16 May 2008

A fortune cookie opened on my final dinner in Missoula

You too, can see how the fortune unfolded in our new adventure.


‘Look look’ said Judy

‘Look up’

‘Look up, up up’.

‘See Miriam Haskell’

‘See the greatest designer of jewellery stampings’

‘ I see, I see’ said Joy

‘Miriam Haskell’s office is up up up’

This is fun for Judy

This is not so fun for Karen, Joy, Kathryn and Jerri!

‘Who is here’ said Judy

"Who is here Karen!" asked Judy

Metalifferous said Karen

‘Oh Karen this is superb' said Judy

‘Oh Karen this is superb' said Joy

‘Oh Karen this is superb' said Jerri

‘Oh Karen’ this is superb' said Kathryn

And they played happily for hours getting their hands very grubby.

‘Go, go, go’, said Karen

‘Where, where, where’, said Judy

‘To the toilet’ said Karen

‘I must get the key’, Judy said

‘Key, key, key please’, said Judy to the assistant

‘Flush, flush’ said the assistant to Judy

‘What’, said Judy

‘Read, read, read the sign’ said the assistant

‘Come girls come’ said Joy

“We will walk and walk and walk with our shopping bags” Joy said

“We will walk and walk and walk 10 blocks whilst shlepping Judy’s heavy metal stampings.

Away went Judy and friends

Walk, walk, walk.

Shlep, shlep, shlep.

‘Where to now’ said Judy

‘Look around, look around, look around the corner’, said Joy

'There is M&J Trimming’, said Kathryn

‘Where, where, where’, said judy

‘I see one trolley’ said Judy

'I see a double trolley’ said Judy

So Judy happily took the double trolley

‘Trims trims trims’ said Judy

‘Appliques, appliques appliques' said Karen.

‘Silk ribbon, silk ribbon, silk ribbon' said Joy

‘Velvet ribbon, velvet ribbon, velvet ribbon', said Judy

‘See Karen', said Jerri

'See Karen climb', said Kathryn

Climb Karen climb

See Karen stretch

Stretch Karen Stretch

See Karen talk on the ladder

Talk Karen talk
Talk, talk, talk

‘No, no, no, I will not go’ said Judy

Rest, rest, rest we must

Rest Judy rest
Rest, rest, rest

‘It’s time to go to Tinsel Trading Company’ said Katheryn

‘Smile for another photo’ said Jerri

Smile, smile, smile

Joy, Kathryn and Karen were thrilled

Thrilled, thrilled thrilled - NOT!

‘Look, look, look’, said Judy
A fairy, am I, said Jerri

‘Displays, displays, displays said they

‘Vintage, vintage, vintage, said they

‘The price! The price! The price’, exclaimed they

‘Look, look, look’, said Judy

‘A millinery shop’ said Judy

She is mad, thought they

‘What is in a millinery shop? Thought they

‘You must trust the hunter’, said Judy

Trust, trust, trust.

Wow, wow, wow said they

"Going out of business" was written on the sign
Hooray Hooray Hooray! Shouted they.

‘I need a drink’ said Karen

‘Look, look, look’ said Judy

An Aussie pub appeared next door.

Mirage, mirage, mirage, thought they

‘James Boag all around’, said Judy

Drink, drink, drink did they

Watch Karen drink

Drink, drink, drink

Walk home exhausted did they
but along the way they were reminded to always remember to

Embrace the “F” word!!!
F, F , F

There she is again!!!

And if you can’t embrace the “F” word

Then just embrace one of these...

Embrace, embrace, embrace.



Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

Laugh, Heather, laugh.

Heather laughed and laughed.

luanne said...


you are too funny!

sounds like the most perfect day.

next time, i'd be glad to tag along to help carry your shopping bags.

pretty pretty please?


thealteredpage said...

The fun never ends...

Carmen said...

How stinkin' fun!!! I love it. I need a trip like that! Where do you find all of these fabulous shops???

Judy Wise said...

"Trust the hunter". Wow, you do have the mojo for finding the best, most unusual stuff.

I exploded with laughter over the photo of Karen drinking the beer. What a glorious time!

Janine said...

roflmao Judy you are just too funny! As for the "F"word.... lol

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Judy,
These pictures look fantastic. You've shopped up a storm! Good on you. I love your altered poster.

Dale said...

how stunningly fabulous! you ladies really found some awesome stores! SUch fun!!!! And where on earth did you get those AMAZING metal pieces? What city are you even in? Note to self... go there for shopping :)

Sue said...

ha ha ha. Oohhhh loved the look of that metal shop.

michelle ward said...

I AM DYING!!! I could not believe that poster!!! AND that altered poster! SO I go to Google to search for "embrace the F-word" (because I'm clueless and didn't realize it was a tv show) and your blog shows up! Hysterical. Funny to learn F is for Forty. I'll embrace it twice, for FortyFour. No wait, three times, F for Friends.

Great post. Great Findings. Great Friends. xoxo

susanna said...

FUN! Are your feet still sore, Judy? Is your mind still daydreaming of all that tinsel and trim? That millinery shop sounds amazing. You all deserved a drink at the Aussie pub after your NYC shopping adventures. So glad you had a terrific time with such fun women.

Kelly Snelling said...

yes! yes! yes! excellent post. smiles all 'round. i felt like i was reading a primer for shopping.

this is life.... said...

Wow, Wow, Wow, Judy, when does all your loot arrive.
I LOVED all the Trinkets, then I LOVED all the Trims and then to top it off look at all those DRAWERS, you know my drawer fetish.

rochambeau said...

Fun~Fun~Fun Red V!
Superb X's 20
And a great post filled with all the best treasures and FUN girls too!

Sad I missed you,
but no use ;-(.............. ing over
spilled milk.


gaby said...

Wow!I want a day (and shop) like these!

Crystal said...

Jealous! Yes, jealous I am!
Great post - thanks for the treat!

Karen Cole said...

Well, well, well....the fun never ends!!!

"WHEN ARE WE DOING IT AGAIN?, asked Karen. when ? When ? When?

You made me thirsty, I need a beer.

~Izabella said...
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Izabella said...

I am in stitches!! See Izabella laughing, almost falling off her chair ;)

I am extreeeemely coveting this time you shared together...I want to come play next time!!

xo!! ~Bella

Karen Owen said...

You make looking at someone else's travel photos so much fun! You found so much beautiful loot - I'm drooling over the metal stuff.


Susan Tuttle said...

You are absolutely hilarious!!!

Your finds are making me drool on my computer!!! I especially love all of those metal treasures - that place was meant for you!

Oh, and I adore your boots - feminine rambo with a sexy twist - where can I get a pair of those?


Anonymous said...

You are a riot, Judy! And wow, did you find all the cool places or what? Now I have more places to go when I visit my daughter.

Judi D. in L.A.

Leslie said...

Wow, wow, wow! That looks like so much fun, fun, fun! I'm sorry I missed that part of the adventure. It looks like you need a wheelbarrow to carry all your loot!


Jen Crossley said...

Your one of a kind thats for sure LOL I love the findings YUMMO

Candace said...

I totally enjoyed this and what's so funny is I am just now on a call from Oz about James Boag beer!!! LOL.

Lovely lovely photos. Great field trip, too.


Loudlife said...

Hilarious! And I am soooooooooo envious of your junking and shopping. I had to wipe drool off the keyboard just now...


Lissy said...

rofl...and drooling at those shops :) Have you organised a container to ship your stuff home yet...lol...

Doe Grozs Art said...

oh yeah... I recognized that store immediately. I could spend hours there and also in the shops with buttons! I think I am due for some good city shopping :-)
Traveling is bliss.

Lynn said...

How fun to read this...where was spot and dick and jane?
I loved being along on this wonderful shopping spree. What finds. What fun. Thanks for sharing. You sure do know how to have a good time. ;-)

Kristen Robinson said...

I have trim envy BIG time. Drooling over here my friend simply drooling.

Ruth Rae said...

oh my!
I think I am going to be sick!
I am drolling all over this post!
I want your boots!
I love the pic of Karen chuging her drink! and all the fabric trim and ribbons the brass findings and me oh my I so want a hat fourm so bad! I miss you!

Kim said...

I did embrace the F word , the minute I saw all the cool stampings lol. I thought I'd had a pretty good shopping day myself til I dropped by here and you rained all over my chi.
Huh. Wonder if any of that's in the shop yet. . .

sue pieper said...

Now THAT sounded & looked like a dream shopping trip for me, and I generally hate to shop! Too funny, I'm still laughing:)

Night Owl Designs said...

Have loved reading about your adventures in the US Judy! Your photos are amazing :-)

HeArt Collective said...

What an adventure, girl! Looks like you all had a blast!!! Can't wait to see what comes of all that velvet, metal and sparkle!


Lisa Cook said...

Look Look! See Lisa going to all the places Judy went to.
I am going to NYC to see our daughter in July and I will be walking in your footsteps to visit each of those stores! I did not know about the Aussie bar so I will have to put that on my list after I hunt. Metaliforous is new to me, but the others are favs. Glad you had a wonderful trip to the states!