15 August 2007


See what happens when you need a break from work and surf the blog world.

I discovered that the lovely Sherry had given me this award.
Thanks so much Sherry I very much appreciate it and feel honoured that you chose me to recieve it.
Apparently this award comes means the following...
"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

So now I need to nominate 7 people to recieve it.
I really really do hate this part...
I will post the names at the end of this post.


This is my mate Adam.
He was not very happy that I was taking his photo, either that or someone just smashed something in the kitchen.
He and my other friend Nicky own the best cafe in Sydney.
They inject me with my much needed caffeine hits - sometimes twice a day - depending how wired I need to be to keep working at a frenetic pace.
I pull up in my car and as I walk in the door, I am greeted with this...

Don't you just love the heart!
Nice way to start the morning, would'nt you say?
They are the best and have the best coffee in Syndey.
My middle son has been begging me for ages to come on his boat and zip out and look at one of his "favourite" boats on teh harbour.
So off we went but his boat wouldn't start - GREAT!!!!
No problem for him, he just speeds off to The Commodore of the Yacht Club, gets the keys for the Clubs tender - not shy, my son - and off we go.
So cute.

With all the amazing boats in Sydney harbour he wanted me to see this one for obvious reasons.
he is so gorgeous. And there is nothing like a day on Sydney harbour.
The other day I recieved these packages from the USA.
I saw I had recieved this absolutley awesome, elegant and stunning mail art box from my friend, the ever so talented, Rande.
I would normally rip right into my packages.
I just sat there for the longest time, staring at it. It was so so nice.
In the evening I opened it up to find the lovliest goodies - I was so spoilt, believe me - lots of rusty items, fabric, trims, Vintage Optometric lenses (my favourites) and the list goes on. There were a few items in the box that I was so so so excited to recieve as I needed them for "Numbers".
No, I won't tell you what they are, you will have to wait and find out.
How funny that Rande embossed - "Far and Away" - it certainly is far from Australia to the USA - I loved that Rande.
We all know its far - look at the postage cost!!!
Thankyou again Rande, you made me feel so special with your gifts.
I have been trying a new rust technique.
The numbers I threw in later than the other pieces but after 2 hours just look at that vertigres.
Isn't it amazing!!!
From brass to that green patina in 2 hours, I could not believe how well it was working.
If you want the recipe, you can email me and i will be happy to oblige.
My gorgeous friend Kristen requested to look at her mates' studio's as she posted her sensational shabby-chic studio on her blog. Well, at this moment, I can't possibly photograph it as there will be too many sneak peaks at panel 2 of "NUMBERS" - (and it's in such a mess).
Soon you will see there is rust all over my desk. I bet Michael is loving this!!!
I promise I will get to it soon Kristen.
Take a shiney and brand new tin like this - admire it and think to yourself as I did - if only my
friends could see me doing this they would not believe it.
Cut it with your - "cuts just about absolutely everything you can imagine, Tim Holtz scissors.
(Love those little teeth things the blades have on them Tim, yet another brillliant product).
Yes indeed, no Dremel required!
Paint it...
Add rusting agent...
Smash it a bit... alot if you are in a really bad mood.
And voila!!!
Then you can spend about half a day running around Sydney looking for Federation and/or Victorian houses/ terraces and beg the occupants to let you rip their pressed tin cielings apart.
Hmmm, no luck there, but after alot of Detective work, I managed to find a massive hoard and did this...
Sorry, can't show you the next stage. I told you it was a sneak peak after all. My apologies. It is part of Panel 2.
Oh, here Kristen, this one is for you!!!
My, ever so rust laden self healing mat, which I use on top of my larger self healing mat.
This time is an almost all Australian line-up of my mates and fellow bloggers.
I want to nominate my lovely friend
Karen (who blames me for her entering the blog world, thankfully she did)
Hope you are all having a nice week.
Sorry about the formatting - Blogger has gone crazy - yet again!


Ro Bruhn said...

Thanks Judy for the award, you would also qualify on my list.
I love the rust effect, may I please have the recipe.
Those scissors must be like sharks jaws, I would have thought the dremel would have been needed to cut through that. I've been letting sparks fly tonight with my dremel cutting through brass beads.
I love the sound of your treasures, how wonderful to receive the old lenses.
Thanks for sharing your 'how to' as well re the rust, I'd also love to see in your studio.

Sharon Manning said...

1. Thank you so much for nominating me for the "Nice" award.
2. I miss Adam! and his coffee, I wish the net had smellavision!
3. Steve definitely wants the rust recipe....he actually got in the shed on the weekend and banged around in there for hours - then proceeded to ask me a number of technique questions with a grin on his face - art techniques of course.
4. I cannot believe what your desk looks like woman! My G-d. I am speechless.
5. I am visualising "your middle son" asking the Commodore for the key.....makes me smile alot that son of yours!!!!!
6. Panel 2 looks like it's coming along nicely.
Talk to you soon!
Take Care

Kristen Robinson said...

What a perfect post Judy. I think I just fell in love with a cup of coffee, rusty victorian pieces (okay I think we both I know I was in lovve with these years ago) and a boat in the harbor. What a fantatic voyage through your day! So kind of you to nominate such wonderful deserving people..and too share your wonderful tips.


Sharon said...

Thank you for all the sharing today. Loved all of it. Now, because I keep coming here I have started to crave rust and all the darkness that you accomplish in your art. So I would love to know how you managed this new bit of rust or rather green on the brass.

Julie H said...

Hi Judy
Thank you so much for the nomination,how kind - and right back at you!
I would like your recipe too. I use two household products, but the stink is baaaaaad and I have to put them outside.
As to the coffee - it looks great, next time I am in Sydney a visit will be tempting.
How lovely that you have a son who wants to share things with his Mum, so many don't.

Jen Crossley said...

Congrats on your blog award you deserve it.I have those scissors hm cant wait to chop through some metal LOL
The rust looks amazing Im dribbling here (doing a homer)LOL

Lissy said...

Gee Judy - thanks for the award :) Love the gorgeous mail you recieved...there is something so nice about getting a package of goodies in the post! Have a great day :)

Leslie said...

It's always fun to stop by and see what you're up to Judy! I would also love the green patina recipe as well as the rust agent you used. Love my Tim Holtz scissors too!
Nice mail art.

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Hey Jude - thanks for thinking of me re. the award - and you know that I would send one back to you too!!! :)
Your aging techniques never cease to amaze me, you really are in your element with rust and aged objects!! :D ......I've been rusting fabric recently, so would love your recipe for rusting solids - always dreaming of joining the 3D world! LOL....


lindaharre said...

Judy......all of these elements are wonderful! What a great gift!!!! I would love to have the recipe for the patina......thanks for offering:D I have been browsing again through your blog and you AMAZE ME!!!! Your work is Spectacular and your attention to detail puts most artists to shame! I enjoy your work soooooooo much and am so happy that you post and share it....hugs, Linda

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

Congratulations on your nice matters award.

You share so many wonderful creative things on your site and show off the city of Sydney at its best. Would you be so kind as to share your recipe for rusting?

Karen Owen said...

I feel as if I spent the day with you - with the sailing, and coffee, and rusting and smashing things. What fun!


Linda Manning Findley said...

love all the cool things you do your blog is just super ...

I am tagging you with WEIRD ... go to my blog and check out the information and see my WEIRD ... http://theartsook.blogspot.com

Chris Millar said...

I love coming here and seeing what you've been up to Judy! Always lots of fun and interesting stuff!!! Glad you're having a great time creating and experimenting!

meganpickwell said...

What a wonderful harbour it is to spend a day on. lovely treasures and packages, and thankyou for sharing the fact your studio isn't always super tidy (I'm sure it's back to it's pristine state by now though!)
Congrats on a well deserved award, you are indeed a generous blogger - those scissors sound like a must have!

Jo Wholohan said...

OMG Judy these tins look sssooo devine!!! I want to rip into the screen and touch them :)) Cant wait to see what you do with it....

Karen Cole said...

Oh my goodness!!!!....the only american on the list! I am honored.As soon as I get my brain back to the "real world", since returning from my trip last night, I will post it on my blog.

Wish list....recipe for great rust...I see a cookbook in your future. ....and a pair of those scissors.....plus, how about getting one of those 360 degree cameras into your studio and posting that.

Marie said...

..to funny about the Ning Nong thing. I've had a few folk email me and say it was a term used by earlier generations..who'd have thought!
Love the rusting stuff.