10 March 2008

What would I do without you guys, you sure know how to make a girl feel good about her work.

Thanks yet again for your unbelievable responses to the books, well Book 1 at least.

I am on the final page this evening of that book about which I spoke of ages ago.

Well it is kind of a book but its really an assemblage piece in the form of a book.

But then I have to bind it and that will be a massive challenge.

In between all of that I have been making some minibooks

for yet another huge project.

I will upload the next book of the collaboration piece, ESH next post.
I think I have about 10 things on the go at the moment (AGHHHHHHH!!!)

Thought I would give you some light reading instead today.

So here’s some pics of the process I go though just to make a mini book.

I use a very traditional method to do such...

And I bet you think this is finished, well no.

Time to grunge it up....
Let the fun begin.

Lets make a parchment:

Take an old book cover

Cut it up

Cut one side off and

Paint it – I dedicate this cover to Ro Bruhn and Judy Wise – look I have been wearing sunnies to do this page/element

Believe me I had no choice for the bright colours of this element. It goes with the story.

Get some really heavy gauge wire

Curl the ends

Smash the #$&!*^) out of it

How cool is that.

Get some real animal hide

Make sure it has been stretched really thin

and then

Rip it

Cover the wire

Smash the hide so it stays put

Sew it
Ink it

Burn it

Now pick or rip out some of the stitching – huh???

yes un-pick some – giving it that used and abused look.
You may have noticed I used the wrong side of the hide - the 'so called' yuk side.
it looks more authentic that way.

And voila...

This is just one minor element for this massive project. The research involved has taken most of my time to be honest.

Ahhh details details details.
Art and Soul reigstration starts tomorrow - hope you can join me.


Carrie said...

oooooo I want to go home from work pretending I'm sick and play with old books now - great instructions and thanks so much for sharing - I will definitely have to give this a try very soon. (I almost feel a flu coming on now LOL)

Sam Marshall said...

***Thank you for sharing your process-it's so great to see. Very inspiring.****

Sharon said...

Thanks for this wonderful step by step. I so enjoyed your generosity. Love the little mini books too.

Judy Wise said...

Nothing's better than peering over your shoulder while you work. Now we all have a case of "I want to hammer twisted wire". And BTW, I consider those colors subdued. (hee hee)

Steph said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww you know how to keep busy ! The mini books are cute , love the parchement!

Carrie said...

Hi Judy - this is the slide mailer before its decorated :
and its used to hold a microscope slide (not soldered as they wont fit) they make a great little gift with some inspiring words or collage inside and out etc. xx carrie.

Ro Bruhn said...

Ohhhhh Judy, that must have hurt, using SO much colour. I love it. Great tutorial with fabulous end results. Thanks for sharing.

jo said...

Where do you find the time to do all this and your research and get ready for Art and Soul and keep a family??????
All these projects look amazing Judy, your work is always so inspiring.
Looking forward to your next post.
Love Jo xo

Janine said...

The books are fabulous Judy! Trust you are making use of your new book press! Great tutorial... looking forward to the end result.. xo

Jen Crossley said...

Thanks for sharing your work process.Come away from the bright side Judy come back to the sepia side LOL

Karen Owen said...

Wow! "Watching" you make that parchment was so much fun!


Leslie said...

Judy, you are so generous with your talent! Thank you so much!

I will be seeing you in Portland.

(Doing a happy dance here.)

Julie H said...

Judy you are soooo busy - it makes it doubly generous of you to share so much of what you do. Thank you.

Jo Wholohan said...

lovveeee seeing your process judy, thanks for sharing... now i want to run out and start hammering wire :))

any thoughts on where to purchase the block you hammer on??? sorry im a bit vauge when it comes to metal art stuff :))

Louisa said...

Judy thank you for sharing in such depth your techniques. Mostly thanks for your wisdom, honesty and talent. Do you have any idea were this amazing piece may end up? It should end up in a museum as it records so much history as well as its aesthetics.

Anonymous said...

Judy, I am such a fan of your wonderful rusted pieces and have enjoyed seeing your wonderful anthologies! Moving and beautiful beyond words! I will be sharing this with my son who I just took to the Bremen Holocaust Museum in Atlanta. You have done such an amazing job capuring the souls and preserving the memory of your beautiful family.