16 September 2007



Numbers panel 3, that is.

That means the entire piece is finished.

Three long months of very hard work is completed.

I am totally exhausted - mentally and physically.

So today I present to you, the lower section of panel 2.

Please enjoy.

This is the part where Sam and Esther chose to live it up in their new country.

The vintage flower here was an appropriate find being that it seems like it is a waratah - the symbol of New South Wales, the state in which they/we live.

I must ask for your understanding.

My hands are in immense pain.

Hence I can hardly type.

So I am just going to upload images of the 2nd part of panel 2.

Just know that every item,



means something – which I hope to explain when I recover.

“Eshet Chayil” – A Woman Of Valour. This one is for Esther...

This is a prayer that a jewish husband sings to his wife every Friday night before we sit down to eat dinner.

It’s translation is…

A woman of valor, who can find?
Her worth is far above rubies.
The heard of her husband trusts in her
And nothing shall he lack.
She renders him good not evil
All the days of her life.
She opens her hand to the needy
And extends her hand to the poor.
She is robed in strength and dignityAnd cheerfully faces whatever may come.
She openeth her mouth with wisdom.
Her tongue is guided with kindness.
She tends to the affairs of her household
And eats not the bread of idneless.
Her children come forward and bless her,
Her husband too, and he praises her:Many women have done superbly,
Buy you surpass them all.
Charm is deceitful and beauty vain,
But a God-revering woman is much to be praised.
Place before her the fruit of her hands;
Wherever people gather, her deeds speak her praise.
from Proverbs 31

So that is why I used the red rubies.

Bit of a nightmare to glue down I might add.

Thanks to Tricia for the lace and the frame here!

I think Ingrid has forgotton to photograph a number of elements.

Ahh yes Kelsey had the correct answer for this one – it is Glomesh fabric – a fabric bag very popular in the 60’s here.

I love all these vintage elements.

The frames mimick some of the decor

in the Fiszman house.

Whilst you are browsing

Just to let you know that panel 3 was photographed at 8.00am this morning

The panels were picked up at 10.00am.

Special boxes were made to transport them to Roberts home – to minimise damage.

Panel 1

Then 2

Then 3.

Up they went on Roberts wall.

Ready for tomorrow, Monday 17 September, a big day for the Fiszman family.


a park at Bondi Beach is being named in honour of Sam.

It is a very rare tribute indeed but well worthy.

It will be a huge ceremony with lots of political heavyweights. Political friends i will introduce you to in Panel 3.

Then it’s a short stroll down the promenade of Bondi Beach to Robert’s home

where very close family and friends will view “Numbers”.

It will surely be exciting and very very emotional.

I will be taking photo’s of the reactions to the artwork.

What an honour and a privilege for me - to 'put the icing on the cake' - as it were for the family.

To be able to add a small part to this very significant moment for them all.

I hope to stand back and humbly watch esther and her children and grandchildren stick out their chests and stand with pride as The Premier of NSW, one of Robert closest friends, opens the park officially. To honour a man who made a huge difference to the state of NSW, to the city that took him and his family in as refugee's. For Sam believed in giving back.

Now the state is giving him something, on top of all his other honours.

I am so proud to have brought just a small part of his and Esther life story to you. To highlight to you that from the dark days comes hope and light. When I upload panel 3, you will understand more of what i am speaking about.

I cannot believe I finished it in time for this. I don’t think I got more than 2-3 hours of sleep in the last few weeks but now you understand just why it was so important for me to have it done in time for this amazing tribute.

Thanks to all those who commented – as you know it means the world to me.
I so very much appreciate the time each and every one of you takes to type in a comment {{{hugs to you all}}}.

Thank you to all those who sent me private emails encouraging me, willing me on with your support.

Well we did it!!

I will get back to you asap with images of the afternoons events and some of panel 3, when my hands hopefully return to normal.

Thankyou for your patience.

Now I need to rest and catch up on all the things I have left in abeyance for months.

Until tomorrow...


Julie H said...

Oh Judy you know I sit in awe of your art work and the way you have brought this story to life.
Your poor hands ...
I quite often visit friends and walk from Bondi up the coast, you must tell me before my next visit where this park is, I will go and take a moment there.
Hugs to you, warm thoughts and best wishes for tomorrow. I know that all who see these panels will be stunned.

Karen Cole said...

Incredible, Judy. Please photograph the looks on the faces of the family as they see the panels hanging for the first time.

I hope you are making a book of your process and work.

artfulzebra said...

Judy, I only discovered your blog yesterday (from a link on Michael DeMengs blog) and Numbers has totally blown me away. It is absolutely stunning, many congratulations on creating such a wonderful, emotive piece of art. I'm sure the family will adore what you have done.


R2artstudio said...

Congratulations to you!! What an monumental comission you took on, and the results are beyond words! It looks so fantastic mounted on the wall. It should be in a museum. I so admire the fact that you spent so much time and emotion to finish this in time for the ceremony. You should be soooo very pround of this accomplishment! Please take of care of yourself, and pamper those hands.

Steph said...

Awsome ! Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww ! Congratulations Judy !
If you ever write a book, I'll buy it, it will keep company to Michael's book !

Steph said...

I wish I could see it in person !

Judy Scott said...

Im sitting here with tears in my eyes and goosebumps, the passion in your work and words is just incredible, as I write this, Monday is coming to dawn for you, you have a big day ahead and you should be so proud of all you've achieved and completed, you have given everything of yourself mentally and physically you are a true artist. Sending a big hug to you and cant wait to see the photographs of the day, from Judy in Scotland xxx

Sharon said...

Congratulations Judy. I don't know how in this world you were able to find all the perfect elements, place them with the collection of photos and present them in such a dynamic way.
Sleep now and rest your hands.
Thank you for sharing and thank Robert and Esther too for me.

Ro Bruhn said...

Words can't describe the beauty and meaning that goes into your work Judy. This will certainly become THE family heirloom for Robert's family.
I just adore all the elements you've used, especially the ones in these photos, so approporiate.
Take care of those hands, they are so precious to you in your work and have a BIG long sleep

Jen Crossley said...

Judy What an amazing job you have done,the last panel Looks awesome words cant describe how truely talented you are.Robert must be thrilled,I too wish I could see it in person and people reaction to it.Rest now your hands must be in pain.
Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us all

Cindy Dean said...

I am in total awe...incredible...

azirca said...

Congratulations for finishing on time Judy, you must be relieved. What an honour this must be for you to take part in such an amazing experience and have your art displayed for so many to see. You must be so full of emotion right now.

What a ride it has been for you both physically and mentally. As well as feeling many levels of emotions, you must also feel somewhat sad that the work that you spent so much time on and put so much effort into for 3 long months has now gone to it's new home. It must be quite a strange time for you. Not quite like one of your children has left home but I'm sure that you know what I mean.

Enjoy yourself today and be proud of what you have created, for it is absolutely stunning, you have every right to be proud and revel in the OMG! gasps that I'm sure people who see the panels will be doing. Everyone will want to meet the talented artist, my guess is that you will be in hot demand.

You are amazing.
*big hugs*

p.s: I hope that your hands aren't too sore to hold a glass of champagne, you more than deserve it!

Studio Panorama said...

This is so completely and utterly amazing. I cannot even imagine the "blood, sweat and tears" that you put into your pieces. These are beyond belief. Congratulations on some very great work and I do hope your hands feel better soon.

Bev Froese

lindaharre said...

Judy.....You are something else!!!!! I have never met another like you:D So dedicated and honest in your effort to make others happy! WOW....few have had that said about them.....but....you are special, unique and such an artist! I only wish I could meet you in person:) Good Luck tomorrow and you hold your chest out with pride in the happiness you are bringing to other human beings. Take care of yourself now.....it is time:D

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

wowowowowowow - congrats Judy on an awesome work - specially loved the photo of the whole piece on the wall - what a huge effort... and what a wonderful result!

Natalie B said...

Judy this is so awesome!! What an amazing amount of love and work you have put into these pieces. I love the way they look on the wall of Roberts house. What a day it is going to be today. Enjoy, you deserve it. :-)

Ruth Rae said...

What a treat to see the panels hanging! It helps to understand the scope of your work and how many tiny tinny details you have created in each and every inch! And all so wonderfully intriguing and heart felt.

Treat your self kindly, it will take you some time to come down from all the amazing work that has spilled out of your soul!

Lissy said...

Judy your talent is beyond any words I can think of...this looks so amazing and I imagine IRL it is mind blowing....and it is all the intiricate detail and choice of materails etc that makes it so amazing...every piece is significant and not just decorative...I am sure the day will be wonderful - well done Judy :)Enjoy!

thealteredpage said...

Judy: Your work truly defies description. Words cannot adequately describe what you have accomplished here. The level of passion, commitment, and meaning your bring to what you do is truly inspirational. Seth

nancy Gene Armstrong said...

The journey has been grand. I am so excited about the gathering,as if I can attend through your eyes.Getting to see the panels being put up was grand. Please thank the family for sharing their story.It will be in my heart forever.

Ev said...

What more can I add that hasn't been said already. Those panels look stunning on that wall, what you have created will not just be a comment in time on the family but must surely be taken as a tribute to all of the Jewish faith and the endurance of the people. Take good care of your hands, heart and soul for you are a special person.

Judy Scott said...

Hope the day was all you wanted it to be, Judy xx

Pat said...

Congratulations on this moving and visually stunning work.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

wow...congratulations. I bet everyone was in awe.

How do you feel now its finished?

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

ps..finished as in the big day over...(guessing you will read this after the event). Looking forward to the pics.

Sapphire Dakini said...

It's an absolutely incredible piece of work! I can't wait to see what you do next.

Joy said...

Judy, May you revel in the day with pride and love knowing you gave this family such a "gift".
Awesome job!
Ciao' bella, Joy

Kristen Robinson said...

Awe struck is perhaps not the right term however the beauty and meaning of each element has left me without words. It is fitting that this incredible artwork is introduced to the world during such an amazing dedication to Sam.

Susan Tuttle said...

What a finale!!! This whole process has been beyond amazing for you--that is very obvious! I can understand why you feel so drained--a good kind of drained feeling, I am sure.

You are an amazing person and artist--it is a privilege to know you.


Judy Wise said...

You are a hero. There is no other way to put it. The ripples of your strength and love can be felt across the oceans. Who could ask for more in life? Rest now. Blessings on you for everything.

Deb L said...

Stunning and simply awe inspiring... I so wish that I could see the installation of the piece in person. I can imagine that you are emotionally drained after completing this but nourished at the same time. I can not wait to see your next endeavor! xox Deb

Leslie said...

It really is impossibe to add to what has already been said here. But, here I sit tingling and in awe of you and this thorough and magnificent body of work. I look forward to your post of the family's reaction and of course, to your next project. I bow to the master.

gaby said...

I'm sorry for your hands. Maybe when an artist create a stunning work like this some part of his body or his mind must suffer. I can not express with words how wonderful this work is. Maybe these tears in my eyes can say it!

Stacey Mattraw said...

What can I say that hasnt been said, except to tell you your work has reduced me to a blubbering sobfest here in Portland, OR, thank you for sharing this exquisite gift from your heart with all of us.

It and you are magnificent.

Karen Owen said...

Girl, you're amazing! Truly! I am so happy you showed it installed on the wall because I wondered about the size. Now I can envision it. I would love to see it in person.

I'm sorry you're so exhausted that even your hands hurt, but I know you have to be feeling immense personal satisfaction at this unbelievable accomplishment. If not, you should be.

I have learned so much as you shared each section with us. My life has been deeply enriched.

Thank you!


lklight said...

Wow Judy, congratulations on completing this amazing piece of work.
And thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

Teresa said...

Judy, I have read your blog over the past few months, quite often with tears in my eyes. What an absolute masterpiece - a fitting tribute to an incredible story, sadly like so many others of the time. Thanks so much for taking us along on your journey. I feel such pride for you. Now go look after those hands!

kelsey said...

My thoughts echo everyone else's Judy, the absolute splendour of how this must look in the flesh just can't be imagined! I LOVE how it looked being placed on the wall and I can just imagine how you could get lost in the amazing elements that you've included to tell a most powerful, dramatic and touching story. Kudo's....heck....BIG FAT kudo's to you girl for a wonderful gift to this family, and to us, your loyal readers. ;-)

shirleymcc said...

Thank you for taking us along during this entire journey with you. The works are beyond description in all that they convey, but the message is clear and pure.
I hope your hands recover quickly and that you relish this moment, as you have created something that will transcend all of us.
I am honored to have been a witness to this journey.

teresa said...

this is THE MOST wonderful piece of artwork i have gazed at in the longest of times. What a way to assemble this artwork into a story. the size alone reflects the thought & time & soul put into this piece. you should be beaming with pride. I only wish I could view in person for myself. you go girl! Thank goodness I found the link on artful adventures blog. I will be viewing your blog for more fantastic, heart pumping inspiration.