20 November 2007



My lovely friends took me out to lunch for my birthday and it was so nice.
They gave me a gift voucher to an amazing Antique book shop and I purchased some items I had been viewing for some time but they were too expensive.

Here is one of them

This is the first page in the book

And this was a gift to myself

Just how amazing is this Antique Victorian Photo Album

Just look at the gilt on the pages below, I have never seen anything like it and no I will not be cutting it up and selling off the inside pages.


But that album was the inspiration for this

Can't tell you quite yet what it is about yet... sorry - don't you hate when bloggers do that - lol.

But I did not want you to think I have been sitting around twidling my thumbs.

The lovely Linda Harre (always inspirational to me) sent me some gorgeous gifts which I have not uploaded yet but I did already used one of the wallpapers gifted to me here.

I did tell you guys that I was working on a project so this is the one
well that is part of the one
And there's no guessing what the project is cos I aint saying
Even though I am dying to
This is one of the rusty winged taps that are for sale in my Etsy store.
Whilst doing this piece I discovered through trial and error a technique for aging new findings/stampings which I am so excited about.

What is this you say?
A box full of...??????????????????????????????????

Whoever guesses correctly will win a Red Velvet Element/s from my Etsy store.
You will probably all guess and I will go broke, so it is the first 3 who guess correctly.
If there are no winners then I will add another sneak peak until we have a winner/s.
Ciao for now and thanks for all the gorgeous birthday messages - much appreciated.


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

I think it's bisque dool parts.
:) Lelainia

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

That should read DOLL!! Yikes. (It's early here!)

Beth said...

I have to agree with Lelainia...that was my first thought also..bisque dolls !

lstone4 said...

Would they be some type of nativity scene figures, wise men, etc???
[Hope this isn't politically incorrect or insensitive, not meant to be at all]

Steph said...

Well I don't want to guess, just to say the book and the photo album are gorgeous and can't wait to see more of your current work ...

Lesley Riley said...

Happy Birthday dear one. I'm guessing I know what the secret project is, but I'll also guess what's in the box. I, like the others, say bisque dolls....seems to be the "thing" right now

rochambeau said...

Dear Judy,
What lovely gifts. TO go to lunch with friend who understand a gift that you would love! That photo album is sublime!

I guess your bubble wrapped secret has something to do with shoes!

ninabagley said...

oh, right. the "thing" right now. that's a good one. shaking my head. x

Sharon said...

I don't think it is doll parts. But I am really clueless about what it is. If it is doll parts, they must be headless. Did I tell you, I'm clueless.
Love all your Birthday schtuf and hey..Happy Birthday.
Show us more of your project...please.

azirca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
azirca said...

OOPS sorry about that I had to delete my comment as I mucked up my post, not enough coffee ;)

Oh my, the antique album, it's gorgeous, so ornate, good on your for spoiling yourself, you deserve it.

Your new project looks amazing, you big tease you!

I'm going to have a guess that your mystery object is chandelier crystals?

Sharon Manning said...

Glad you had a great Birthday and those books are divine.

Yep I think they are Bisque Dolls too although they could be wooden ballet shoe lasts. The one at the bottom has me stumped with the blue thingy showing through.
These would be for Steve too not me! Although I think you already knew that....LOL

Take Care and speak soon.

Jen Crossley said...

Dont do this to me Judy!!! you know your last give away drove me to sheer madness LOL.
Happy Birthday Dear Girl sorry its late.
You new project looks awesome I was drooling over then snipets.
How wonderful your freinds are to give you such a great present love all that your bought

Night Owl Designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Night Owl Designs said...

Hi Judy, Your antique books and album are beautiful! I'm, like, *green*, lol.

Megan said...

I was going to guess Christmas Decorations (even though I know you are Jewish) but they look the right sort of shape and what do sparkly baubles have to do with religion anyway?

On another note - I adore the wonderful books you bought - where in Sydney is this antiquarian - I live in Sydney too and simply must know?????

I am also hoping that your work will go on display somewhere at some time in a gallery or perhaps the Jewish Museum in the city - I would love the opportunity to see it up close and personal - it's so moving and impactful.


Karen Cole said...

What....am I a mind reader? Is there a clue there somewhere? I'll guess that there is metal in there somewhere.

I DO know however that I missed your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!!!!!

I am drooling over everything in this post. Your work, your choice of a gift for yourself (my birthday is in February BTW) your secrets.

What IS in the bubble wrap?

LINDSAY said...

art supplies! chemicals.
I'm only guessing this because everytime I order varnish, it is shipped that way. Bizarre huh?

Natalie B said...

salt and vinegar chips!! LOL

Happy Belated birthday and the snippets you've added to your blog are scrumptious!

Leslie said...

I love your birthday book and the photo album you treated yourself to. Beautiful! Also enjoyed the sneak peeks of what you are working on. I can't wait to see more!

Hmmm, I can't imagine what's in the bubble wrap, but it would be fun if it was full of bisque dolls!

Julie H said...

Oh Judy,you are a temptress!!! I would so like to know what you are making. The album looks wonderful!
As to the box it holds bubble wrapped parcels (hehe),I see copper and I see blue ...I am going to vote for shoes, or perhaps Michaels's supplies arriving ahead of him ...

Ro Bruhn said...

Judy you've excelled again, the 'project' looks magnificent, can't wait to see it complete. I know what's in the package so I won't cheat.

Sarah said...

Hi Judy Happy birthday to you, we share the same day.
Love that antique book, that is very drool worthy.
I am going to guess it is a box of rusty elements and some piano paper wrapped in bubble wrap..

lindaharre said...

Happy belated Birthday cutie!!!!! Hope it was the best ever:D

katie said...

your project is so inticing...i can't wait to see it when you're finished. and that photo album is beyond amazing.

Maj said...

I once missed the opportunity to buy a pair of bronze angel-wings at a flee-market in Brussels.... I was pissed-off with my husband - and he had all the money! Ah well! So I think your box is full of angel wings!

Cre8Tiva said...

happy birthday a little late...i believe it is a door knocker ot handle part thing...happy thanksgiving from te USA my friend...rebecca

paris parfait said...

Your new project looks intriguing. Don't keep it a secret for too long, ok? :)

paris parfait said...

Oh and a belated Happy Birthday! Hope the year ahead is everything you'd wish. What lovely books you've discovered.

Kristen Robinson said...

Wish I was there for your Birthday we will have to celebrate your half birthday in the spring complete with cake darling.

Lovely goodies and the book is to DIE for!

The doll parts are exquisite.