17 April 2008

Wow, wow, wow.

I am still in travel mode, flitting back and forth across the USA (and Vancouver).

I wanted to thank everyone who had commented on the twelve tribes.

I have not been able to access a computer much - more by choice as this is the time to enjoy travel. Suffice to say that all your comments have been amazing and so well received. Thank you all so much, each and every comment means so much and I will try and respond as soon as possible.

I started in LA where Kristen and Ruth met me, picked me up and we started on our venture around the shops of LA. More on that in another post, suffice to say that both Kristen and Ruth were such amazing hosts to me, Ruth making me an awesome necklace.

So forgive me but this will be more photos, less talk for now - too much to see, people to meet, enjoying everything but especially the art, new found friends and meeting up with some wonderful old friends.

I met up with Michael in Portland and we travelled around in his new, very grateful to have so much room in the back - car. We have been junking alot and just kept filling the car up along the way.

I had an absolutely marvellous time in Portland and Michael was sure to take me to some of his favourite haunts.

Actually I have fallen head over heels in love with Portland.

Off to Port Townsend for Artfest.

A lovely town where I was very spoilt by Michael and opened the window to this view every morning.

Not that there was much time to absorb the view.

Yep the first of my blog mates that I bumped into was none another than the dynamic duo... Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick. Gorgeous ladies, down to earth and so friendly and giving.

I wish I had had more time with everyone but it was all such a fast paced affair. But Judy and I got in some chatting time - I adore her so much - I knew I would. A kindred spirit and wonderful soul.

I recognized them straight away. I was invited to attend a dinner with many other lovely artists and had an absolute ball catching up with them and ever so charming Diane Haven- Smith who I spent time with on a previous Cortona trip.

So then it was off to class for me. My first class I had the pleasure of sitting next to Doris Arndt -what a riot we had together. She is one talented and generous lady - I promise we spent most of the day concentrating really hard on the journal we were supposed to be making - despite the rumours about us sneaking Hershey Kisses that happened to be left on our table. We really didn't eat the entire packet.

One thing I hate is wearing name labels but it was such a boon to do so at Artfest as you recognised names of blog friends.

So when I saw Lani in Nina's class I was so happy to meet her.

Speaking of which i got to meet up with the ever-so-lovely Nina again.

And then managed to bump straight into Annie Lockhart whilst walking up the stairs to Nina's class.

Annie was wonderful and very hospitable so at lunch one day I joined her table and met up with another Aussie... and the very talented one... Emily Falconbridge.
Happy Birthday for yesterday Em.

I have no idea who this was but ran out of lunch one day to snap her amazing hat.

I spent lots of time getting to know Linda and Susan Lenart Kazmer (go get her book now - its awesome). We had some great laughs - Linda is so so so lovely and even drives like a Sydney- sider too!!!
As for Susan what more can I say but a brilliant artist, person and teacher.

In that class I got to meet up with Jen Osborn who was very talented and so nice. We shared some great laughs and I got some very nice tips from her too.

That was the amazing thing about Artfest.
Artists taking classes from other artists - it was astounding, well organised, brillaint to say the least.

I was so so lucky on vendor night to have had my gorgeous buddy Kristen helping me out - I couldn't have done it without her. I was unusually nervous about vendor night - everyone had built it up to be a frenzied event. Thanks so much Kristen.

Keith Lobue and Michael were happy to pose for this shot with their new vintage goggles - gifted to them on the evening by 2 different people - amazing that they received the same goggles from another era - the chances of that happening being so slim.

I have been in Montana, meeting up with Michael's family and friends.

Rust in everywhere here in Missoula and it and art is everywhere to be found in abundance.

But it is time to fly out tomorrow so I will have to update more later. Need to spend time with Michael before I head to Philli to meet up with Karen, Gerri and Leslie.

Then its off to New York to join up with more of my Italian Workshop friend Joy and Kathryn. Can't wait - its Girls week and is sure to be another whirlwind of art and artful shopping!!

Doesn't get much better than this.



Judy Wise said...

Oh Judy, your life is like an amazing fairy tale. Beauty surrounds you because beauty is within you. Sweet and joyful travels my friend. xo

Jen Crossley said...

Sounds like you having a wonderful time Judy with Michael ,friends and family.
Can you please fit Susan in your suitcase home for RO and I please!!!
We miss you

jo said...

I am so freaking envious Judy!!!!!!!!!!!
This sounds so awesome, how much fun are you having?!?!??
I am sure you are the envy of every Aussie unable to do something like this, so please, please, when you return and recover from your jetlag, lots and lots of details, pleeeaaase!
Love Jo

Lisa Cook said...

But, you aren't stopping by Wisconsin! We have a BIG country, don't we? Well, some day when Michael is teaching in our state you will have to come along and I can give you some private soldering lessons. Anytime! Continue the journey and have FuN!!

Ursula Clamer said...

Glad to read that you are having such a great time. Happy Travels. Ux

Ro Bruhn said...

Sounds like you're having a ball. I agree with Jen, can you sneak Susan away for us. And again like Jen, miss you heaps. Glad you got to meet some of our blogging friends and say hi to Michael and Karen for me too.
Love Michael's cool car. Catch up soon.
Take care

michelle ward said...

judy - what an action packed voyage. fun to see so many happy faces. saw that you're going to be in my neck of the woods.
is your time totally booked?
J.R. is in philly and i'm in nj - could meet you on the turnpike on your way to ny :)
safe travels.

Leslie said...

Well, well, Miss Judy. It sounds like you are one busy lady! I am looking forward to meeting you tonight and shopping with you tomorrow!

azirca said...

What a blast you are having, good on you! Such wonderful memories and beautiful friends to take back home in your heart with you.
Have fun!

Karen Owen said...

I'm so happy to see you are enjoying your travels. What great photos and great memories for you. I can't wait to go to Portland this fall - and see you!

Anonymous said...

You are going to be exhausted but totally happy when you get home. It was great to meet you at Artfest; thank you for sharing "Tribes"; it was even more amazing in person. Bless you,

Judi D. in L.A.

Lissy said...

it all sounds busy and wonderful :)

katie said...

this looks like such a great time, judy; making art, finding rust, seeing so many of your friends here in the US, fun!!

the photo of you in your hat and cap under the blossoming cherry tree (portland, i'll bet) is beautiful!

katie said...

i meant hat and cape, not hat and cap :-)

Sam Marshall said...

Wow!! It looks like you are having so much fun. xx

Lynn said...

First lest I forget, Happy Passover Judy.

OHMGOD, what a time you had!
I got completely caught up in your excitement of meeting all the people. I hope you will post more of what you made in the classes and what you taught in yours.

I have a son and two grandchildren in Portland. It was exciting to see the sites through your eyes.
You found such wonderful artifacts along the way.

When you come back down to earth...LOL...I look forward to more of YOUR ART.

rochambeau said...

Hi Judy,
Sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! Glad you could see Michael and spend time with other talented people like Kristen. She seems a lovely person.
I think you are with Karen now and hopefully having a great time! I'm sorry I'm missing the opportunity to meet you. I can tell what a cool person you are.

Sue said...

Keep on having a wonderful time Judy. Safe and happy travels to you.

craftyhala said...

How wonderful to see pictures of you smiling and having fun with friends-new and old. What a wonderful post of happiness and joy.

eb said...

what a pleasure to read and view your travels - have been following your adventures over here...

such a fun time in Philly with so many great ladies...

xox - eb.

Grand Life said...

Judy, your post was great. My favorite place in Portland (besides Powell's Books) is the Monastary Gardens in the NE part of Portland that you have to take an outdoor elevator to. It's amazing.

rustymermaid said...

Just found your page/blog [where have I been?]I spent a long time going through looking at your work.
Amazing stuff Judy,I keep coming back to each photo looking at all the wonderful details.
Cheers,have fun in your travels.

Kathryn and Joy said...

What a fun time we had. Still trying to get the dirt off my hands (and knees!). Keeping my fingers crossed to see you in Cortona. xo Joy

Janine said...

What a wonderful time you had... by now you are home safe and sound!

Cannot wait to hear more!

Janine xo

Megan P said...

Hooly Dooly Judy - what an amazing journey - looking forward to seeing/hearing all about it!

Susan Tuttle said...

So cool to see the photo of you with Ruth and Kristen. How neat that you got to meet up with all of these great folks!


lindaharre said...

Oh Judy.....what a fabulous experience and fun meeting up with so many talented artists:D I am so envious.....I am green from head to toe:) Love all the pics of friends I know from blogland....thanks! And LOOK AT YOU!!! in all your sweetness:D So glad you had a wonderful experience......maybe someday I will be able to go to one of these events.....when I win the lottery...LOL

Chris said...

Okay, Judy, I was SO wrong! The book I was thinking of was your 12 TRibes book, and that was 8 months ago! But as I have been looking through your blog I am just so amazed. Come on! How cool. Your travels! And your art!!
I have so much to learn...

I'm off again to look at more neato stuff.

btw, that boyfriend of yours is a cool dude.