

Guess what I found on ebay??????? Campbells soup shoes - like Michelle's - YIPEEE and hopefully they are my size.....

Cindy In Carolina said...

You are sooo funny. Thanks for sharing.

Megan P said...

Man, you gals can shop with no sign of dropping. Can't wait to see what happens with the shoes. Mx

Julie H said...

Wow - I love parcels - longing to see what goodies you unpack from them. I think I would explode with the enormity of it all if I had that much wonderful "treasure" to browse though.
I am with you on the old shoes, I do wonder about the little feet that wore them out.

Karen Owen said...

The shoes you're collecting from around the world are amazing. I can't help but wonder myself about all the stories within those shoes. Love seeing the photos of you junkin'!

Karen Cole said...

Could you have possibly chosen a photo of me that was more unflattering than the one on the deck? Don't you ever photoshop your mates????? My dam diet starts tomorrow!!!!

Yes, you tell a good story.

Deryn Mentock said...

Hey, congrats on the Exhibition 36 book...I had no idea you were in there! I'm looking forward to seeing it. Great little collection of shoes you've gathered...

vintage moon studio said...

Ok - so did I miss the part when you told us all exactly what the shoe project is? Looks like a wonderful trip all 'round... try to make it to New England next time! xo Deb

Lynn said...

I have a pair of my brothers baby shoes circa 1936. Do you want more?
Where to send? I'd like to be in this project.

The art junket was wonderful to follow. Great photos of it all.

Kim said...

Sounds like you had a blast rummaging around for hidden treasures - and from all the parcels I'd say you found it , too. Wow - go Judy go , lol.