22 July 2007


The second half of panel 1.

Now this panel is the largest.

Both pieces are held together by chains.

This post will not be so much of the what happened but the why I used the materials, colours and textures to convey messages. Most of my clients have no idea why I choose what I do but when they view the piece I go through the finer details with them.

Malka Fizman.

Remember those sneak peak textures I posted, well this is what they were for.
Two frames one for Sam’s mother Malka and his father Abraham, both killed in the Warsaw Ghetto.

This rusted element was from the stash I received recently and posted… remember.

These were the ones.

But in order to make it relevant to the piece I rusted and aged it. Gosh it took ages to do – lots and lots of layers to get it to look like this.

The idea for ageing these frames as such was because I wanted the pieces to look not only era appropriate but because many people just grabbed what they could of their possessions, even ripping pictures off walls. This will come to light in a few more images to come. The elements would hardly be shiney and new after 65 years or so.

All the name plates were hand stamped by me with metal stamps on either cooper or brass sheets and plates. When stamping the minute names – it is quite difficult but I certainly didn’t want it to look perfect – it does not suit this piece to do so.

First I stamp and then age the metals in a solution. Then I get out the blowtorch and fire away. Each piece becomes unique as the ageing solution ages where it desires as does the firing with the blowtorch – which I think adds to the aged look and appeal.

4 Generations

This is 4 generations of the family. Sam’s mother is probably taking the photo.
Remember that it was 4 generations killed at the same time.

And for what???

I backed the photo onto a sheet of pure copper and used a brass nameplate for it.

Why did I use pure copper?

According to Jewish mysticism the materials one uses for, lets say, jewellery or art work have some influence for either obstructing or enhancing the power of that piece or the message being conveyed. There are pure and compound materials (alloys), perishable and non-perishable materials.

Iron, wood, stone and alloy of zinc (and others) are perishable materials which can obstruct the energy.

So it is important for me to consider the materials I use in my art. Sounds a bit crazy I know, but in the end I believe, if all the energies going into the piece are a match, then the final result ought to yield a strong and good energy.

Gold, silver, leather and copper are pure, non-perishable materials thus their energy supports the writing. Among the metals there are differences between copper and gold.

Gold is from the sphere of law (Din), and helps only to those who deserve help. Gold will either provide very strong assistance or none at all.

Copper, also brass and bronze, belongs to the sphere of essence (Yesod) which gives and takes equally so it is a sure platform for writing.

As you will see more in the next piece, I have used leather and a brass plate on top of the leather.

Why I backed the 4 generations photo in green fabric…

Kabballistically speaking, the colour green corresponds to the "Sefirah" (level) of Beauty.

Green represents the colour of the heart. With the heart we seek completion to mend our brokenness. Hence I thought it fitting for the colour to back this photo.

Also, the green fabric – which is hard for you to see has leaves on it. I am not referring to the very back fabric – that I am leaving the explanation of for the final post. So the leaves represent the tree of life – here 4 generations of a family tree and as we know now lost to this family.

BUT, the very fact that I am doing this art piece 60 years later is testament to survival. The tree of life for this family continues…

I just wanted you to know that I choose colours for symbolic reasons – which I have not pointed out in other pieces but when I remember I will.

Sam and Bereg:

These 2 photo’s are of Sam and his friend Bereg.

Backed on a vintage book, the ageing, sanding firing took ages.

I added a piece of hand made marbled paper that look firey to the inside and backside covers.

The fabric choice represents Holocaust Era.

These are photo’s captured when cooking, baking and work related - the family assumes in the ghetto. Food was scarce and all the Jews were fenced into the ghetto – hence the use of the rusted grate and wire.

For the second photo I use chains to frame the photo as, at that time, they were chained – not free to live as they pleased. Chained to the Nazi’s every whim.

To be continued...


craftyhala said...

You have all this information in your beautiful head...I am in awe of you. I have been looking up meanings of things that I want to use in art now...even about a pineapple!
See what you've done to me? you've made me a "thinking" artist!
You're the best.

Steph said...

So deep... so amazing ...

Anonymous said...

You work is inspiring. I am not Jewish but I am religious and inspired by your work. May we never forget. I wonder what kind of art/and other work will come from those involved in the wars of this day. I pray that Divine Providence will soften the ravages of this war for all involved, and aren't we all in one way or another? Thank-you for sharing your heart through your art. Arlene

Lissy said...

The complexity of all this is fascinating :)You must spend hours sourcing the perfect materials.

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Judy you're work just gets more and more amazing!!!!! Just love your feel for textures and colour, and your talent for bringing out these qualities in your elements is very inspiring!!

R2artstudio said...

It's so amazing how you can put so much meaning into every little bit of paper, scrap of fabric, or piece of metal. Do you somehow include the meanings of all the parts, so everyone can appreciate all that you have created? Now and in the future.

Jen Crossley said...

The intense detail you add to your work is truely inspirational,all these elements add to the feel and emotion you are trying to put across.The sensitive issues you have to put into words and pictures,you indeed do them justice Judy .A true artist in every sense of the word

Sharon said...

I continue to be amazed with you and your art. I'm left with no words ..... except thank you

Megan Pickwell said...

Judy, your work is so puposeful, thankyou for sharing it so selflessly with us.
Megan x

Julie H said...

You know how much I appeciate your work - so I won't say more than, how special to have included Nina knotts.

She Who Flies said...

What a soulful project you've undertaken! And what you shared so far is so... moving... I'm speechless... I echo Sharon's words: Thank you.

lindaharre said...

Oh Judy.....another wonderful, meaningful piece of art! OMGoodness, you put so much into your pieces....your heart and soul, not to mention your talent:D So noteworthy your work is..........

azirca said...

I want to be just like you when I grow you when I grow up! ;)

Seriously though Judy, I've said it before and I will say it again, you are one of a kind.

Karen Cole said...

Again.....love looking at the closeups of your details.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your use of texture and detail is incredible Judy. I'm amazed how you can turn some shiny metal objects into pieces that look they've been around forever.

I would have liked to see you and Michael working on your collaborative piece, you with your blow torch and Michael letting the sparks fly with his dremel.

Joy said...

I am continually amazed by your work, Judy. Your attention to EVERY detail is unquestionably incomparable. Your techniques have taken great strides and I love hearing about them. thanks for sharing.
miss ya' Joy

Susie said...

Judy!!!! Once again your art and observations have touched my heart and left me in awe. You truly have been blessed with an understanding and a sensitivity that few people on this earth ever posses and that you can so eloquently share it with others through both your writing and the visual of such a stunning piece of artwork...we are the ones who should feel grateful for what you are sharing with us and allowing us to understand through your eyes and hands.
Many many hugs from across the waters...Susie

Leslie said...

Yours is the most powerful, compelling and moving blog I've read . . . ever. I am so glad that you share your work.

Sue McGettigan said...

Powerful pieces - thanks for explaining the meaning behind the materials you chose to use. I'm always drawn to copper before other metals, and to green. Your artwork is compelling - thanks for sharing the details.

Mim Stella said...

Wow. wow. wow

Erica said...

Judy, since I discovered your blog I look forward to your posts with both pleasure and pain, pleasure because I am in constant awe of your work and get so much inspiration from seeing it, but I end by reading with tears in my eyes.
Years ago we knew a lady who was an Auschwitz survivor, she never said much about it and always had such a pleasant personality that you didn't think much about it but later she wrote a book about her experience and it was so hard to read it and realise the truth of what she had been through

lindaharre said...

Judy.....I have given you the "Rockin Girl Blogger Award"...check it out on my site:) Hugs, L.

Judy Wise said...

There is so much to be learned from each of these recent posts. About the materials you use and the thought and love that goes into every moment of your creative process. This kind of work is tranformational. I am in awe.

Tricia Scott said...

judy, you amaze and inspire me!

i also wanted to share that twice today someone mentioned the word kabbalah to me and also a new friend showed me a painting of the tree of life she she bartered for. i felt a pull in my heart/soul each time.

hmmm....i went to our libraries' site and requested a few books to learn more.

Sharon Manning said...

Can't wait for another install!
You are an amazing artist Judy.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Judy,
I am so intrigued with your metal aging process--I can just picture you wielding the blowtorch. How did you learn to do that?

The frames you created have incredible color and texture--amazing!

I was very interested in reading about use of appropriate materials to allow the good energies to flow.

Thanks for teaching me lots of new things in your informative post.


Cre8Tiva said...

your process has so many growing edges...i love to watch it...thank you for giving us a glimps...blessings, rebecca

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Judy you are amazing.
I can't believe the incredible detail in your work.

Nicole said...

Again fabtacular work, amazing ;-)

Judy Scott said...

The work here is amazing and so moving ~ Judy x