19 February 2008


Thanks so much for your amazing comments about both Jen and Tim’s Art Journals.

Your responses were so uplifting and I really appreciate each and every one of them.

Time with Michael is of the essence now as he leaves next week so please excuse me for not responding to all your comments but I know you will understand my predicament.

I had the good fortune of spending some of Saturday with one of Australia’s fore-most traditional book-binders. He still teaches but was explaining that the new generation do not want to know the old book-binding techniques.

Everything they want to learn is about how fast they can push some buttons on machines or use automatic cutting devices etc to make books.

How sad, I thought.

He rarely teaches now as they cannot even fill a course at technical college here with more than 3 students so this years course was cancelled.

The reason for my long 2 hour drive to his home was to try and find some equipment to aid my journal making. Just so you know finding bookbinding equipment is almost impossible in Sydney and the cost to bring anything into Australia is ridiculous.
So off I went in search of some equipment - I was not very successful.

Anyway, I really needed a book press too and have been searching for one for some time now.

I was bidding on an old cast iron one on Ebay – a rare item to come up.
They cost about $800 at least. And an antique one- can you imagine.
Well I got outbid in the last 3 seconds.
It was not meant to be.

On Sunday I was exhausted after driving practically all of Saturday.
After the 2 hour drive there and back I went to visit Michael at a workshop he was teaching at.
I finally got home at midnight so the next day I was sooooooo tired.
But I kept hearing that little Martian in my head.

(Remember him???)
He kept telling me- go to Newtown.

I kept telling him – No.

But I went because that Martian was pestering me so much.

(Really showing my age here)

Low and behold I went to one of two collectible/antique stores.

No luck in the first shop.

Thank goodness I was wearing my trusty Birkenstocks cos at the second shop
I tripped on some heavy “bloody” object and went for a six (that means a fall in Aussie lingo)

Yep you guessed it, it was this.... that I tripped on...

Which now has pride of place at the end of my table in my studio.
It only weighs 40 kilo’s.
You should have seen Michael trying to carry it down 3 flights of stairs.
But he did it and very well I might add.



And so the wee lil shoes keep on coming.

The lovely Linda from the USA sent me these ones.
Aren't they amazing apparently they were given to Linda directly from the lady who had worn them herself - really amazing.

Then this parcel arrived.

It was from the lovely Lisa Cook.
And this is what was inside - gorgeous!!!
Linda and Opie, who by the way have a new blog so go check it out, trekked through the snow and found me a pair too.

They are bringing it to Artfest in an apparently gorgeous box. I think they must know me by osmosis or something as they think I will probably like the box better than the shoes! They may be right.

Thanks so very much you guys – they are amazing.

Gosh it is so lovely of everyone to be helping me out here.
And I know that there are more coming - how lucky can I be - I love this blogging community and to think I am going to get to meet some of my blogger friends from the USA very soon - so excited.
Speaking of shoes, Igrabbed these the other day at the warehouse - the smallest tap shoes Bloch has on offer - soooooooooo cute -thought I better grab those as memorabilia.
Check out the patent leather on them.

You make my day!

I got this award from the lovely Judy Scott and the lovely Karen Owen a little while back. I have been meaning to post about it – so I wanted to say thanks so much for the honour – it is very much appreciated.

I was also so lucky to win this calendar full of beautiful artwork from Shirley McCutcheon.
And I even got a lovely piece of artwork too.
I am one lucky lady at the moment.

Its dump week again in the area where I live.
You know what that means...

I managed to get a couple of interesting things but I find it difficult stopping outside peoples houses and going through their stuff.

So I do the grab and run routine.
Anyway I picked up these two bags along the way.

The dusty blue bag.

And the lil' yellow and red bag.

Shall we have a look whats inside?

Lets go on the found bag adventure together shall we.

Ok which one should we open first?


Judy Wise said...

Ah, thank you for taking us all on your art journey. What a great eye you have. Loved the trip thru the bins (what I call dumpster diving) and all the arcane goodies you collect. You've made us all close by as we share your process; the photos are excellent. xo

Sharon said...

What a fun trip I just went on and then in the end ...you teased. Which bag? I say both. Love that book press too. That would be something I would grab. First job out of high school was at a printing and book binding shop. I still remember being in awe of the process.

Jen Crossley said...

You never fail to amaze me with what you van find your a magnet Judy thats for sure.Its such a shame that many people dont take up the opportunity to learn these lost arts while we still have the chance to learn

Sharon Manning said...

I'm glad I had a cuppa to enjoy while I was reading your looooonnnnnggg blog post! LOL
The Red one - it's my favourite colour.
I wish I lived in Sydney...all those goodies you find. Enjoy your time with Michael and don't wear him out too much - lifting things!

Janine said...

So pleased to hear that you got your Book Press Judy! It's a little beauty! lol So great to meet you on the weekend.... look forward to catching up again soon! xo

ginny said...

Beautiful bookpress! Cutest wee shoes and you and Michael together? It sounds like a perfect match. I am happy for you both.

azirca said...

I can't help but smile at the thought of Michael lugging the 40kg book press down three flights of stairs! I hope you let him have a rest at the bottom! ;)
As for which suitcase to open...hmmm I'm drawn to the yellow and red one.

Ro Bruhn said...

You did well Judy that looks like a great press, I know the one I have is so heavy I have to drag it along the floor. You can also have that big circle of steel you were eyeing up in my studio, Steve brought me another one home that is three times as thick. I'm not sure how I can get it to you, unless you can take it home with you in May. Enjoy your last days with Michael (for this trip) and thanks again for your great parcel

Karen Owen said...

You lucky girl finding that book press like that! That's an amazing story. Enjoy your time with Michael.

linda said...

The yellow and red one please.
Love your journal for Tim Holtz.
Saty well

Leslie said...

That book press is even beautiful just to look at! What a find! You sure do have some intuitive inner voice.

The little shoes are so cute. I can't wait to see what you do with them! Mine are coming. They are.

The suitcases are wonderful. I have a thing for old cases like these. I always imagine that someday I'll put together a suitcase for each of my children, filling it with pictures and precious things from their lives. Embellish them inside and out. I might still get around to it.

Enjoy your time with Michael!

Sue Berry said...

Hope you like the calendar Judy - turn to November and you'll see someone you know!

lindaharre said...

OMG....the book press!!!!! Someone was watching over you:D Love all your wonderful finds and it is NO Surprise to me that everyone is sending you items you need! Your work is so wonderful and we would all like to have a small part in it...LOL hugs, Linda

Karen Cole said...

All I can say is.....I can't wait to go shopping with you. The things you just stumble upon are incredible!!!

I still have my old patent leather tap shoes.....I am very anxious to see what you will be doing with it all.

Can't believe Michael is leaving already.

Were your ears ringing yesterday? The blogger girls I had over were talking about you......nicely, of course!!!

Kristen Robinson said...

My oh my once again the voice speaks and I am so glad you listened. The book press is lovely just as it is and what a treat that it will create such wonderful treasures by your hands.

Christie said...

What a lot of interesting finds. I can't wait to see what you'll do with them all! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

Susan Tuttle said...

Lovin' your dump finds - what an interesting blue on that case. I'm enjoying seeing the old shoes roll in - each one is so unique.

Have a wonderful time with Michael.


paris parfait said...

So glad you found the book press. I would have loved to talk to that bookbinder. It's the same problem in France with young people not wanting to learn restoration techniques for antiques. It is a dying art, because while there are many people who claim to restore antiques, there are few who are actually artisans and can make sympathetic repairs in keeping with the original piece's period. So glad all these shoes are coming your way. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

rochambeau said...

I LOVE that you "grab~n~run" Yeah!! me to!! Hope you are having fun with Michael. I had fun at Karen's. We said nice things about you and your art behind your back!
All for now.

Pearl Maple said...

Thank you for taking us on your journey's of discovery. It is always an adventure to visit your blog space.

Which bag to open first is a fun choice to have to make, but you know I have to say red trim always gets first in my book.

Looking forward to the next installment.

Redness said...

You're blessed. How thrilling that these things find you! Thank you for sharing your breathtaking creations! I say the red/cream bag is first please ... I'd love to bump into you skip surfing ;)

Steph said...

Oohhhhh the press is beautiful , lucky you !
Can't wait to see what you will make with the shoes...
And please, please ... open the bags !

vivian said...

oh wow is all i can say.
listen. just listen...

Lynn said...

What a wonderful fun time I had looking at each and every bit of this post. So many interesting things, sweet loving baby shoes, suitcases, oy, what are you going to put these all together as...Why do I feel I know? It won't be fun will it? No...

How special that you could sit at the feet of the book binder and get his knowledge that is a lost art.