18 September 2007



Firstly I think I had better dispel a misconception maybe.

I have not yet uploaded panel 3 for your viewing.

Here is panel 3, the upper section:

And here is panel 3 the lower section:

Now I am not going to go into detail for each individual element in this post as I know you are all wanting to see the Fiszman family’s reaction to “Numbers”.
Here are all 3 panels together before they left my home.

So here is Esther and her daughter Mia, Robert’s sister – this was their first reaction. You can see Robert standing on the left with the glasses.

I think one could describe the first reaction as SHOCK.

Now before I show you the other photo’s I want to show you images from the opening of the Sam Fiszman Park at Bondi Beach.

This was the first event.

This is Robert and Esther and I sitting on the wall bearing Sam’s name.

Esther and I (below)
I will never forget the moment my son Ari and I walked into the Marquis for the opening ceremony.
Esther was at the front of the seated rows.
She was looking back to see who was arriving.
She started waving madly to Ari and I as we came in - it was a lovely greeting,
her excitement was palpable.

Please excuse how I looked it was so cold and the wind was absolutley crazy… as you can see - LOL!

Here is my beloved friend and photographer, Ingrid and I…

Now I look totally disgusting in this photo but it was so funny. I am picture with an old beau of mine George. George is the mayor of the area in which we all live.

The press went crazy when we took our “Titanic photo” – I guess it was a rather personable photo for the mayor to be taking.
It was funny and when they come to you after to get your name in case it makes the papers – they asked who I was. I just said oh no-one really. LOL – George and I were laughing and acting like the crazy kids we used to be – then we ran off and left them wondering and so perplexed.

Anyway, after the ceremony, close friends and family were invited to view “Numbers”.

Here are some of the other photo’s - Please note- no airbrushing - only real windswept faces here.

Well you can see the reactions

There were lots of OMG’s etc and Mia never seemed to take her hand off her chest.

Just look at the pride on Robert's face - that he was able to bring such joy to his family.

Here is Mia and Esther utterly bewildered, really.

There were lots of but how did you?

There were so many tears

And a lot of explaining

As I took them through the piece

Esther grabbed me at the end and I got a huge hug,
words were unnecessary,
just a gentle whisper - "thankyou".

I am only showing you these for the reaction cos I hate photo’s of me

A grandmother with a gentle arm guiding her grandson through the piece.

This is Mark Aarons in the blue shirt, his wife and my son Ari.
Mark is the one whose father gave Sam the medal in panel 1.
He is the author of many books some of which are in the book links on the side of this blog.

Check out the view from Roberts apartment – he can wake up every morning and look all the way across the beach to his dad’s park.

Other members of the family viewing the piece. In fact it was Ishek’s daughters – remember him from panel 1. They were so excited as they had not seen many of these photo’s before.

It was so exciting.

This is just to show you how big the final panels are when together.

And this is the family: Eddie, Esther’s son-in-law, Josh, Esther’s grandson,
Mia with a photo of her son Tull on her chest cos we wanted him to be a part of it (he lives in New York, then Esther and Robert.

So there you go folks.

I cannot even begin to thank all of you for your amazing responses and reactions to Numbers.

Your comments will be kept forever as the Fismans want me to produce some sort of book of the blog posts related to Numbers.

In my next post I will upload the details of the final panel .

Robert and Esther will be making a guest appearance too – they want to say something to all of you amazing artists out there who took an interest in their story.

So stay tuned.

Thank you all from the deepest depth of my heart and soul.



azirca said...

Oh Judy, these photos of the Fiszman family reactions to 'Numbers' are to be treasured, such emotion and pride. Seeing these for me, is just the icing on the cake of the amazing journey that you have allowed us to share with you.

A huge thank you Judy and also to the Fiszman family for allowing us to share in such a wonderful and special moment in time.

I will never forget.

artfulzebra said...

Oh, Judy, I had tears in my eyes looking at these photos and the hair on the back of my neck is sticking up! What a wonderful day for everybody and what an wonderful reaction to this stunning piece of work. I'm so glad to have come across your blog, I can't tell you how inspiring I've found your work. Thank you so much for sharing this special story.

Lissy said...

We could all see it would be a great success...and it is so nice to see it was! It is trully extraordinary Judy...it really has been wonderful to follow all this and to learn so much :)

Judy Scott said...

Dear Judy, I can feel the atmosphere from the photos and their excitment ~ their faces say it all ~ Judy you look wonderful with them please dont put yourself down, everything you've put into this wonderful magnificent piece of art; filled with so much of you, is just incredible.
I love your titanic photo ~ good for you getting the better of the press!! And Robert looks so proud ~ congratulations Judy ~ I wish I was there and Id give you a massage (used to be my job!!!!) ~ hope you get chance now to chill a little, see you again soon, Judy x

Jen Crossley said...

What wonderful photo's of the Fiszman family the looks on there faces says it all.I always thought you looked like Kate Wislett LOL
What a fantastic day for you all. Cant wait to see the next installment

Julie H said...

No words, but you can't see me so I will tell you I am sitting with quiet tears on my cheeks.

nina said...

speechless, judy. really. no words here, but just this: the love is overwhelming.
i am greatly looking forward to meeting this incredible family next year.
sending many hugs and much love across the ocean....xxxooo

artgirly said...

Goosebumps! Wow Judy - such beautiful work. You must feel such a sense of acomplishment and what a journey. Thank you for sharing that magic moment with us- we couldnt help but feel the power!

Sequana said...

I came to this late, but I'm so glad I got here. What a wonderful project; and such a great family.

Cre8Tiva said...

what a poignant memory for you...and the entire fiszman family...it is larger than i imagined it somehow...but a tribute like this should be significant...i am moved...blessings, rebecca

Sharon said...

Of course we will want to see and hear the details of panel 3 but thank you sharing the unveiling event. Spectacular.

Deb L said...

This is what life is all about, isn't it? An unforgettable spiritual journey that will stay with all of us who were priviledged to share it with you and the Fiszmans. xox Deb

R2artstudio said...
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R2artstudio said...

What a journey to a wonderful emotional end. Very few artists will ever accomplish what you done! To record pieces of a family's history in such a beautiful tribute. I so admire you as a person and an artist. Congratulations! I know only good things will come to you in return for this masterpiece.

lindaharre said...

Tears welling up......oh my! What do I say......Job well done, Judy!

Judy Wise said...

Tears. Thank you. Nothing in recent memory has moved me as this process has. Thank you again.

Leslie said...

As I scrolled down past the photos of this wonderful work and came to the first photo of the Fiszman family's reactions, I swear I could hear the audible gasps of wonder and delight from Esther and Mia. How spectacular these panels are! I can't imagine a more perfect gift to a family than this. No wonder Robert looks so proud.

I savor each word and photo that you post here. I am always amazed at how articulate and thorough you are, and I'm humbled and a little surprised when you take the time to answer my meager posts with an e-mail. It is no bother at all to comment on the wonderful things I see here!

Like everyone else here, I am so grateful that you and the Fismans have allowed us to tag along on this journey. It has been a wonderful adventure, and frankly, one I'm sorry is over!

Rest, sweet Judy, and then bring us more soulful adventure . . . soon.

Steph said...

Oh thank you Judy to share that moment and thanks to Esther's family to let you do so !

Tejae said...

What a beautiful journey this has been. Thank you for inviting us in to stand witness to such a wonderful display of love and memories. with tears in the eyes and a huge smile...this has been a truly precious experience. thank you for sharing it with us.

Keron Lee said...

Congratulations at the completion of such a significant body of work. It will be a family treasure forever in the Fiszman family.

kris said...

I was so glad when I read the other posts here. It was very emotional to see the family's reaction to the piece. Thank you for sharing all this with us.

Christine Webb said...


Truly amazing! I am so glad we were able to see their reaction. I have imaged what it may be like and that it was and more!

The panels are soooo impressive. You can see all the hard work you put into staying up late or not sleeping at all??

Thank you for sharing!

Ro Bruhn said...

Thank YOU Judy for sharing this wonderful experience with us, it must be so exciting and satisfying to see the reaction of the receivers of such a magnificent work of art.
You must surely feel so proud of your achievements, knowing the pleasure you have given not only to Robert and his family, but also to us the blogging viewers.
Thank you Judy for sharing with us.

kelsey said...

How fantastic to have been there and seen their reactions in person! The photo's convey the sense of surprise and wonderment upon viewing your remarkable work, but we don't have the audible gasps that obviously accompanied each viewing of the piece by different people.

Thankyou Judy for taking the time to share so much in-depth background and story behind each piece...it certainly is a one-of-a-kind piece!

jo said...

Congratulations on getting the panels completed on time. How gratifying, as an artist and friend, to see the joy your work has given. A big pat on the back to you, Judy. I hope you are taking a well deserved rest now.
I can't wait to see all the details of the final panel...
Love Jo xoxo

amy said...

This is amazing and I almost cried looking at the family's reaction. This is an awe inspiring piece of work that you created. Thank you for sharing the photos and your journey!

Gretz said...

Hi Judy,

I too am sorry that this project is over. i have so enjoyed watching it progress. I know we all wait with bated breathe for the book. Truly Amazing work Judy. Look forward t meeting you one day!

megan said...

What a wonderful way to finish your visual journey - truly a tribute to you the artists, to the recipients and to all of those, including us, that were lucky enough to share their journey via you.

Kristen Robinson said...

Judy you have created a piece of artwork that takes the viewer through a story of heroism, love and triumph. To say the pieces are exquisite is an understatement. I am forever grateful for this journey you have taken me on my friend....even the story is extremely hard at times for me it is a reaffirmation of the human spirit and the necessity to insure the entire world never forgets one moment of the atrocities that occurred. My thanks and blessings the Fiszman family for sharing their history with the world. And my thanks to you for retelling the story through exquisite artwork and incredible writings.


CeCe said...

Dear Judy. You are a beautiful spirit with a truly beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing with us, and thank the Fiszman family for their strength and celebration of life that is such an inspiration.

Barbara said...

there is no word of telling my feeling........

Natalie B said...

Judy you are so generous to share not only your pictures of the Fiszman family, but how you put all of these panels together and the signifigance of each piece. No wonder the family was in awe!! I think anyone seeing how much love and thought you put into each piece would be blown away, let alone the family it involved. Well done, you deserve loads of credit.

Jacky said...

wow judy, a photo says a thousand words isnt that what the saying is,
priceless exressions.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us all, my gosh judy seeing all the panels all installed together is amazing, love it.

Night Owl Designs said...

What a marvelous achievement... and what great photos! Congrats :-)

rochambeau said...

Made me so touched I teared up seeing the expressions of the Fiszman family! What a gift of a lifetime you were able to share and create for this special family. A heartfelt work of art filled with love and respect! You must feel elated! Congratulations! This has been a long journey. Thank you for taking us with you!

Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

I didn't cry this time I bawled. It has taken me a few days to return to tell you thanks once again for sharing. Seeing Esther looking at the panels was wonderful. The whole journey has been -well I have no words but thanks to all.

sue said...

This is one of the most amazing pieces of art that I've ever seen, there are no words to adequately express, so just picture me with my mouth hanging open! Just beautiful!

Joy said...

Judy, Thank you so much for sharing this incredible journey , both theirs and yours, with all of us. It is truly wonderful.
xxoo Joy

AluapPaula said...

What an incredible project and journey! I can't even begin to imagine how pleased the family must be with your work; and how special you made it.
Thanks for sharing!

paris parfait said...

Judy, it is just fantastic - no wonder they were all thrilled to bits! What a special, special moment in their lives. The photos are great too, including the ones of you!

eb said...

dear Judy - this is unbelievably moving and gorgeous and so incredible that you have shared it with all of us - really a treasure to be a small part of this gathering - BRAVO - and thank you...

xox - eb.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful journey that you have taken me on. I have followed you every step of the way and words cannot express the joy I have felt. You are amazing and I am honored that you allowed us to share with you. The finale was every bit as beautiful as the journey. You must be so proud to have accomplished such unique and wonderful work.



Pearl Maple said...

Thank you for sharing the experience of creating this treasure.

For Fiszman’s their memories and precious photos that have survived the making of history is a treasure but you have preserved their stories for the future. May we never forget history and that is the collective experiences of many families.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to questions about the techniques and products that were used and thank you for inspiring us to take the time to remember our own family’s stories.