06 June 2007


BLOG BANNER: The why's, the what for's and the winner!

Well it's nice to know that so many of you took an interest in my banner. It's so nice of y'all.
The reason why I did the banner is not just for aesthetic appeal.

Initially I created it for an altered book round robin that I am currently a part of. What you see in the banner is only about half of the actual picture. But unfortunately I cannot show you the full picture cos it will ruin the surprise for those getting my book.

The other reason I created it ties into the explanation of the symbology.
The text is Hebrew. But there are two lots of hebrew texts.

The first layer is from a 14th century, middle eastern Jewish amulet.
It is to ward off the evil eye.
It is Kabbalistic - and not in the new found Hollywood Madonna Kabbalah.
It's the real thing - like the photo below.

If you do not know what Kabbalah is, I will explain more fully another time if anyone is interested. basically it is jewish mysticism, very complicated and relates to numerology, symbology and heavily encoded script that we laypeople cannot understand. Most Amulets like this one are to ward off the evil eye, in particular, Lillith - Adams first wife, before Eve.

Thats another story - but hey, you can read all about Lillith in Michael's new book - so I wont ruin the myth for you. There you will find the answers to alot of what is written in the amulet.

It is made up of lots of names including the 72 Names of G-d 9which represent different powers.

The two hands - There is an image of a man praying and with his head down so you can only see his hands in front of his head. His hands are splayed, as it happens. The hands also ward of the evil eye and they are splayed for mysticism says a splayed hand shows maximum reach - so I achieve maximum warding off of the evil eye.

The man praying has a prayer shawl on, hence you can see more hebrew text as the text is embroidered on his prayer shawl.

Across the man is a wing - representative of an angels wing another form of protection.

The dove in the top right hand corner is there as a symbol of peace for all.

The cherub in the top left hand corner is looking down on everything - it symbolises heaven, the angels - knowing that there is someone up there guarding me. A guardian angel, as it were. It could subconsciously represent my Michael as my guardian angel on this plane - see below.

The Amulet does have the names of the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and Uriel which is another reason why i chose this particular one to put in.

Just to give you a brief order of angels/cherubs or celestial beings...
The 9 orders of angelic beings (1 being the highest order) are...
The first sphere is made up of angels who serve as heavenly counsel.
They are called:


2 - CHERUBIM (Cherubs)

They are the guardians of light. Remote from our plane of understanding - their light touches our lives, the divine light that they filter down from Heaven.

The Second Sphere - angels who work as heavenly governors
The Third Sphere -- angels who function as heavenly messengers
Beyond the angels are the archangels,they tend the larger arenas of human endeavor.


MICHAEL is an Archangel - in the above context.
In the Dead Sea Scrolls Michael emerges as the 'Prince of Light' fighting a war against the Sons of Darkness in which he leads the angelic battle against the legion of the fallen angel, Belial.
He lives in the seventh heaven - funny that my lucky number is 7.

The eye in the hand - Middle Eastern in origin, the eye is all seeing and when put inside the hands makes the warding off of the evil eye - even more powerful.

There is a circular measurement device there with the symbols of the funny looking E - you know when you use Excel to sum up a calculation. That's all there because Judaism and Kabbalah has alot of numerology in it.

Again to be brief cos I am probably boring you all to tears,

For every letter of the Hebrew alphabet , each letter has a numerical value. The hidden meanings behind the Torah, the Old testament, and its stories can all be added up numerically to mean something.

So for example, the word Chai which means life is made up of 2 Hebrew letters.

It adds up to 18.
Chai translates/means life.
Whenever we give presents to people, like when Ari just had his 18th birthday some people give presents in lots of 18 or using the number 18 somewhere in the present. It's funny that 18 means life and most people come of age at 18 and really start their life - Funny, coincidental? I think not!!!

Anyway the calculations/measurement, summing up symbol which is mathematical symbolises all the numerology.

To sum up - why it is all here - basically, I am a very spiritual person and I like mysticism. We all need to be protected from forces "out there" that may not be so kind and loving. Without revealing the exact reason, lets just leave it at... I needed some spiritual protection.

The Winner:

A number of people emailed me privately with further explanations of what they saw. So you won't see all the comments up here.

Congratulations to
Mahala Elliot
Megan Pickwell
and Jen Crossley.


It was hard to seperate these three as they got either the symbols or meanings right.

So congrats and thanks for playing - you came up with some amazing concepts, some of which I wished I had thought of - lol. Can you guys email me your addresses and I will send you the prizes.

P.S. I hope I have not forgotton anything here, if I have no doubt someone will remind me - I have had a very hectic few days and wanted to get most of the explanation up as promised.

Ciao for now.


Karen Cole said...

Ok, so I knew all of that information. I just wanted to give someone else a chance. No, not really.

You certainly have created a magical blog and world for yourself. Glad I met you and thanks for increasing the "enlightenment" factor for me.


craftyhala said...

I was raised by an atheist father whose family were Quakers and a mother whose father was Seventh Day Adventist. My aunts were Mormon, Jehovahs Witness, First Baptist, and well, there were ten children and no two had the same religion.
My point is that I was exposed to so many beliefs, yet this was so new to me. I have read and continue to read about the symbols and mysticism and ...well...all of it. i am fascinated by learning so much of what I really don't...didn't know about, until this came along.
Thanks for the enlightenment...I've enjoyed this very much.

Jen Crossley said...

Judy your blog is always so enlighting I find it all so interesting and have learnt so much about the Jewish faith.
I must admit Im now cross eyed from looking at your banner though but it paid off !!!!.
Thanks again

Cindy Dean said...

I loved this entry. I have been reading the book The 72 Names of God. Very Interesting reading. I wish you protection from those that are not so nice and kind...

Julie H said...

What a lot of information - and most of it new to me, I will be back to re-read this post soon. Thank you Judy.

Kristen Robinson said...

Judy this post is so wonderful full of great info, and I really really like the new banner. I am quite taken with the mythology that exists in the Jewish religion, it was not until very recently did I even learn of its existence. Thank you for sharing so much with us.


fromthepines said...

Just got done looking through your whole blog! The elephant book just blows me away! It is so cool. Any other pics you have of other projects would be great to see!

Ro Bruhn said...

Thanks Judy for such an informative incite into your symbols and the Jewish faith, this has helped no-end for working in your book.
I'm looking forward to seeing the big picture, I only have to wait until next month, then it's my turn


Susan Tuttle said...

Wow--so intricate!! Thank you for sharing your process in making your banner!


Ev said...

Wow...that post was fantastic, I loved reading all about the symbols and yes I want to know more. I too am a spritual person but this is a completely different path to that which I have knowledge of. I will have to start doing some research into it all.

Coby said...

Judy, I am also a deeply spiritual person, my faith is vital to who I am and how I live. We are very alike.

I was fascinated by the explanation of your banner. Although I knew some of the information presented, I learned much about the symbolism in the Jewish religion.

Thank you for an interesting read.

Love Coby

Deb L said...

Fascinating info! I hope you will post more about the symbology... I am very interested in the mythology surrounding protection. Thanks for a great read! Deb

Gisele said...

I would never had guessed or seen half of the symbols mentioned here but find this fascinating! I was totally unaware that the Jewish faith incorporated numerology & symbolism to such a degree, thank you for the explanations Judy....looking forward to learning more :)

cyber davinci said...

Your blog is so enlightening and one of the first ones I check for updates... sorry about the late post, had to go back and find the right one... I appreciate the background on angels and intend to follow up on more... thank you!