28 February 2008

Some time ago I bought a collection of bisque dolls.

They are antique bisque doll parts dug out of the ground near the old doll factory’s in Thuringia Germany.

They were manufactured between 1880-1930.

Michael termed them “the peanuts” as this is what they looked liked upon arrival.

I cleaned them up, and whilst they were all meant to be the same there are differences in them all particularly as some cleaned up better than others.

As usual there is always some story to tell.

Genuine Antique dolls usually have a stamp impressed with the manufacturers mark and these were no exception.

In the little triangle on these tiny tiny boy dolls is stamped the name ARI.

My firstborn son is named ARI.

I guess they were “meant to be”.

I won’t be listing many but have listed a couple on my ETSY shop.

I guess if they were meant to be for me then maybe they are meant for you too.


paisleydragonfly said...

I love these little dolls - "perfectly imperfect" is what I call them.


rochambeau said...

Oh how I adore your little boy doll heads. Guess it was meant for you to have them with Ari's name on them and all. Can't wait to see what you will create.
Hope you are well!

azirca said...

Oh my, what darling little dolls. How freaky that they had the name ARI imprinted on them.
I bet you'll create something insanely fabulous with them.

Jen Crossley said...

These are so amazing and the name ARI freeky indeed.I love them

Karen Cole said...

That's a lion of a purchase.

I imagine they won't last long in your shop. ;-)

Leslie said...

Wow, how very cool that these dolls all bear your son's name. Most definitely these "peanuts" were destined for you!

Janine said...

I am lucky enough to have a couple of these little "peanuts" ... they are even more precious in person! Thanks Judy! xo

Ro Bruhn said...

These were definitely meant to be yours Judy, such cute little fellows.

Steph said...

Ohhhhhh they're really beautiful ...

paris parfait said...

What a stunning find! Quick, off to see if I'm not too late! xo

Christie said...

What tiny cute dolls and what a coincidence!

Deryn Mentock said...

Judy, these are absolutely precious. I might have to have one!

Mai-Liis said...
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Susan Tuttle said...

These are just amazing Judy! They have an eerie spiritual quality to them. How cool that ARI is stamped on the bottom.

I'm so glad that you like Different Trains. It is one of my favorites.


Lisa Cook said...

I adore your little peanuts! You will create something wonderful I am sure. I read about another artist buying these little dug up dolls from Germany. Don't you wish you could find a secret little stash of your own to dig up? My son used to dig out back on our old farmstead to see what treasures he could find. We still have many of them in special places around the house and garden.

Pearl Maple said...

You do manage to find the most intersting things to share with us all and the stories of how they are found only make them all the more special.

Thanks for sharing.