10 September 2007


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Studio is a mess

My desk is closing in around me

Stuff everywhere

All over the floor

Normally, highly organised, everything in its right place.

No time to clean up

WARNING: Always use gloves when using liver of sulphur and black patina for solder or your hands will looks like this.

My hands are sooooo swollen and in agony – but at least they look rather GOTH – Michael will probably like that.

Anyone know how to get the stains off my hands – tried the lemon juice routine but to no avail.
But alas, I am getting somehwere.
Thanks for all your amazing comments!!!
Better get back to it.


Sharon Manning said...

Oh my gosh woman!!!!!!!!! Is that a photo of Michael's desk or yours?????? And look at all those open containers on your floor. I am gobsmacked, what has happened to you?
A wonderful thing has happened to you that's what! Maybe a hand cleaner for mechanics might do the trick.
Good luck with getting the panel done on time - I know you will!

She Who Flies said...

The muse has no time to put things away while she is carried on a wave of inspiration and creation :-)

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy what a fabulous collection, I love all your brassy bits. I have the name of a hand cleaner, I'm not sure if you can still get it, I'll email you the details.

Julie H said...

Oh Judy ...
My desk always looks like that-it seems when I tidy it I have put away my muse.
What wonderful treasures you have collected!!!
I hope you get a holiday when this is finished.

shirleymcc said...

It is not mayhem, it is marvelous creative magic.

nina said...

you call THAT a MESS?! lol - at least all of your bits and pieces are organized and in their containers - mine are willy nilly, everywhere. sometimes it is years before i run across them again, which makes for marvelous spontenaity, but lousy when searching for something in particular. as for the hands - not healthy to work with liver of sulphur for extended periods like that. do wear gloves next time...

Kristen Robinson said...

Oh my I adore all of the metal stampings. Within your frenzy of goodies spread about is a wealth of creativity and amazing creations.

Not sure if you can get Kerasal however if you can they make a wonderful foot exfoliant that works wonders on hands that have a bit of nuild up on them be sure to follow up with a strong hand salve to lock the moisture back in.

Sharon said...

It's all out because the muse always has to audition everything. She also never needs much space to do her magic either.

You just have the grandest collection of do-dads.

Judy Wise said...

I LOVE to see the insides of artists' studios - it's almost as good as seeing what they produce. Yours is a reflection of you; complex, full to bursting, fascinating. I just want to stare at everything and see what you have. (nosy me!) Thanks for the visit.

scratchfurry said...

That is a beautiful mess...if you can even call it a mess.
Have any skin colored stains?

(I'm signed in under a different account than you'd recognize)

Steph said...

Great pics ! Nice to see your work area ! And I agree with Nina, it's a rather organized mess !
I saw that link about stain removal , I haven't read it yet so can't tell about hands cleaning solution ... anyhow here's the link : http://www.well.com/~bkoball/stain_removal.pdf

And yes : GLOVES when working with nasty chemicals ( well I should take the advice for myself too ;) !)

Natalie B said...

Judy I love your embellishments. You have some yummy things in there, especially your copper/brass bits and pieces. Good luck with getting the stains off your hands. Unfort I can't suggest anything to get it off.

Jen Crossley said...

Hm Judy what techinque did you use on your hands>>>??? LOL
I love seeing all your bits and pieces,keep going Judy the panel is getting close.
I will be sad when its done though, as it has been an amazing journey and apart of all us bloggers lives. I will be sad to see the end though.What an amazing story teller you are

Leslie said...

I totally buy into the thinking that a creative mind demands a messy desk. I must be really, really creative if it's true. I love your treasures and your dedication!

jo said...

You call that a mess????? I did not have any clear space on my desk and had to spend all of yesterday cleaning it up!! It will only be a matter of time before it is in a sorry state again!
Have you tried using Stazon cleaner? I use that when I get glue, treasure gold etc.. on my hands.

cookster said...

i should post a photo of my tiny studio right now. you would feel really good. i have about 3 places to place my feet to w 25 sq inches of space on my work table. at least you have those nice organizers. certainly it is all a sign of creative genius.

Karen Cole said...

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."


Come to my house. I'll show you a mess.

Ruth Rae said...

Judy, I am sorry you do not win the prize for most messy studio... you still can see your floor! :)
(I think the youtube girl has you by a long shoot!)
as for those hands! oh my! I am such a freak with my hands that I always put on surgical gloves and when they get a little dirty I put oh clean ones!
Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Miss*Laurence said...

Toothpaste is a gentle abrasive, although I'd use an old/new toothbrush!! I am so in awe of the amount of small objects you have, all of them interesting and unusual. I would find it hard not to have them on display all the time, as they may play a crutial part in a new piece but lay waiting somewhere instead.