12 February 2008

And so it was delivered...

The journal for that artist who is at CHA.

You know the one in the last post that Michael delivered.

He was surrounded by a zillion people apparently.

Too busy to look at the time but at least it got to him safely.
I always worry until the books are handed over.
And I completely forgot to photograph the inside, the back page and the chains holding it together until it was half packed as Michael was in such a hurry to pack up - next one I promise.

I heard he liked it.
Oh Who got it????
Thanks goodness for car parts - hehehehehehehe.
Holtz that is.
Here's the front
Hope you liked it Tim!

And today I got a pressie from Son No. 2

He told me it was an early Valentines Day present from him.

How beautiful was that.

He told me he had to buy a red rose to and he placed it in the middle of the bunch – just for me – melt melt melt.

Books Schmooks:

And I know you think I may only make mega books.

Ahh but you are wrong.

Look at these mini mini journals.

Unfinished but still too cute at this stage not to show you.
Held in my daughters hands no bigger than an inch or two.


Jen said...

: Tim's book is lucious. I want to lay down and roll all over it.

: son love is THE best!

: oooo. wee books. I am a sucker for mini anything. Okay. Not mini *EVERYTHING*. But books!

michelle ward said...

judy that tim gift is stunning. love that glove! and the hand charm with the wings is amazing. i would've been selfish and kept it for myself :) love your sweet bouquet, how precious. and that little book? i would swallow it, it's looks so delicious.

Kristen Robinson said...

Oh I so wish I had been there to see the delivery what an incredible gift my friend...you are amazing off to CHA lovey!

lklight said...

I went to your blog to comment on your book when I came across the link to the circus website....
Now here it is, 2 HOURS later!
So your book came out beautiful, your work always leaves me drooling!

Christie said...

LOVE THIS BLOG! I'll be back!

Jen Crossley said...

How awesome I bet he was stunned.You blow me away girl with your amazing work
ps what was his reaction #!@*!

azirca said...

Gosh Judy, the journal for Tim is stunning as is the little itty bitty one. I can't even imagine how fiddly making that tiny one was, especially after creating such a giant one!

and the flowers with the single red rose.... so sweet!

paris parfait said...

These books of yours are just incredible! So innovative, with fascinating details. What a lucky guy!

paris parfait said...

Oh and very sweet gift from your son!

Sharon Manning said...

The journal looks awesome and of course Tim will love it...why wouldn't he??????
Son No.2 is a smoothy isn't he? He sure is going to woo a girl or 2 in his lifetime - in fact I'm sure he already has knowing him LOL.
The mini book looks very fascinating, are you going to embellish it too? Can't wait to see.
Thanks for the comment on my blog and getting the symbolism.

jo said...

I am sure that Tim was totally stoked with that amazing book!! One very lucky man indeed!
What a sweetheart your son is, makes all the hard work worthwhile doesn't it?!
Those mini books... love them! Can't wait to see what you do with them...
Not long until we all meet up with Ms Nina, can't wait!
Love Jo

thealteredpage said...

Tim's book is so special and so very creative. I am sure that he loves it. And the little journal is a little gem.

Sue said...

Love Tim's book, wow what an amazing cover and the mini book is just gorgeous

Ev said...

The book is stunning, I can just imagine Tims reaction. He loves Michael's stuff so this would be just perfect.

I do hope that my wee man does the same for me one day...what beautiful roses and how special to get the red one too...makes it even more special that it was just the one with all the others.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the mini one.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy, wish I'd got to see this one, he'll love it. What a darling son you have, he won't be short of girlfriends.
Your tiny books are so cute, you could add ribbon and you'd have a necklace. Sorry can't keep away from the jewellery angle.

Gretz said...

Love the Book - it is absolutely STUNNING!

And as for son No 2 - I guess he is the golden child?

The tiny journal is so cute and Ro is right - it would make a great necklace ;-)

Steph said...

Wowwwwwwww and wowwwww ! Now I understand why you say it's heavy ...
And the roses, gorgeous, lucky you !
And the small book so cute ..

kelsey said...

I'll bet that after CHA when Tim has some time, he'll absolutely savour going through this wonderful book bit by bit and marvel at the details that you've added. Absolutely gorgous!

As are your beautiful roses from your son, lucky you! The tiny book is fabulous too....I love tiny stuff!

Lynn said...

Wondering...is Tim a doctor of cars? The hand with wings looks medical to me (a symbol) the scissors surgical...the car parts mentioned...will you explain your "parts"?

Sweet son, lovely roses, wonderful Love Day!

I too look forward to the transformation of the little books.

And that three faced doll below, I think I had one like it when I was a child, mine had at least two faces, maybe there...memories.

Still Waters Studio said...

I love the new journal. It gives me some ideas for one for my son, who likes to work on cars.
I finally received my current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I didn't think it would EVER get here! I was anxiously awaiting reading the article about your work. It was well worth the wait. Wonderful article. I'm glad that a new audience had gotten familiar with the beautiful and meaningful art that you do.

Karen Owen said...

Tim's book is spectacular! I'm sure he loves it. Your son is so sweet.

Jo Wholohan said...

oh my goodness judy, tims book is devine!!! fantastic :))
Annddd those little tiny books, they leave me wanting to see more :))

Redness said...

: Ohhh Tim's journal is ... what can you say, so blokey, so strong, so amazing - you're just so darn clever !!!
: and the flowers, what a wonderful man he will be - well done, mother's maketh the man! Every visit to your blog is a treat. xxx

lindaharre said...

Oh Judy......Tim's book is fabulous!!!! Your attention to detail is amazing:D I wish I could see the rest of it:( The flowers just say what a wonderful mother you are! It appears that your children are as thoughtful as you are......and why wouldn't they be! Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!

Megan P said...

What a wonderful artwork - such a generous gift.
don't you love sons, what a sweetie.
the mini book is so precious.

Angie in AZ said...

I have been back to your site several times eyeballing that hand with wings charm. Where did you ever find that? I'm itchin' to get my own hands on one... or more!
Oh, and by the way, I thought of you while I was at a concert for an amazing guitarist earlier this week. He's from Melbourne and has the most delicious accent. Ever heard of Tommy Emmanuel? If you ever have a chance to see him in concert, it is something you will never forget.... and this is coming from someone who never plays music in my house, studio, or rarely in my car!

Night Owl Designs said...

Tim's book is *awesome* Judy! What an amazing gift :-)

Kathy said...

Hi Judy... what an amazing gift, I hope Tim likes it, no, loves it! I especially liked the bouquet of flowers from your son... SO sweet! Lovely work, really enjoyed seeing your books. All my best, K.

Cre8Tiva said...

what fun to receive a work from you...i bet tim was bowled over...i have missed visiting you...hugs, r

sue pieper said...

Your books are amazing, and so is your son:) That was just the sweetest thing ever!

Vivian said...

great work once again girl. your work never stops to amaze me! :)

Catherine Witherell said...

Wow, what a wild, mad, crazy, exciting life you have got going on right now girl! I just wanted to comment for once to tell you I think it is very cool. All your books are interestingly complicated. I like the big and the small. I myself like to work small, even tiny but I appreciate the way you put it all together.

It will be nice to see what you make next.

Catherine Witherell

katie said...

how, oh how do you do it??!! your journals are amazing, marching up one after the other. your work leaves me awed...such a talented artist you are, judy. it's always a pleasure to come visit.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy!
That journal for Tim is just amazing!!! Wow!

What a special present from your adoring son!

And that wee little book -- I am so intrigued!


Gisele said...

Your latest journals are fabulous Judy, treasures for all who received them. What fun you all had meeting up with Jen, Greta & Ro when Michael was over in Oz......am I jealous or what :)

Linda Cain said...

What a fabulous gift for t!m. I'll bet he was speachless!
Sons and roses....wow. How they can make our day!
Linda Cain
Great Blog!

shirleymcc said...

the journal is amazing!!!!
enjoy the time with M.
I loved the book press story - please buy a lottery ticket the next time your martian is speaking to you ;-)

Kim Logan said...

Beautiful journal for Tim, I'm sure he will be thrilled with your thoughtfulness.

I am still waiting 18 years on for my son to give me flowers..!!You have trained yours well..!!