17 May 2007

Thanks in the mist.

A hearfelt thanks.

What can I but a huge thanks to everyone who posted here about my book, "Of elephants and dreams". The response was so amazing and wonderful for the soul. I so appreciate the time eveyone took to let me know how they felt.

When I started to post, I never really intended it to be such a long blurb, it seemed that to post the photo's without some explaination to the why's and how's and for what purpose would have made the book less significant. It was certainly a journey for me. I am so ecstatic that for those who commented and sent me emails, that we enjoyed the journey together.

In the mist.

I got to the airport at 6.00am this morning. at times it was scarey driving. As I got closer and closer to the airport, the fog got thicker and thicker. I parked my car only to find out that flights had just been diverted to other ports. Michael's plane was now due to arrive at 9.00 so I went back home did a few things and went for coffee.

Just to give you a sort-of idea of what you are supposed to see...

You would normally see all the trees and houses leading up to South Head. Not today.
Anyway at 10.00am Michael finally arrived here - YAAH!

He was pretty exausted, especially coming off the back of the Art and Soul and Random Arts teaching circuit.

Almost exactly this time last year I headed to Cortona, Itlay to do both Michael's and Sally-Jean's workshops. There I made some amazing friends. Michael caught up with them at Art and Soul.

Here is Michael, Joy, Gerri, Karen and Katherine (red shirt).

I sooooo wanted to be there, I miss them all, they are talented ladies and gorgeous friends to have. Joy often spends time scouring the New York Garment district and sending me unbelievable packages of velvet ribbon and just about anything I want - amazing! They get together as a group from time to time and art away the day -so nice. All of them made and gave me such nice pressies when I was in new York at Christmas time. Today I recieved some stunning hand-dyed lace and (oops, cant quite post the last item) from Karen and Gerri.

Going on a 5 day workshop together in another country is a very wonderful and enriching experience. We all created a lovely bond. As I am writing this I am just cracking up laughing because there were so so so many classic and memorable moments that I will never forget. I just look at Gerri and I am practically on the floor.

Gerri, remember:

In the back of the car,
After the final dinner,
The bag over the head,
You saying, Oh no dear don't put the plastic bag over the head!!!
And the rest.
Miss you all.
See you all next year (hopefully) in Cortona!!!

Thanks so much for your comment. Come to Cortona. Please email me your details. I want to talk to you. I miss you. Michael said it was so nice to see you at Art and Soul. Amazing what happens in a year, but you knew all of that already - somehow, back then.

At present I am trying to finish off a blank book for an Altered Book Round Robin. I am so excited about this. I am nearly finished.

I recieved two delightful pressies recently. I will photograph them hopefully tomorrow and try and post.

Thanks again everyone.

P.S. Whats with blogger lately, nothing seems to be formatting well?


Corey Moortgat said...

thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I've never seen your work- what a lovely book in your previous post!! I love the incorporation of the modern photos!

Karen Cole said...

So......lesson learned......when trying to stand behind friends , to keep your weight gain hidden....DO NOT STICK OUT your "you know what!!!!

Thanks for the kind words, dear friend. Yes, what a special group of people. Happy anniversary!!!

Love to M.

jo said...

I saw the fog on the news last night and thought of you Judy, but was unaware Michaels flight was due in at that time!!
Enjoy the wonderful time you will have together, but I don't need to tell you that do I?
And yes, Blogger has been painful lately!! It wouldn't let me upload images the other day, so after three attempts I gave up.
It sounds like you have made many wonderful friends from your time in Cortona, I am so happy to say that you will be meeting the lovely Olga in Perth next year!! Have you met her yet?
Take care and say hi to Michael.
Jo xo

Julie H said...

Judy it was a joy to walk through the book (and yet so much more than a book) with you.

I too am looking forward to the altered book RR. I must finish cutting out my pages too.

Jen Crossley said...

Judy I just want to thank you for sharing and inspiring us all with your wonderful Book It was the highlight of my blog world so far this year.

Marie C said...

Your book was amazing Judy - I think it's us thatshould thank you for showing all!! Have fun guys!


Ursula Clamer said...

Your Visual Anthology was certainly a treat to see. Thank you for sharing.
It is amazing the connections and friendships we can make, and how they can last over distances. The internet certainly has helped in that regard - even if it is painful at times! Ux

Laurie Mika said...

Hi Judy,
Haven't been here in awhile...and wow, it was incredible to see all of the pictures of your anthology, what a masterpiece! Seriously, it looks just beautiful, each page so thoughtfully constructed. What a most incredible gift to give someone. Congratulations! Laurie

nina said...

hell, even i know the story of the bag!!!! LOL -
sorry about the fog, that is something that i have to deal with here in the mountains a lot. little prop commuter planes don't like fog, or rain, or much of anything. i sit white-knuckled, hoping i'll make my connection, always.
please give my love to michael. and thank you, thank you, thank you for the cd and tea!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Gypsy Purple said...

Just another congrats on your book...everyone loved it on my blog as well...truly a masterpiece and I am excited to see what your next project will be

david santos said...
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tiffini elektra x said...

Absolutely stunning book. I feel like after looking at these intense images of this amazing piece. . .if I close my eyes I have that same feeling you get when you finish reading an amazing book. I feel like I just traveled into a far away land.
The dark sepia toned images with the tapestry like fabric - is insanely beautiful. The lovely glove with the scallop edges holding the agenda is perfect. Beautiful just really - really flippin' beautiful. Oh also I adore all the descriptions of each section.
Hope you both are having a most excellent time!

Judy said...

Thanks all, just testing something.