21 August 2007



About ten days ago I stumbled upon a book in my ever growing collection.

It is titled “Blessed Is The Match”. It’s one of the many books I took from my parents house - with their permission naturally.

It does not have a pretty dust-jacket and it doesn’t even have anything nice on the cover.

At the time, was looking for an appropriate book cover, this one being plain did not particularly interest me. But I decided to have a browse anyway, not sure why.

I nearly kicked myself for not having examined ot thorougly before and consequently using it in panel 1 for its contents were related exactly to panel 1.

Anyway I thought there was a possibility of using it panel 2 somehow – even if it meant just using something from within. had to wait and see.

So I left it open on the floor near this stack of books. Now you may undersand just why I have not looked in all of my vintage books.

Then I freaked and had one of those – "I have to clean this place up" moments.
I shut the book, thinking,
Oh, no problem, I will remember this book.

However, when I went back to the stack to find it, well, I couldn't find it cos I had cleaned up the books hadn't I.

Yes, indeed, lots and lots of books.

Books all over my studio when I am working on a piece.

Some under my table, near my feet.

Some under my table in front of my feet.
Oh look, just noticed that little tack that I dropped the other day.

Some books stacked on top of one of my set of drawers
that house my huge sheets of paper.

Then there's the ones directly behind me

And the ones to my left, under my "quick - grab" table -you know the table you have next to you to keep those special pieces that you almost can't use because you love the pieces so much.

This is the table that is to my left so I can grab things quickly when working on a piece. The one that starts to pile high with bits and pieces.

Naturally I wanted to find this particular book yesterday. But I looked and looked and looked and could not find it. So I gave up.

Then I needed another book for one of the final pieces in panel 2 of “Numbers”. I knew what I was trying to say for this piece but needed to find something pertinent as a space had opened up in the top part of panel 2.

I move pieces around near the end, to get the positioning correct and to ensure that I have not forgotton anything or anyone.
I was a bit (slight under-exaggeration) frustrated and called out to Sam for some help.

I went on the hunt again and decided to look in the book mentioned above. I could not believe that the title, which also related to the photo I wanted to use was the very same book I had been looking for yesterday. I had completely forgotton what it looked like. I was looking for a different cover alltogether. The title just seems so odd for the subject matter.
Didn't matter in the end, Sam knew!
Thanks Sam.

Can’t tell you more but here are some sneak peaks for you.

Nothing like some rust and a vintage copper stamping.

There are some really really old rusty mechanisms in this panel too - they fitted the theme.
Rust is in abundance

It’s a good thing Robert lives right on the beach - everything is going to rust anyway.

So I thought I would help facilitate the process.
I have used alot more gold and brass in this panel - goes with the mood of the images.

I bet only the Aussies can guess what material ...
this piece has in it!!!

Gold leaf was especially useful too.
Warning: - don't use the gold leaf on a windy day, especially when your studio door decides to fly open just at that crucial moment!!!

Well I think I should be finished this panel in about a week or so – on the final stages now.
That's the best part, adding all the little embellishments, the fine detail.
It's what I love best.



Ro Bruhn said...

I'm guessing Judy, could it be corrugated iron?
Love your collection of old books and another glimpse into your studio.
I so know that can't find feeling. I lost a pair of scissors and couldn't see them sitting right in front of me because I was looking for orange handles, not brown.
I love the way this panel is shaping up, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece.


Suzan-- said...

Dearest Queen--OH HOW you tease us!! I am guessing that your "secret" material is either 1)crocodile or 2)snake skin. Do I get a prize if I am right??...and if I am right--did Crocodile Dundee capture the said animal for you??LOL....Anyway--I can't wait until you show us MORE (holding my breathe until you do)--Hurry--I am already turning blue..and in a week--it's probably NOT going to be a pretty site....

(afflicted with glittery pink bunny disease)

Sharon said...

Oh you are such a tease. The mystery material is very snake-e-fied. I can't wait to see...well I guess I will have to.
Love all you books everywhere. Why do your stacks of books look so artistic? Mine just look like a mess.

izabella said...

oh my! the sneak peaks are torcherous, I can't wait to see the finished piece! Whenever I gaze at your work my heart pounds a little faster :)

can't figure out what the material is, it does look a lil snakish but then again the scales look too round?!

xo!! ~Bella

lklight said...

These are so beautiful, they make my toes curl!!!!
What IS it about vintage books?
Whenever I buy another book I wonder about that. Looking inside seems to be an afterthought anymore. I buy books for the look & feel of the cover, how worn they are, the faded colors, the rounded corners,the marbled pages & the worn spine. It's one of the few things that I still hoard, it takes a lot for me to be able to use a vintage book in my artwork.
Can't judge a book by it's cover??? HA! Maybe it's just the rebel in me !!!
BTW, my vote is also crocodile or snake...whatever it is, it's beautiful.

Karen Cole said...

Are you always such a teaser????

Your book collection is incredible.

It looks like the chainmail you showed us awhile back. But that isn't just an Australian piece.

More wonderful work, Judy.

Karen Owen said...

What fun to have those glimpses into your studio!


Leslie said...

Even your sneak peeks are exciting to look at! I also love your collection of old books. I have a few myself, but nothing like you have! I lose things all the time too. Looking forward to seeing more!

Jen Crossley said...

Judy dont tell me its snake skin!!! Well dear Judy I think you have a slight book fetish LOL.
YOur next panel looks amazing I love the little snipettes Im so close to the computer screen to take it all in. Cant wait to see the rest you give me goose bumps when I see your work

kelsey said...

Well Judy, I'll guess as well....looks suspiciously like my old glomesh bag to me!!!! Which I STILL have by the way...a very stylish black shoulder bag with gold chain. I knew I was keeping it for something! lol

Looks like this is shaping up to be a fantastic piece too, look forward to more peeks!

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Hmmmm .... looks too uniform for a natural substance, so I will go with Kelsey's bag ... great thinking!
Love your book collection BTW ... (she says, drooling...)LOL

R2artstudio said...

Oh, another booklover, and someone who has more books than me!! And they all look so interesting. Wish my stacks looked so artistic. Again, even the snaek peeks are like pieces of art. So many interesting bits, and I'm sure each with it's own story. Can hardly wait for more.

fromthepines said...

Old books piled everywhere? I'm glad I'm not the only one!


azirca said...

I'm like you Judy I love adding the finishing touches to a piece, it really brings everything that has been in your mind together.

I want to sit in your studio and stare at all of your beautiful vintage books.

shirleymcc said...

I love seeing that someone else is as messy as I am :-)

dear Judy, your work continues to amaze me, and I can't wait to see what you create next.

Kristen Robinson said...

More amazing bits of incredible creations my friend.

I love the books, truly piles of lovely words put to the page to live there forever.

So glad you shared more peeks into your studio.


Julie H said...

Judy, I have to clean the dribble off my keyboard, I am drooling again. Love the serendipity of your work. And, so looking forward to seeing the whole.

kate said...

I am amazed at your book collection ... well envious too! Your work is wonderful and I'll check back to see the finished piece. Crocodile?

Tricia Scott said...

i have to say i had the same thought sharon had---your book piles look much prettier than mine! lol!
love the snippets of the new work!!!

Deryn Mentock said...

Judy, email me with your addy and I'll send you some of that brass trim you expressed interest in...

Jo Wholohan said...

Ohhh Judy, your books are fantastic, I love that little sneak peak into other artists lives.... your work on the 2nd panel is looking fantastic, so inviting!!!

jo and jacky said...

Your stack of books is amazing!! Something I aspire to collect myself!
Me thinks that it looks like snake skin. Just loving all these sneak peeks that show the detail and works in progress. Your blog has really gathered quite a following, as we all keep checking to see your latest updates.
By the way, Artful Blogging is great, but your blog is just as good as all the ones in there!
Love Jo xoxo

nina said...

judy - you are a piece of work. loved the phone call from your 3:30am time frame. i am loving the work you are doing more and and more and more, how can it continue to get any better?! sending love - xo

Elaine Kerr said...

Mmm-hmm.... her books may be older than mine, but the stash on her studio floor isn't any tidier! ;D