21 January 2008


I am usually a good little seeker and finder of all things old however I am looking for lots of little old childrens shoes.
Very old and worn - any colour, shape or size.
It is for a piece I want to do soon but I am having such trouble finding very old and tattered kids shoes soooooo.........
If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.
I will pay for them and the postage naturally.
Please let me know if you have some or are aware of someone who does.
Thank you so much.

One down...

Finally finished the commission I had to do.

Hope yopu enjoy some of these sneak peaks.

I can't show them in full - don't want to ruin the surprise for my client.
Hey Linda Harre - notice the wallpaper in the background of this piece??????????

It always takes me longer than i think it will as I worry about every little detail and component.

It does not make it any easier having kids on school holidyas either - every few minutes there is some other distraction.

Back to my other project for now.

Love love love...

Little boxes like this Antique brass calling card case.

Isn't it stunning?
Just look at the design on the back. Ahhh there is nothing like some aged patina's.

Hope you are having a lovely week.


kris said...

Hi Judy-
Not sure if this will be helpful but I found a couple of URLs that show you how to make some shoes as you have pictured. If you need vintage baby shoes that are truly antiques this won't help but if you want shoes to distress this may work.
Enjoying the Australian Open!
Take Care.

Karen Cole said...

Did a little searching but didn't come up with much you would be interested in. I'll keep my eyes open this week. I assume they need to be the high top white kind.

Your new piece is beautiful. These sneak peeks are tough to take when you want to see and touch the entire thing. I'm very intrigued as to the subject.

Sharon said...

Love all the little sneek peeks. I want to see more!
And I don't know if I told you but the book you are making in the post before...the book inside a book, well it leaves me speechless. I had to visit that post again today. But then I do that at your blog. I go back again and again to look some more.

Kristen Robinson said...

Love the sneak peaks of the piece very lovely, the details you added with the charms and the hand are perfect!

Hmmm little shoes I will keep my eyes peeled.


Kristen Robinson said...

Love the sneak peaks of the piece very lovely, the details you added with the charms and the hand are perfect!

Hmmm little shoes I will keep my eyes peeled.


Jen said...

"as I worry about every little detail and component."

Which is WHY you get commissions silly girl! xoxo

I have a REALLY grotty shoe (child's not baby's) found in my garbage heap on the hill. I can take a photo and send if you want to see it ... your's if it fits.

Leslie said...

I love the sneak peeks, and as Jen said, it's because you worry about the little details that your work is so stunning.

I saw a little pair of worn baby shoes this morning. I will go back and check them out for you. And I'll go to some other stores around here too. (It will be such a hardship to shop in antique stores -grin-)

Oh, oh, oh! There is an antique store in Omaha, NE, called Second Chance, and I recall seeing lots of old baby shoes there in November. I will call them for you too.

Love the little box too.

Ro Bruhn said...

Another fabulous project Judy. I finally received CPS yesterday, congratulations, what a great article, well done, finally get to see the finished collaboration.
Divine little box too. I'll keep my eye out for shoes in my travels.

azirca said...

wonderful eye candy Judy, you have been busy.
I'll keep a look out for pairs of little shoes for you.

jo said...

My aunty buys and sells lots of vintage items including childrens and adults shoes, clothing etc...
She has listed some shoes on her blog recently

or you can contact her by email.

Hope this helps.
Love the look of your latest piece and that calling card box is amazing!
Love Jo

Jen Crossley said...

Wow Judy Love your sneek peeks as always,I always hurt my neck though trying to get close to the computer screen to check out all the detail though LOL

kelsey said...

Sorry, no little shoes in my neck of the woods Judy. ;-(

I'm glad you've posted some more sneak peeks and I am waiting... (im)patiently to view the rest of the project when you have handed it over to it's recipient...who by the way is going to just LOVE it judging by the little pics!

Karen Owen said...

Your commissioned piece is so intriguing! Wish I could see it all because from what I can see, it's gorgeous.


~Eyescream~ said...

Hello Judy,
Interesting sneak peaks... not sure to what yet (just got here) ... but Love that old metal calling card case. Yum. Makes me want one to make a Mold from the back design... or some kind of tracing/etching of the detail.
A great find.

Lovely details & lovely work!


lindaharre said...

Judy.....I have little shoes but not as worn as those you pictured! Do you still want them? Send me you snail mail address again.....I am bad about holding on to those thing:D Hugs, Linda

Shirley McCutcheon said...

Oh, your client will be thrilled! Your work is lovely, as always.

Anonymous said...

i know of a shop that carries old children shoes. the shop owner is Teresa Gifford in Green Bay Wisconsin. you can contact through her website.www.theassemblagestudio.comor her phone is 920-337-6212. Tell her i sent you her way.
Teresa from weathered goods

fromthepines said...

Judy I sent you an email about shoes-you might have to look in your junk folder as my emails sometimes go there.


Linda said...

Hi Judy,

I have a darling pair of shoes I'd love to send you. Can you tell me where I should mail them?
Your work is so heartbreakingly beautiful. My email is ldyintmoon@aol.com

kris said...

Well,Judy, you had me curious of this one. I've just been visiting Tara's blog.
Vegemite is a dark brown savoury food paste made from yeast extract, used mainly as a spread on sandwiches, toast and cracker biscuits, as well as a filling of pastries like Cheesymite scroll, in Australia and New Zealand. It is similar to British Marmite, New Zealand Marmite and Swiss Cenovis.

Very interesting.

paris parfait said...

That piece you've shown is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the whole thing (if the new owner doesn't mind, of course). I am going to a brocante tomorrow and will keep my eye out for tattered children's shoes. xo

Pilar said...

Beautiful work as usual.:D I can't wait to see your completed project. You have the most amazing way of incorperating the a variety of elements together so they sing so beautifully. I hope you are having a good new year!xoxoxoxo

deb said...

I got my book today Judy...and like I told you...there are no words to say on how deeply I was moved to see all the details! I will cherish it always...and am looking forward to seeing the comments my customers will write in the pages of their experience at "yaya chique"!

Love ya my "yaya sista" down under!