29 January 2008

Friendly greetings!

The lovely and talented Debi Mattingly ordered this Customer Sign in Book for her new shop.
Ya Ya Chique - which will be opening soon in Texas.

I was in a rush to get the book to her so the photos are not so great.

Debi is part Creole,
Gypsy and
Indian - hence the references to her heritage.
The slogan for the shop was hammered into a small piece of copper which sits within this gypsy tarot card reader image - you cannot quite see the dimension here.
It will be interesting to see how Debi's customers decide to write around or on top of the text pages.
As always I put my Chamsah in for her protection!
I was relieved that it arrived safe and sound!
If you go over to Michael's blog you will see this post related to a robbery we had in my place last week.
At least we know some of the thiefs were arrested doing another house in the street - they managed to rob many houses in my street last week.
It was interesting seeing how the Police took the finger prints. The robber flew out of my sons window - hence all the fingerprints whilst he grabbed the ledge for the big drop down to the ground.
Having a great time doing a journal/book for a surprise for someone at the moment.
It is rather humungous - cant wait to show you.
Thanks for everyones offers for help with the shoes - amazing you guys!
if I have not got back to anyones form the last post it is simple because there has been alot to deal with as a consequence of the theft. But just know how I really appreciate it and the comments too.


Judy Wise said...

The book is beautiful; I love being able to study all the details in your work. I can see that you put tremendous time and love into each stage of creation. And those fingerprints somehow fascinate me. I can see them printed on a transfer and used somehow. Evidence indeed.

Cindy Dean said...

Lovely Book Judy!

What a terrible thing to happen, being robbed. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Glad they caught some of the guys!

Jen Crossley said...

Wow Judy You never cease to amaze me with your stunning work,you really know how to inspire me
Cant wait to meet you in person,having my hair and nail and botox done so I should like $150 dollars

jo said...

The book is gorgeous, what a wonderful idea for her shop. Would love to see some of it with the comments written in!

Thanks goodness they caught some of the thieves!! Not a pleasant experience at all for you guys.

Take care.
Love Jo xoxo

Ev said...

Beautiful work as usual. Shame about the robbery, I used to be a that person who made such a mess on your paintwork in a previous life in the UK. If you are having trouble removing the powder try furniture polish (Mr Sheen used to do the trick)

Kristen Robinson said...

What an incredibly lovely book as always the elements you have chosen and the execution is meticulous and perfect!!!!!

Hmmm evidence I am thinking there is definitely an art piece that will find its birth from all of this.


azirca said...

The book is really lovely, all of those little details really add that special 'judy magic'.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy you might be able to use the finger prints in your book 'protection'. Love the new book your client and her customers should be over the moon, hope you get lots of orders.
Look forward to seeing you and Michael on the weekend.

Karen Cole said...

Gorgeous book, Judy. Lucky Texas.

Being broken into is not fun. It's happened to us. Glad they caught them.

Judy Wises idea about the finger prints is a good one. If you are anything like me though, you will want to completely forget about it.

Lissy said...

Gee glad all is OK considering you were home! Hope you have been able to recover your stuff since they caught them :)

The book looks superb :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always. I still feel the need to layer in my art. I adore the crumbly old papers. The tape is great and keeps the look,thanks for the help.
Sorry you had a break-in. So glad no one was hurt.

Steve Manning said...

OMG I think I closed that window a year ago hope they dont run the prints past the WA database LOL

Leslie said...

Beautiful work you have posted here! You are always so generous with your inspiration, and I for one am very grateful!

I love that you are going to turn fingerprints into art!

Sue said...

Wow Judy, the book is gorgeous. Sorry to hear you were broken into, glad some have been caught though.

Karen Owen said...

The book is gorgeous! I'm so sorry about the robbery. What an awful thing!


Debby said...

WOW!!! The book is fabulous! You are amazing. Sorry to hear about the robbery.

paris parfait said...

That book is gorgeous! So very special, with all the meaningful details. Sorry to hear about the burglary. Hope they catch the thief!

By the way, no luck at the brocante with baby shoes. The ones they had were 18th-century, precious and very expensive. I'll keep my eye out for cheap and cheerful ones.

michelle ward said...

another stunner! lovely work.

so sorry about the break-in.....but that forensic specimen is very cool!

Susan Tuttle said...

This is the most unique guest book I have ever seen - it is so gorgeous - the weavings of her heritage into the book make it so very meaningful.

I am so sorry to hear that you were robbed. I hope you are feeling okay after something so scary like that.

Big Hugs,

shirleymcc said...

The book is amazing!!!
I may have to go to Texas just to see it in person.
I hope the fingerprints are the only trace that remains of the robbery -
fond regards,

Q said...

Dear Judy,
I am so happy to know you are safe! So very sorry to read of the break in. Glad to know some of the robbers were caught. My goodness a distraction for sure and one you did not need.
Your books are so lovely and thoughtful.

~Eyescream~ said...

Lovely Book, awesome details. A real Treasure! sorry again about your negativity within the beginning of the new year.
Much luck & ease going forward.

Cre8Tiva said...

just catching up with you...i have been awol for some time now...love the book, may visit it sometime...sorry about the robbery...you need to make a fingerprint book now...hugs, rebecca

rochambeau said...

So SORRY to hear of your robbery!
How are you doing??? It happened to me once too.

Your work for Debi's new store is phenomenal! Do you know where in Tx the store is?? I did visit her and told her you sent me. Thanks for the link. Any gypsy Creole is my kinda person!!

Did you get my email?
If not, I'm having a little bday celebration for Karen C. today at Rochambeau and wanted to invite you, Michael, Ro and anyone else you know who might want to celebrate!

Kim said...

It's a shame , and probably an expensive one , that Michaels computer and drive were taken , but much more of a relief that no one was hurt , or any meaningful mementos lost.

The guestbook is a fantastic idea though - wonderful work as usual!

Ottilias Veranda said...

What a wonderful book!! I wouldn´t want to spoil it with my handwriting!How terrible to be robbed! We once had a burglery in our summer cottage and they even took my grandmothers crocheted curtains, no value to them but they ment the world to us. The feeling of someone sneeking in Your own house! Terrifying!