08 February 2008

A bit of this and a bit of that...

They have started to arrive!

Some gorgeous antique/vintage baby shoes have started to arrive in Sydney.

These ones come from the lovely Linda Harre who is always just so generous with me.

Thanks Linda!

These ones are so cute and have arrived via Cheryl.
Thanks so much Cheryl – they are so divine.

And these beauties I found on Ebay.

Thanks to everyone who have tried and are still on the hunt for me – much appreciated.


Wow – what a trip – it was amazing.

Michael took some workshops and I got to meet some of my blogging mates.

Ro was such a great hostess. We worked in her stunning and very colourful studio – a bit of a shock to my eyes – lol.

I was in such a panic to complete a journal for Jen Crossley to give her that evening – the sun was beaming into the studio – sweat pouring from my head – and then Steve, Ro’s husband just had to shoot that “lovely” photo on Ro’s Blog – I kept telling him and Ro to Gaussian Blur the photo but to no avail.

Ro was such a champion twisting wires to make the end hooks that affixed the chains on the rather massive art journal that I made.

Then I needed to use Ro’s sewing machine to stitch the paper to the vintage book cover – it is so weird using another artists equipment – it seems so foreign when used to ones own favourite supplies.

Quick I needed a sponge and some sepia ink to give dimension and aging to the pages!

Yeah right – do you think I could find it in Ro’s lollipop coloured supplies!!!
Oh my G-d –
Ro found some tea rose.
Close at least.
Ahhhh, we found some black ink so on it went – phew.

Some pure Walnut ink never goes astray either – I managed but poor Ro – I was certainly giving her the run around when in walked Steve with an amazing Iced Coffee of which I think I only had time to gulp down a few sips.
Oh and here is the front cover of Jen's art Journal - you will have to venture over to her blog to see the rest - I did not get a minute to photograph it completed.

Thanks so much Ro for putting up with me – you were such a champion.

Jen Crossley was another blogging friend I had not met face to face and she too was an awesome hostess. We share the same love of eclectic supplies – her taste is impeccable.

Jen took Michael and I to some amazing stores of which I spent the entire day in one bookshop filled to the brim with vintage supplies, journals, photos, memorabilia and the list goes on.

I have never seen a more organised bric-a-brac store before – everything catalogued so well. I could have spent a week there and still not have finished.

6.00 am and off we went, Jen, Greta (in her fabulous Monaro - I was almost too scared to sit in it) and I to the Camberwell markets – sorry no time for photos!

Brilliant vintage markets – you Melbournites are so fortunate – I tell you.
I met Ro there and when the markets closed we went back to that bookshops to find some more treasures.

We had some drinks with lovely Kass who took Michael's class and her very sweet hubby Michael. I met Kass over the internet too.
It was really wonderful to meet so many people I blog with.

Off he goes!

Michael flew out today to attend CHA!

Don’t you just love this antique 3 faced doll head which I picked up here in Sydney.
It's ok, he will be back in less than a week...

Michael has with him a surprise Art Journal that I did for an artist who I cannot name yet until they receive the book.

It weighs a ton – so here I sit with bated breath – waiting for Michael to deliver it by hand.

I promise I will put up the other photos as soon as the artist receives the journal.

It’s a large journal made up of many varied vintage papers.

Now you can see why it is so heavy.
Anyway, I am currently working very hard on making some more interesting journals some of which I hope to take to Artfest.
Hope y'all have a nice weekend!


kris said...

Hi Judy-
I was just thinking looking at your photos if you and Ro and others begin a swap I would love to make a page. I have not been in a swap but have read about them and they seem like fun. It would be so nice to have book made of pages of bloggers I love to visit.
I know everyone is busy so just a thought maybe for the future.

Leslie said...

So many beautiful things to see here Judy! The book you made for Jen is so beautiful! (I had to pause here for a sec and run over to see it.) What a lucky girl! I'm sorry I wasn't there to hear her colorful reaction!

I'm so jealous that all these blogging buddies got to meet YOU. Ah, but my day will come. At the very least, I'll be camped on the stoop when registration opens for Art and Soul, Portland.

And the art journal you made for Michael to deliver to some lucky person! Yikes! Can't wait to see more.

lindaharre said...

WOW! It sounds like you had a "creative ball"!!!! I am green with envy....LOL Your photos are gorgeous, you have such an eye when it comes to capturing your creations:D Glad Michael will be back in a week:D Why don't you two just get on with it? You need to be together ALL THE TIME! I think your love really enhances your work:D O.K......I have said enough:D hugs, Linda

Sharon said...

My goodness, I enjoyed all of your this and that. And I can never see enough of your jorunals. And something else, I want to go play with Ro.

shirleymcc said...

your books are inspired! Your artist's play days sound just heavenly - as does your time with Michael.

Judy Wise said...

The energy and creativity in this one post just staggers my imagination. I LOVE the three headed doll, your description of Ro's "lollipop" colors (too funny and apt! - that's my palette too) ... I just laughed and enjoyed the whole wonderful collection of words and images. Food for the soul.

papercracker said...

Judy, everything you make is so gorgeous. I can't wait to see what classes you will be teaching in Portland at Art and Soul.

azirca said...

What an inspiring post, so many goodies to read about and to oogle!

I saw your journal that you gave to Jen, all I can say is no wonder she had such a reaction, it's absolutely beautiful.
I'm intrigued with the journal that Michael is delivering, it looks divine. I'm sure the lucky receiver will be as equally overwhelmed as Jen was!

Steph said...

Judy Judy... your journals are real eye candies ... Lucky people are the ones to receive such gifts ... I enjoyed reading your post ... can't wait to see the wonders you will do with the shoes...

Karen Owen said...

The journals are wonderful! I can't wait to see more of the "surprise" when you can show it. Also, how many baby shoes do you need? Do you have enough, or should I keep looking?


Jen Crossley said...

Oh Judy what a weekend it was,to go shopping with someone who has the same passions as I do was great,hard to believe we were there so long .
The Journal you gave me will be treasured always, as will you.
Im sorry I made you sweat over finishing it,I hope my reaction when opening it was worth it
Jen XO

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy this is a jammed backed post, I'm sitting here drinking another one of Steve's fabulous coffees. It was a great weekend, I had a ball, I'm decorating papers at present, all 'lollipop' colours. I'll get some 'dark' supplies for when you visit again.
I know the person who's receiving your book will love it.
Can't wait to see what you do with the shoes.
Catch up soon

Karen Cole said...

You are quite the artist, my friend. When I saw the journal you made for Jen on her site yesterday, my jaw fell open. You know me and brushes. Brushes are to me what baby shoes are to you right now. The journal is absolutely gorgeous.

I'm always waiting for your next post to see what the heck you've been up to. There is always a wonderful surprise.

Glad you and Ro had a great time. Someday I'd love to play in the studio with both of you.....with all of the color flying around, together......we could make mud!!!! :-))))))

Sharon Manning said...

Wow you did have a whirlwind weekend! The journals look fabulous - perhpas I should commission one before you get too famous and I can't afford one! LOL
The journal you have sent with Michael looks just as awesome....maybe a trip to Sydney is in order for me this year. Catch you soon.

Gretz said...

It was great to meet you and the wonderful Michael - you are such a lucky girl ;-)

Jen's Journal is stunning, amazing - words aren't enough to describe it!

Can't wait to see what you do with the soes - the ones that have arrived are SOOOO cute!

kass said...

Your book for Jen just confirms to me how incredibly talented you really are.

Michael and I loved meeting you too - I reckon both Michael's are pretty sweet, we're lucky girls huh!!

kelsey said...

I just spoke with Jenny C on the phone and she was just so ecstatic with her journal, she let slip that SHE let slip a few choice "words" when she saw it...I can just imagine that! lol

Love the sneak peeks at the journal that's winging it's way across the ocean with Michael, the recipient will be overjoyed too I'm sure!

I'm glad that you guys got to meet Crozza, she's one beautiful girl and such a talent!

katie said...

hey judy,
i haven't stopped by for awhile and my oh my so much i've missed. your visit with ro sounds like such a busy and fun time, the journal turned out great, love the paint brush putty knife inclusions. and the three headed doll, adoreable. i'm glad michael won't be gone too long :-)
look forward to meeting you at artfest.

Jo Wholohan said...

Devine photos Judy!!!! The journal you made Jen is beautiful, what more can i say :))

Lisa Cook said...

Hi Judy,
I found a rumpled little pair of baby shoes for you. Do you still want more? I would be happy to send them to you - I will need a mailing address.
Stop by my blog before Feb14 - I am giving away one of my soldered dolls as part of an event called One World One Heart! Come and sign up.
All best,

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
What a fabulous trip! How wonderful that you all got to meet up! I love the journal you created for Jen - she will cherish that forever I am sure.

Glad to hear that Michael will be back shortly - no need to shed any tears.

Great old shoes - I can't wait to see what you are going to do with them.


Ruth Rae said...

I bet you had a blast with Ro! I would have loved to be there with you both!

your book looks smashing!

Last night at the F&W dinner I had the luck of sitting next to Michael what a joy he was :)

see you soon!

craftyhala said...

As usual a post that takes me away and at the end I think I would rather it not end! Did that make sense? I hope so because even though the head is a little creepy, I enjoyed it all!

paris parfait said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with Michael and the bloggers. Still no luck here with the vintage baby shoes. But the brocantes will start again next month and I'll be on a hunt in earnest.

Lynn said...

These lastest journals are most interesting. Great art pieces for ones coffee table? Wondering what Tim does using huge work gloves and small scissors? Interesting stuff you found to put on and around it.

Baby shoes. I'm wondering if this is for a continuation of your Holocaust work? They seem sad to me, perhaps since I think your request followed your amazing work that appeared in CPS.

Thanks for coming to my blog today and commenting on that wall hanging for FY. Your words meant the world to me.

Deryn Mentock said...

VERY cool doll head Judy. Love the press you have in another post as well. Is that a book press?