21 September 2007



Here we go - the closer photo's pf Panel 3 the upper section:

I loved this photo of Esther. It was a late entry - i grabbed it when i saw it at her home.

I simply attached it to a cabinet card that I had as I wanted to give it that extra vintage feel.

Now the silk ribbon I placed at the top of the frame I received from Nina.

As I explained in a previous post, a number of my friends posted me items during the production of Numbers. I really wanted to incorporate as many elements as I could from those friends as most expressed the desire that if I could use an element in the coming pieces, that they would like it.

So there will be a number of references to those elements.

The number '2' used here signifies 2nd generation.

As you are aware I had such a limited amount of time to put panel 3 together so I had to end up pulling apart a book that I was going to finish one day. I took the class from Nina at Artistic Journey this year.

Secondly as Nina had taught this class I wanted her to be in it as much as I could. More on both of them next post.

Nina, master oh master, it's funny hows things turn out - neither of us could have known that day we strolled along Bondi Beach, that you would be standing viewing the point straight ahead of you where Sam's park now stands!

The sun represents the sunshine that Robert (I still can’t get used to calling him that – I call him Pud – as in pudding) brought and brings into Esther life.
As she puts it all the time – whenever I see her – he is such a good son.

The piece of mica here came in this shape –the shape of a heart – so when I pulled it out of the bag, I just had to leave it as is.

To the lovely Mia:

This first photo is of Mia on the beach. You probably cannot see it clearly but this piece of a ceiling tile which I cut up is the colour blue and has a wave-like look to it.
Actually I used the back of the tin tile - I often use the back of things especially fabric - it sometimes has a greater appeal for me.
As the photo was taken at the beach it was perfect.

I highlighted Mia and Esther with the old circle piece as there were other distracting elements to the photo.

The next image is of Mia and Pud – so cute.

It was not a great photo so I chose frame with a small opening to texturize - thereby focusing on what was important in the photo.

The same can be said for this photo of Mia.

She, like her mother, Esther, is so beautiful.

Finally here is the photo of Mia Eddie, Tull and Josh as a young family.
Again I used a tin ceiling tile.

For the next row, I placed the images on a book called Fathers and Sons for obvious reasons.

The tissue paper used was from a necklace I had purchased from Nina.
It had little xxx’s on it – I like that – like kisses.

Also it had the word ‘view’ on it – in a number of languages. As baby Robert is high up on Sam’s shoulders with that gorgeous smile on his face – I thought it would be great to use as an additional layer.

I tore a book page from the book with the words father and sons up the top and stitched it inside a piece of opaque paper for another layer. Visible but not loud.

Why the is the number 5 highlighted.

Well Pud’s birth number or life year is a 5 so I wanted to get that in somewhere – it was important to him. More on that later as we get to the bottom of the panel.

To the right of this image is the photo of Sam and Pud walking together.

Again there were things in the photo that were distracting so I chose Nina’s very clever use of a glove but in a different way. (Nina is so brilliant - I can't gush about her enough)
The glove covered the other people but I really wanted to somehow represent that Sam was a real Mentor to Pud, not just a dad. I chose a right handed glove – the right hand in Judaism is considered the strong one – Sam as it were held Pud by the hand and showed him his ways for many a year.

Why the other hands?

If you are new to my work then you will not know that placing a hand or two is something I do in every Visual Anthology that I undertake.
The hand means protection – the 'Chamsah'– I always want to protect the recipient of my work and their family from any jealousy that just may creep in.

The Hebrew text is from A Jewish New Year prayer and is a now famous song – “ha ben yakir li” –“my beloved son”.

Sitting below this piece is a photo of Robert as a small child. I also placed it on an old Australian Cabinet card and with all images photo shopped it significantly.

The gold coloured glass stone has the words “5. Abraham, the son.”
It came from a chapter in Genesis, paragraph 5.
Again was perfect for Pud as explained above.
Abraham is Roberts Hebrew name.
So Abraham the son of Sam.

I placed it on top of a rusty old element which had some rusted chain attached to it. I had to bring Abraham, Sam’s dad into this image somehow for it is after him that Pud is named.

My lovely lovely friend, the ever-so talented Kristen had sent me some gorgeous goodies and this frame was one.
Well it didn’t quite look like this but as she wrote in her note -I know you will probably distress this somehow.

Well Kristen, you know me too well!

I did, I had to rust it.
I just had to - LOL!

I drilled holes into the frame, attached the chain to Puds element – so that they were linked and added the name Abraham on top of the frame.

To one of my personal favourites – this element.

Pictured are Malka, Pud's grandmother, then Sam the Robert.

Whenever I look at this photo of Malka all I saw was Pud.
The genes are remarkable really.
It never fails in my work.
There is always an image of a child who looks exactly like a family member at some stage in their lives.
Sometimes as the child evolves he/she looks like either parent at differing times of their life.

As Pud always says – put a dress on me, take a photo and there’s Malka.

This photo of Sam is amazing for me.

It just blew me away the first time I saw it.
This is Pud to me – this is how I remember him at school.

So I had purchased this old French door hardware piece especially for this element.

Well because it has a mirror image of the top part at the bottom and placing these 3 photos’ together was like looking in a mirror image of Pud. First his grandmother, then his father.

It is also the reason why I placed the Hebrew text here as well. It reads, “You and him, from generation to generation”.

How pertinent – I thought.

Ok - so that is the upper section of panel 3.

Thanks so so much for all the amazing comments everyone. If I have not responded to you personally it is because I cannot find an email address for you so my apologies.

My hands are getting better slowly - so thanks for the concern, much appreciated.

Sorry but you will have to wait till I finish uploading the next section of panel 3 to hear from Robert and Esther.
So to be continued…

Off to fast for 26 hours - it's Yom Kippur tonight - The Day of Atonement - the holiest day of our calendar. It is even more holy this year as it falls on a Sabbath.
Wish me luck as I always get a migraine from caffeine withdrawl.


Elaine Kerr said...

Exceptional work, as always, Judy. Captivating. I like the ones that hold your interest for a long time.

Hey, you do that knee-hug thing, too! ; ) Nice photo — can almost feel that denim against my cheek. Mmm, smells like Downey? Fleecy? Omo? Surf? Old barn??

azirca said...

Yet again I'm lost for words .... which is quite a rare occurrence for me! Absolutely stunning!

I adore the photo of you and Michael, you two young lovebirds look pretty cute together.

Jen Crossley said...

Judy Im lost for words Totally awesome my friend !!!

Ro Bruhn said...

You amaze me Judy how you put so much thought into every element that you add to your panels.
So fantastic. I have some of the women who attend my altered book classes now visiting your blog on a regular basis, you inspire us all.
Great photo of you and Michael too.
Happy fasting.

Q said...

Dear Judy,
Blessings on Yom Kippur.
Always I cry when I come here. These are tears of joy. Your work touches my soul. You honour and have so much respect for those that have gone before us. Thank you.
I have begun a box for you. I am a retired antique dealer and have so many old pieces of this and thats.
Thank you for sharing this piece.
Thank you for your graciousness.
I bow to you.

Shari said...

You are so very special. I am sure that you are told that by so many people...but I needed to say it to you too. Your work as always is incredible. As beautiful as your pix are---I can only imagine how extraordinary these panels are up close. Someday I hope to see some of your work in real time/life.

I would like to wish to you, your family and friends a blessed and meaningful holiday. May we all be sealed for a good year---a year of life, a year of peace, a year of prosperity, a year of unity. I hope you have an easy fast. G'mar chatimah tovah.

The photo of Michael and you is so lovely. The depth of your love and relationship is spoken without words. It touches my heart.

Shari said...

One more thing...thank you so very much for the kind comments on my blog. Being validated by a fellow artist (especially such a talented one) means more to me than you will ever know.

LINDSAY said...

I've been so moved by this piece! It was wonderful to see the reactions of the family members. What a blessing for them to have Robert, who so wisely chose you to tell this story. I'm sure many generations to come will stand in front of those panels, in awe of what their family has been through. You really left no stone unturned, not a single detail missed. Brilliant art, a piece of history brought to life in a way, that it demands not to be overlooked! I love it!

Sharon said...

I just continue to be amazed with your "details". Amazed and pretty much speechless. I always have to come back again and again. So, I will. It takes me a while to try to soak it all in. I am always so inspired with your layers and layers of details. Thank you

Kristen Robinson said...

Judy the details are amazing, each piece so thoughtfully put together just exquisite my friend.

I love the frame it looks wonderful rusted just as I knew it would.

Wonderful my friend!

Corrine said...

A beautiful work of art Judy. I agree with what everyone else has said, but I just thought I'd like to add how much I'm enjoying seeing this work in the form of panels rather than in a book. I love book forms too, but this seems alot more powerful.

paris parfait said...

I am so in awe of your amazing work. It is just stunning, rich with layer upon layer of meaning and innovation. Brilliant!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
I so enjoyed pouring over your post. I really love the textured frame you created and the use of the blue ceiling tile as a background. All of the symbols embedded in the artwork are always so poignant and full of soulful meaning--you have such a wonderful way Judy!

I really like that photo of you and Michael too!


Steph said...

You're a magician!

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Congrats on your wonderful work of art Judy ....... a brilliant, and very meaningful piece, so thanks too for sharing the pics of the family's reaction ...

Pilar said...

The love you have put into this very special tree of life resonates beauty and light to those of us, who have the fortune and blessing to follow your journey.
ketiva ve-chatima tovah

Tricia Scott said...

just amazing judy. truly. the detail and meaning in your work is simply breathtaking.

love also the photo of you and michael. very special!

Cre8Tiva said...

wow again...i have been inspired to create a piece in your style of my family...i had no idea what to do with all those old photos of ancestors...now i do...take care...blessings, rebecca

rochambeau said...

You did an amazing job Judy! I've enjoyed seeing the process very much.
Especially seeing the reactions your work of art!
Now what???
The picture of you and Michael is peaceful and happy!

FrenchGardenHouse said...


It has been so touching seeing your completed artwork. You have honored this family, and all others, and poured so much of yourself in this piece. This is such a thought provoking piece, such a beautiful "we will never forget".

Thank you.

Tejae said...

Your attention to detail is just delicately beautiful. You're so inspiring Judy. Rich layers and so much meaning. you are truly a gifted artist.

Oh my gosh, the photo of you and Michael is super cool. Perfect. I got to meet your michael in ft. collins. I took his windows class. very fun. You're both just fabulously talented. can't wait to see you soon!

Anonymous said...


Judy you are simply amazing. Cannot put in words how your art touches me.


annielockhart said...

dearest judy...what another completely beautiful visual for this family....and the rest of the world! it's all truly amazing, the wonderful intuitive nature of your sweet soul. you have captured so much spirit in these histories.
thanks so much for taking the time to write and share this chapter.

Leslie said...

So wonderful, as always. And I love the photo of you and Michael too. Thanks for sharing it.

Miss JJJ said...

Hi Judy - Finding your blog and pouring over your incredible work has been the highlight of my day. Thanks for sharing this remarkable story - -- - and
for your kind comment on my blog .... .. .