27 September 2007



Once again thanks for all the amazing messages here – I know I am sounding repetitive but I very much appreciate it. It is especially gratifying to have so many other talented artists linking ‘Numbers’ to their sites.
It has been a busy week for me this week - I will explain further in the post - so apologies for the delay in posting.


The first image when you look at the lower and final section of ‘Numbers’ is this slab of word with these words – so why?

This image…

And this image…

Are attached. They are images of Sam’s involvement in the soccer team called Hakoah. It began as a team of mainly Eastern Europeans but then turned into a professional team. Sam was a former President of this club.

It’s very very Australian to eat meat pies at a football match. As most of this panel is about Australia I wanted to add a unique Aussie feel to it.

Hence I scoured antique shops for a wooden box. They thought I was mad when I asked them to pull the wooden crate apart – in fact – the owner looked at me in horror! It was a vintage item after all.

Anyway I attached to old cigarette tins. The rusted elements on each tin represented the shape and look of the tin that a meat pie comes in.

Within the tin I attached part of the history of Sam’s involvement in the Club.

Now I was desperately looking for a Kent cigarette tin but to no avail. Sam was smoking in the photo – a lot of the early images had both Sam and Esther smoking, Kent was his brand. But I knew that Pud had smoked Benson and Hedges so I used an old B&H tin.

I left the words “when only the best will do” as for all of them each member of the family was the ‘best’ from their perpective.

Difficult to get the perspective here but the tin has a perspect insert – behind it I placed a photo of Robert, Esther and her grandchildren. It sits on a very old cross-stitch, used for all the little red crosses.

Red being against the evil eye, crosses for kisses.

The number 3 for 3 generations.

Pictured here are Sam and Esther at a soccer game – I only had room for one more photo but wanted to incorporate the other photo of Sam as a soccer player himself.

As such I mounted the first photo to a transparency of the soccer playing photo. The fabric was chosen as these were the colours of the Hakoah team.

The image here of Robert and Esther has a background green fabric kindly given to me from Keron.
The rusted elements are some of the ones I have just made for myself.

Pictured below is a very old and dear friend of Sams.

The story is unclear but they both fought together in Europe. Hence they are placed on a vintage book aptly named the Europeans.

There is a lot more to this story but as they say – its too long a story for here.

You can see the fabric that I received from Rande here – although I painted and inked it somewhat.

The image below is my favourite element of this panel.

Sam owned race horses.
So I searched high and low and came up with this horse blinker to place the photo on.

The leather came from Keron – it was so thick and brilliant to use metal stamps on. I have used leather a number of times but this has to have been about the best I have used as it also grunged up well!

The man next to Sam is former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. You will notice that I stamped 6:45 on the right.

Every friday evening, without fail, at 6:45pm, 'Hawkey', as he was known to Sam, would phone the Fiszman house for various political reasons. But more aptly here – he and Sam would go through their betting decisions for the next day at the races.

Now if you look above Hawkey's name – you will see the name punched into the leather, Hayes.

Below Sam is the name punched into the leather of TJ.

Both men took their tips from these horse trainers respectively – so I just had to put them in.

Clearly the Hawke floating on the rusted rail is representative of the Honourable Robert Hawke.

The image attaches to a horse nail. I made a special trip to the Fiszmans blacksmith and got some horse shoe nails and a lot of rusty old horse shoes.

Lastly is the ‘racing doubles’ ephemera which I took from a betting card. Racing double for Sam and Bob Hawke – I loved the way the arrows pointed to them both.

The leather on the blinker was so old it was even harder than metal to get the tacks through – so tough!

Have to leave the rest for next and final post of 'Numbers'.


My son Ari had his graduation dinner at school last night. I am still trying to fathom that whilst he still has to sit for his huge and final exams – he has officially completed his schooling career.

Whilst in some ways it has been a long road – it really does seem like only yesterday when I held his hand and walked him through the school gates for the first day.

This is him on his first day of school. Filled with pride and excitement in his school uniform.
At the ceremony last night they had this photo on a huge screen-
whilst one of his teachers spoke about Ari.
It was a long, long, long night – there were 189 kids to speak about individually, none-the-less it was very touching that they did that.
The teacher who chose to speak about Ari was superb!
An English Master, he spoke of the many hours that he and Ari shared highly diverse, sometimes volatile but interesting political discussions.

It’s so interesting hearing his teachers’ perspective on him. Ari is famous for his amazing smile – which rarely leaves his face. His gorgeous dimples are always on show when that big broad smile appears. It's funny, I have a twin brother, we both only have one dimple on our cheeks - I have one on one side and he on the other - but Ari inherited the two of them!
In the 13 years I attended parent/ teacher evenings (thankfully that’s over) there was not one teacher and there are so many by the time they leave high –school with all their different subject choices -that did not mention his alluring smile.

As he completed his talk about Ari, the teacher bellowed… ‘ now I insisit that you leave the classroom for the very last time'.
I didn’t get that at the time.
Ari explained to me that when he first had this teacher and got angry at him Ari smiled.
So he sent him out.
He did this a number of times to Ari’s bemusement.
You see when Ari gets embarrassed his smile widen even further.
Once the teacher realized this – he did not send him out.
He would just melt looking at that smile – as every teacher did.
There were so many many times that I had to explain this phenomenum to his teacher – well thankfully I don’t have to do that again.
But we have been very busy with buying a suit for his formal.
And more importantly, filling in University preferences.
It is a very long process.
Nerves are very very tenuous at present.
So I cannot wait till the exams are all over.
But I am such a proud mother that he has completed school without any real dramas as there are a number of his year who unfortunately did not.
I keep saying to myself - 'there before the grace of G-d, go I'.
When I find myself stressing over whether he will do well in his exams, I suddenly find myself thinking...
Well at least he finished and took the correct path, so far, in life.
I think, that as long as he is a good, honest and moral person, which he is, as long as he does well enough to keep his options open then that is good enough for me.
Now I know that my mates Jen and Jo have kids doing their HSC school exams too.
To the kids I wish them all the success that they hope for.
To the mums - good luck in surviving the nerves and study session battles. But come next May we I will be shouting you guys drinks at the Artisitc Journey retreat- hopefully celebrating.
By the way the, always lovely, Jacky (Jo's mum) from Artistic Journey has a new blog - which is very nice - hop on over if you get a chance.
Now I saw Robert today and he is posting a message in the final post.
Ciao for now.


Ro Bruhn said...

Well done Judy and congratulations to Ari. I'm sure he appreciates your love and support, that's why he's turned out the way he has.
I was wondering what the meat pie was all about, what a great idea. I love your rusty elements especially the ones you made.
Thanks for sharing this again.
Happy suit hunting.

sue said...

The intricacy, depth, and not missing even t he tiniest of detail, is what makes your work so special, amazing. As to your son starting a new road in life, hang onto your hat, you're about to embark on a whole new journey. Both my kids have moved out of the nest a while back, they've made both good & sometimes questionable choices in life, and all I can do is give advice when asked for-they don't seem to like getting it when I feel like giving it:)

Sharon said...

I continue to be amazed at your details and appreciate so much the way you share.
Congratulations to your son and you too the proud Mum.
Also, I too only have one dimple.

Steph said...

WOwwwwwww again ! Gorgeous !

Congratulations to you and your son !

Judy Wise said...

Judy, I don't know how you fit so much into each day of your life. This looks like years of work, to find just the right things to use and then to fit them all together. I think there is some magic afoot that the right elements come to you and that it comes together under your loving eye so beautifully.

And congratulations to you and Ari on this milestone. Goodness comes to you because goodness comes from you.xo

Cre8Tiva said...

what a wonderful mother you are...such fine details of your work is still causing chills down my spine...have a blessed day...rebecca

rochambeau said...

I too was wondering about the meat pie, and thought your rendition excellent. I don't have children, but if I did I would feel just like you! It is such an exciting time! I'm so happy for him and for you for this next phase in life!
Thanks for coming to dance with me at the ball! You're a sweetheart.

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Fab work as always ... your rusted elements are amazing Judy - they have so much depth and variety of colour - just WOW....

Best wishes to your whole family during the next month or so, and during the waiting period too ... pretty stressful time I bet....

Jen Crossley said...

I love seeing the panels up close you can see the amazing detail that you add Judy and of course the Yummy Rust!!
It's funny how our kids grow up so fast and I think You would agree.
I can appreciate what Ari is going through with school,as You said my daughter is as well gone through it as well.
Take care

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
You are so clever in the way you constructed the pie tins!! Coincidentally, I just bought an old B&H cig box at a local fleamarket a couple of weekends ago. Let me know if you happen to need another one, and I will put it in the mail.

Congratulations to your son! I can't believe how fast our children grow--I want life to slow down just a tad.


Julie H said...

Wonderful as always - and I too really like the 'blinker' section - it seems these two shared a special freindship!
Congratulations also - it seems you have a lovely son, I have taught a lot of children who 'smirk' when corrected - it sure is hard to tell which are nervous and which are brats.

Kristen Robinson said...

Absolutely gorgeous close ups of the details my friend, incredible as always. Best wishes to Ari as he begins this new journey on his path of life.


Jacky said...

judy your son sure is a charmer, congratulations on reaching this milestone, I think you are so busy bringing children up that you dont know just where the time went. love love panel 3, great seeing photo's of Bob Hawke, how good was it having that photo of them studying the form, your work is so meaningful and tasteful.