04 July 2007



A little while ago I was blog surfing and found Trisha Scott's site.

I immediately fell in love with her art work.

One day I saw this gorgeous piece of art...

I had just finished the "Of Elephants and Dreams" book and had used a transparency in a similar fashion. I remembered commenting on this and at some point Trisha commented on my book.

The funny thing was that this piece was called Betty which is my mums name and I thought it reminded me of a photo of my mum when she was a small child.

Since then we have the "mutual admiration society" thing happening. After seeing her gorgeous painting of the Red Shoes,

I left another comment explaining the significance of "The Red Shoes" to me and my family.
Anyway, today I recieved an incredibly generous package from Trisha and in it was the Betty art work, amongst lots of other goodies.
Thanks Trisha. Your piece of art is in my studio awaiting a frame and will be put up on my wall poste-haste - I love it.
Working hard:
Just finishing panel one of the Sam and Esther wall art piece. There will be three panels in total.
Will have some sneak peaks in a couple of days hopefully. Better get back to it.


Sharon Manning said...

These artworks look awesome Judy, lucky thing! Can't wait to see the new collage and congratulations on getting the collaboration with Michael published, then we can all get to see the "whole picture"!
Take care.

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh but you are a lucky girl....I love Trisha`s work, and start following them on her Flickr stream..and later her blog
I loved this spesific piece as well.....such a great thing to do

Ro Bruhn said...

Lucky you Judy, I love the red shoes painting

Tricia Scott said...

oh judy! i was just sitting down and going through my email. i was so pleased to read that your goodies arrived safe and sound. like i mentioned i just wanted to gift you with betty. she needed a good home and i knew right away she was yours. :) you are such an inspiration to so many of us, judy, and really it was my pleasure.
a big hug to you!

eb said...

I love Tricia's work as well and have been snooping around over there...

also loved your elephant book - so rich and amazing as is all of your work

xox - eb.