13 August 2007



Yes indeed, my twilight zone happening are continuing whilst on work on panel 2 of "Numbers".

Happening 1...

It so happens that many of my clients have had books written about them or their experiences. Such is the case with Sam and Esther. I do get a copy of the book and read it prior to embarking on a Visual Anthology.

Whilst reading this book...

I decided I wanted to add a photo of the ship, the SS Derna, that brought so many migrants and Holocaust victims to Australia.

So me being me I rang the author who happens to live in Sydney and who is well aquainted with my parents. Well, Diane Armstrong was busy with her next book and would only have been able to have given me the photo a couple of weeks after my request. Plus the photo's were copies, not originals.

Hmm, I wanted one then and there, so I contacted another friend whose father was on the same ship but her dad passed away last year and she was not sure he had any photo's.

As it happened my mother popped over for a cup of tea the next afternoon. I mentioned that I rang Diane. To my surprise, my mother said...
"Oh, last night we had dinner with someone and someone (names witheld)".
"I have known her for over 50 years and only last night did I discover that she was on the same ship as Sam and Esther. Give her a call.

So I called the lady in question and BINGO!!!

She had the original photo's of the ship and the passengers and she was the one who provided Diane with the images for the book.


Remember how we were not sure who the other kids were in this photo.

And remember how I was telling you about how I needed/wanted a photo of the lady who was responsible for Sam and Esther being able to migrate to Australia.

And remember how I said it was my friend Annika's grandmother.

Well, last night I went to Annika's place and got the photo I needed to start panel 2.

Sure I could have just retrieved the one photo.

But, as happens with these Visual Anthologies, it has become apparent that when I am researching the stories and retrieving photo's, not ever seen by the recipient, that the people I contact start going on their own familial journey.

Such was tha case with Annika.

I took home a scrapbook/project she had done in high school about her family. The original photo's were stuck in the book so i wanted to scan them as they were.


Annika's grandmother is pictured here with five of her eight siblings.


He is the same boy, only a bit older pictured in the photo with baby Sam.

I love it!!!!!!!!!

Next week I am going with Annika to see her father who is very unwell and we will try and work out for sure who the little girl is, we are pretty sure it's one of the 9 children in this family.

By the way, all 8 of Annika's grandmother's siblings were killed in the Holocaust.

How she survived and was able to bring Sam and Esther to the haven that is Australia is part of panel 2's story. For that, you will have to wait a bit longer.

I am working feverishly on the panel.

I will upload some photo's or sneaks in the next couple of days.


Karen Owen said...

Truly amazing! You're leaving me hanging because I can't wait to see and hear more about panel 2.


Suzan-- said...

I was thinking of a poor dog salivating while someone held a T-bone steak, inches away..LOL..Take your time Judy--we know it'll be worth the wait!!

Thank you for visiting my blog--it's like the Queen coming for a visit..LOL..I go to bed every night now, and pray--"just let me be half the artist that this lady(you) is.."...then I wake up, and glitter some stupid bunny, because he's cute...**snicker..

Have a wonderful happy day!!


Night Owl Designs said...

Hi Judy, thanks for your kind comments on my blog :-) Yes, acetate is fun stuff; it also looks great crumpled up and torn! Sephi

Leslie said...

I love that the pieces are falling into place for you. They do, you know, because you work so hard to make them.

I wait patiently with the others to see what happens next.

Jen Crossley said...

Judy cant wait to see panel 2,you work so hard on these projects and thats what makes them so special because of your dedication

Lissy said...

Sounds like the panel is going to come together well - looking forwrd to seeing it :)

jo and jacky said...

This is obviously a journey you are supposed to take and Sam is paving the way for you!
Looking forward to panel 2!
Love Jo xoxo

Julie H said...

wzsgThese stories gave me goose bumps, I really think God wants these stories told. I too am looking forward to the next piece and yet want to make this learning process last.

Cindy Dean said...

Wow. I guess it was meant to be. I always believe that things happen for a reason but reading your stories of this journey make me even more of a believer! looking forward to seeing the next piece.

Jess said...

Incredible story. So fun to hear your journey as you go through this. I am waiting with anticipation for the next update!

Kristen Robinson said...

What an incredible journey this has been thus far I am eager for the rest of it at the same time I want the story to go on and on. These moments, these gifts are truly meant for you Judy, one who knows how to give them a renewed life, to pass on a legacy that needs to be passed on!


Ro Bruhn said...

I think you must send out vibes Judy, they say if you put it out there strong enough it will happen. I know I can clear a car park when I start requesting a vacant car space in my sometimes hurried lunch break.

You put so much into your research, you reap the rewards.

Tricia Scott said...

what wonderful synchronicities! a sign that what you are doing is blessed. :)
i am anxiously awaiting panel 2 and i am sending you lots of high energy vibes and also a wish for you to take good care of yourself as you expend all of your energy into your work.

lots of hugs!
also---thank you for my well wishes. i am feeling all better now!:)

Cre8Tiva said...

judy...how serendipitious...it seems that your were destined to tell this story my dear...i still want to make it a book...i believe this project is as rewarding and remarkable as giving birth...how blessed we are who have glimpsed this birthing through you...i await the next view...blessings, rebecca

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Hi J ... I was just reading thru and came to the pic of all the kids lined up, and, of course, thought... "what a fab picture....etc, etc..."... I then read the next part of your post .... reality strikes hard.... what a mixture of emotions your art brings......

She Who Flies said...

It seems to me that some creative projects are carried by (if not born out of) an energy that transcends them and their creator, one which resorts to amazing synchronicities which allow the magic to unfold before your eyes. Your current project seems to be blessed in such a way. I love your stories and can't wait to see panel 2.