09 December 2007

From the studio

Hi all,

Michael and I have reconnected after a long, long break. It has been so nice.

He got off the plane on friday, unloaded, then it was back to the airport where we spent the weekend in Coolum. very nice indeed.

We have both been busy creating and once again my studio space is a hive of activity and MESS!!!


Some time ago I purchased a Victorian photo album filled with tin-type photos. An expensive but worthwhile purchase. It is stunning.

Finally I have had some time to start some pieces of my own.


An original tintype photo was the inspiration behind this piece.

The original tintype photo taken out of a 1800s album owned by the Flannery Family of New York is pieced together with an Antique Cameo setting and a vintage brass frame from the early 1950’s.

“Fleur” is piece Number 1 from the series “Garden of Memories”

The original tintype photo is set inside a hand rusted tin box which is sealed to avoid corrosion.
Placed between the box and the stunning brass ox frame is some hand painted textured paper that I produced.

Czechoslovakian green glass and gold beads were hand picked especially for and to enhance the piece.
An aged brass floral piece and an aged filigree further enhance the elegance of this Victorian inspired piece.

Tiny foliage coloured micro beads were wrapped with the wire that holds the frame to the box.
A vintage inspired clasp attaches to the vintage brass chain which was made especially long in case any adjusting is necessary.

On the back of the tin box is placed an antique piece of intricately self embossed paper taken from an early 1800’s piece of sheet music. This amazing piece of paper is untouched by me, the colouring aged with time.
I will be uploading this original piece of jewellery on Etsy in a day or two unless someone would like to purchase it prior to that. It will be the first time I have had the opportunity to sell an original piece of mine as usually my art pieces are sold on a comissioned basis.
Should you wish to purchase "Fleur" directly from please email me directly - there is a link
in my profile.
Tomorrow is annual Girls day on a friends boat - where 18 friends spend the entire day relaxing and being pampered aboard a gorgeous boat. We celebrate the year that was, relaxing, reading chatting and just enjoying each other's company.
Hope you have a wonderful week too.


Ro Bruhn said...

WOW Judy, what a fabulous piece of jewellery, you should be doing more of this, just beautiful

Lissy said...

stunning work Jusy :) Hope you have a super day tomorrow! And so glad Michael is there! All good things for you :)

Jen Crossley said...

This is gorgeous Judy I love it
Im glad you and Michael are enjoying your time together

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

Magnifique !! j'adore !!!!!!!!!

Steph said...

Gorgeous neckpiece ! Love it!

lindaharre said...

Judy.....so glad you are HAPPY! You won't believe this, but.....Wednesday I bought that same little Victorian album....mine doesn't contain the photos, but is in pretty good condition:) I bought mine at Salvation Army thrift shop in Springfield in Ill. for 5.00:D WHAT A DEAL....HUH? Not sure what I will do with mine yet.....hugs, Linda

~Izabella said...

halo beautiful friend!!

I love your newest creation, your work is so amazing~ you know it gives me chills every time I gaze at your wonderful work~

so excited to know you are with your best friend, how kool it would be, to be able to create art with the one you love~

xo!! sending you big squishy hugs ~Bella

Cindy Dean said...

Beautiful piece! You have such an eye. Just thought I would let you know my etsy purchase arrived. Thank you so much for the extra little goodies!

azirca said...

this is stunning Judy, everything about it. the piece of self embossed paper on the back is beautiful.

I adore the Victorian album, what a gorgeous treasure.

Enjoy your day on the boat, it sounds like it will be a blast!

It's wonderful that you and Michael have been reunited again after so long.

*hugs* to you both

Night Owl Designs said...

Stunning piece Judy! Love the delicate swirls and flowers.

Kristen Robinson said...

Truly lovely Judy the paper looks great a sa background and what an incredible find! This piece is absolutely stunning.

So glad Michael is there are you finally have time together!


paris parfait said...

Judy, what a stunning piece! It's so terrific that you're creating, as well as enjoying your time with Michael. Sounds like a fun outing with the girls too!


beautiful judy, fabulous jewellery!!!

kathywas said...

Hey Judy....It's been ages since I've done any blogging, and I've been wanting to write you a nice long email to catch up on things. Sorry for being out-of-the-loop for so long.

This jewelry piece that you have created is absolutely stunning! If I was a big jewelry wearer, I'd snatch in up in a heartbeat.

Off to catch up on your other postings!

Debby Harriettha said...

Judy this is a most beautiful piece. WOW!!!!!! I love it. Gorgeous!!!


Karen Cole said...

I'm impressed. I would love to know what size it is.

I am also glad to see you have priced it at a worthy sum. Sometimes I think people do not give themselves enough credit for the creative process.

kelsey said...

It is obvious that this piece has had as much care, thought and attention put into it as your other pieces of work Judy, it just oozes "detail"!

Enjoy your time with Michael, I know it's been a while in coming AND enjoy your boat trip....sounds like a wonderful day!

craftyhala said...

I enjoyed your post. The necklace/jewelry is beautiful. Enjoy your pampering...and of course Michael!

Sue McGettigan said...

Fleur is a stunner - as always I love the intricate details and the materials you used. Girls day sounds like a fine idea, hope you had a great time :)

Mélanie said...

It is such a wonderful piece of Art . i love also this victorian photo album

sue said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!!

shirleymcc said...

this is so lovely, just like you.
What a wonderful story you and M. make.

Corey Moortgat said...

gosh, Judy- this is fabulous!!