11 June 2007


Ingrid asked me, on behalf of 3 families to do a page for and 50th album. You may recall Ingrid is the photographer who shot the recent photo's of Michael and I.

So the story goes that these four families take it in turn to celebrate Sabbaths and Holy-days together at each of their homes.

I decided to represent each families home that were giving the gift.

The transparencies on each door of the house come from a 14th century manuscript. It is hebrew calligraphy and is part of the prayers that represent the 3 Holy Days they get together on. It's a bit hard to see I know but you get the idea.

This is what you see when you open the door.

If you read my previous post you will know why the hand and the eye are there too. The decorative part of this hand is done with real Henna too!

All the families migrated here from South Africa about the same time so I collaged pages from a tale of two cities in the background.

The tree holding the 50 is a tree of life representation!

Just a bit of a detailed image for you.


Can anyone help me out here.

I need a relatively large file of an image similar to this one, its a phrenology head. I had to blur out what was written there, but I need the original if possible.

I would be so grateful if anybody can steer me in the right direction. The image needs to be about 700kb.


Annieta Vries said...

Dear Judy, unfortunately I can not help you out there with the head, but I just HAD to tell you how beautiful - more then beautiful - the page is that you made for the album. Real art! I truly love to visit your blog every now and then! Greetings from The Netherlands, Annieta Vries.

Izabella said...

I see book deal in your future ;) these last pieces are amazing!!

also loved reading about your heritage & the meaning behind your banner....I guessed a few of them correctly~

xo!! ~Bella

Karen Owen said...

This page is incredible. So much depth and detail and all the symbolism -- beautiful work.

I would look at Dover Publications for the phrenology head. I'm fairly sure they'll have it but the problem is will take a long search. I have a rubber stamp of the image, and that is made by Stamper's Anonymous.


katie said...

your work is stunning, judy. i am swept away by beauty every time i come to your blog, and am constantly learning new things about history and your heritage as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Judy,

don't know if these are of any help to you, but it's what I was able to find:



ps. love, LOVE, LOVE what you create!

Best wishes from Barcelona, Spain

Sapphire Dakini said...

I love your work!

Natalie B said...

Judy this is awesome! Thank you for showing so much detail with your pics. I'm a very visual person and love to feel things while I'm looking. But I truly feel like I'm looking at these pics IRL if you know what I mean. Beautiful work and the families will be blown away with so much thought and love gone into this work.

azirca said...

Hi Judy, I visit your blog often but I have never commented before. You are ultra talented and I love all of your pieces. I absolutely love this piece that you have done, what an amazing gift for your friends families 50th, I am sure that they will treasure it.

I would love to be able to help you out with the phrenology head, funnily enough I have just finished creating a piece using the exact same image, but unfortunately it is not the size that you require. If you get totally stuck and are able to use a smaller sized image let me know, I am more than happy to pass it on to you. As someone else suggested Dover Publications would be a good place to look for it in a bigger resolution.

kind regards
Speak Without My Voice

Karen Cole said...

Judy, Judy ,Judy,

I still have visions of you sitting by yourself with the shoe form in Tuscany wondering what to do.

You are incredible. If only you had not dismantled it. What could it have become? You have such vision!

Alas, I have not had time to search the phrenology head. I am headed to NYC with my daughter tomorrow and will look around.


Marie C said...

Hi Judy - Fabulous work and lots of interesting info - tfs! I also have the pic, but not in the size you require....

vivian said...

stunning piece, thanks for the detailed pics. love it.

kelsey said...

Like the others I am unable to help you with your large phrenology head image but just had to comment on the wonderful page that you made for Ingrid & her family. Totally gorgeous and very insightful and heartfelt. I'm sure they are going to just love it!

Gypsy Purple said...

Wish I can help with the image....
Judy....this is absolutely and utterly stunning!!!
I must tell you that this is amazing and more so...I`m also from South Africa and would love to know more about the families.....
I`ll have to look again...and again...and again
Thanks for sharing this
You are such an inspiration!!!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Please see my blog for a mention of this fabulous post

Elaine Kerr said...

Check your redvelvet.net.au e-mail.

Ro Bruhn said...

More fabulous pages Judy, just love your style.
I've taken your image into photoshop and added more res and some noise, I'll email you and see if this is what you want.

Julie H said...

What a wonderful page - I know if it came to my house it would end up on a wall! The layers within layers tell their own story of a beautiful friendship - wven to someone who does not know the recipients.

jo and jacky said...

Such an amazing piece of work Judy!! Not only has your work got some much depth and intricate layers it also has alot of personal symbology to the recipient.
Ditto to what Bella said - I see a book deal in your future!!!!!
Love Jo
See you in May!

Laurie Mika said...

HI Judy,
Wow, that is just an incredible page. I love the houses with the family photos inside. The layers and textures are just beautiful and I am sure that your friends were thrilled with it....I know I would be! Thanks for sharing....cheers,Laurie

Steph said...

What a beautiful piece ! I can't get enough of your work !

Jo Wholohan said...

Ohhh my Judy, where do I begin to rave about how amazing this is!!! Truely stunning girl!!

Janine said...

Another truly inspiring piece Judy! Just love it!

Debby Harriettha said...

Gorgeous!!! Goegeous work. What an inspiration you are.

Megan Pickwell said...

Judy, what a wonderful piece so full of significance for the recipients.
So many special details within each piece. Lurvely.

Gisele said...

What a wonderful page for Ingrid & her family, you have a rare talent in depicting all that is relevant with amazing symbolism Judy....it's truely beautiful!