25 May 2007



A week can go by sooooo slowly sometimes, yet at other times it can fly.

This last week the time just flew by so quickly.

Michael and I had such a lovely week.

It was relatively quiet - which is what we chose it to be. Our time at this stage is so limited together but so full of quality - I guess one cannot ask for more.

My friend Ingrid who photographs my artwork is a most extraordinary photographer.

My experience in doing books for people on their life stories has revealed that we often only seem to take special photo's of our loved ones on special occasions. As I often document the lives of Holocaust Survivors, photo's of loved ones are rare. Sometimes they have just one torn and tattered photo that somehow survived with them.

It only takes one photo to keep a memory alive.
It has been a good reminder to document those times and people that are important to us.

Whether we like it or not our memories do fade.

So yesterday when the opportunity came, Ingrid, Michael and I went off to, off all places a heliport near Botany Bay. She told us it would be a perfect location to shoot some photo's as there were rusty doors and windows amidst graffiti in a disued area on the site. She took some beautiful photo's of us and I am so glad we did. I have only seen a few, so I thought I would share a couple with you.

They make me smile.
I am so glad we made the time to do it.
Thanks Ingrid!!!
And thanks Christine for helping Michael to "seize the day", you know what I mean...

I am so blessed to have Michael in my life.
He is the gentle soul who has brought happiness back into my life in so many ways.


idolatrieartist said...

So glad you two are Happy!


Natalie B said...

Hi Judy, I found your blog through a friend of mine Julie Hetherington. These pictures are just gorgeous, you both look so happy. And what a funky backdrop for the pictures. Just gorgeous.

Sharon Manning said...

He's turned you all MOOSHY woman! LOL......I'm so happy for you both and they are gorgeous photos, can't wait to see the rest.

Susan Tuttle said...

These photos make me smile--they exude so much love, warmth, and happiness!

Have a wonderful time together!


Ruth Rae said...

your blog looks amazing!!!
your banner is so wonderful!
I just keep looking at it and seeing new things!!!
and the pitchers of you and Michael!
be still my heart!
you two look so amazed by one another!

katie said...

what lovely photographs! you and michael are both glowing....ah, love is so sweet :-)

Angie in AZ said...

Wow, the photos are fantastic! I especially like the first one.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful photo's Judy, love the rusty old metal frames and peeling paint. Such creative photography.
enjoy your time together judy and michael.

Jen Crossley said...

What beautiful photos to treasure, a moment in time together thanks for sharing these beautiful photos I have goose bumps.
Your right though Judy we do need to document these time which sometimes are all to short

Megan said...

Oh well would you just look at you two!! These are so beautiful Judy - Ingrid has done a magic job. You and Michael are sooooooooooo photogenic!

Megan xx

lindaharre said...

What gorgeous pictures and such a Happy Couple!!!!! Your friend did a remarkable job of capturing the moment! It makes me smile to see two people so much in love........

Ro Bruhn said...

Ain't love grand. Fabulous photos Judy, I'm so happy for you and Michael. I hope one day we get to see your visual anthology. Enjoy the rest of your time together

Gypsy Purple said...

Stunning pictures of a lovely couple.

Lissy said...

Stunning Judy...superb pics and you look so content together! (sp looks wrong!) Anyway glad you've has a super week :)

kelsey said...

LOVE the last pic Judy, it exudes the happiness that I'm sure you've both been feeling this last week.

jo and jacky said...

What fantastic photos!! You two look perfect together and the location is amazing. I am sure the time went all too fast, but now you have more memories to add to your collection. Isn't it great, the friendships we make in our art world, but to find love?? That is more special than words can describe.
My love to the both of you.
Jo xoxoxo

Tricia Scott said...

ohh judy, these pics just say it all about the wonderful connection you two share. so beautiful.

Jo Wholohan said...

These are the most beautiful photos Judy!!!!

Debbi B said...

Hi Judy - The photos are fantastic - you two are great together. I love your new id photo too by the way - very sophisticated! Your banner is really intriguing and I love the depth you have created. Needless to say this is something I have yet to attempt in any fashion! I have been meaning to come back and comment on the last two blogs for the Elephant VA - the whole book is just awe-inspiring (mind boggling actually). PS Thanks for dropping by my blog and yes I do send the originals - they all come back! Have faith...Debbi B

Gisele said...

Judy...the photos are really beautiful, Ingrid has really captured the love in those shots & the location is so apt!

Ursula Clamer said...

Fab photos of you & Michael. I really like the last one, it is so natural and captures a little of that something special the two of you have.
I LOVE the new banner, great job. I'm looking hard at all the wonderful images it contains and can see things, I just have to work out what they mean...I'm hoping to play soon. Ux

kass said...

judy these photos (and the ones on michael's blog) are really gorgeous. You guys dont have to tell us how happy you are - we can see it!
hope he gets back here again soon :)

kathywas said...

Your friend, Ingrid, is a magnificent photographer. What gorgeous photographs! The setting for each of these photos is so picturesque. The windows "frame" your images beautifully!

Marie C said...

Hi Judy - love your banner ! and you two make a great looking couple indeed - love seeing all that rust around you both! :)

Judy Wise said...

You both look so beautiful and so happy. It is a joy to share your pleasure. Lovely, lovely photographs. Congratulations to both of you. (my first de-lurk.)

mizcarla said...

awww what great pictures. I was telling Bernie the other day that it was great seeing Mr Michael so happy. He was literally floating around at Art and Soul :D

Getting my book ready to send off for our RR--I'm excited about getting started.


Laurie Mika said...

Hey Judy,
Great pics of a very contented looking twosome. The shots really capture your feelings for one another. So happy that you found each other in this big wide world. May time fly....
All the best,

Karen Cole said...

Great photos!!!!

I'm telling you...it's movie material. I'm honored to be a co-star.

Coby said...

Judy, these photos are so beautiful.

Your friend Ingrid is a talented photographer, she has an eye for composition and a heart that senses when an intimate look will be exchanged. A true gift.

Thank you Judy and Michael for sharing your photos and allowing us to see the deepth of your feelings for each other.

Love Coby

Izabella said...

true love!! these are amazing photos~ you both look so happy! I am sure you are counting down the dayz until you see each other again~

reading your blog is like reading a fairy tale you know ;)

xo!! Bella

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

awwwwwwww...you look so happy together in that last photo. beautiful.