23 May 2007

New Banner - Prize on offer:

I have been playing around with photoshop and finally produced my banner - which, mind you, I am very proud of. Naturally, there are numerous hidden meanings and symbols within it.

I have decided to give away a prize to the person who tells me what the symbols are and why you think they are there. The person who gets the most correct wins.

The prize which will be made up of a huge packet of COLLAGE-SSEMBLAGE (Term, trade-mark, Michael de Meng - he made me write it - lol)

You have 2 weeks from today.

Good luck!

Look what I got!

I recieved this gorgeous necklace from Ro recently. It's even nicer in reality. I so love the way she specially put the red velvet in it for me. I had to laugh when I saw it though. We both used the same copper hose holders, Ro for this and me within the Elephant book. I was about to post the book so i did not let on until Ro noticed it in the book. Ah yes, as they say, great minds think alike... yes i do know the other one about never differing.

Thanks Ro.

Look what I got too!

My wonderful blogging mate Ruth sent me this stunning ATC. Look how many layers there is too it and like Ro's piece, it looks so much better in real life. I love the red string and the Hebrew text.

Along with that came some of her resin and other papers from a really really old Jewish book. The funny thing is that the text she sent related, in fact, to her namesake Ruth from the bible. I won't go into the whole explanation, lets just say that there is just so much serendipity between Ruth and I, we are having a great time, saying "oh my G-d" to each other very very often.

Stop by and check out her latest shrine-like fabric art piece. It is AWESOME!

Thanks Ruth.

Michael's here playing again!

Michael and I are having such a nice time and as usual the time has flown by, hence my lack of posting, sorry but I know you will all understand. Yes he is working away on a piece at the moment. actually it's for Bob, my ex. He is using some of the pieces from the treasures that Bob brought him.

Ciao for now.


Steph said...

Your new banner is awsome!
And lucky you for the gifts you received!

Jen Crossley said...

Judy I LOVE YOUR BANNER it is right up my alley.
Glad your having fun with Michael you deserve it,Hey you got those ends off those fuses yet?? LOL
Ps I have missed you posting but I totally understand

Susan Tuttle said...

Hey Judy,
Your new banner is stunning!! I love all of the layers and sepia tones!

Beautiful gifts from Ro and Ruth--you lucky gal!!

I can't wait to see Michael's book!--I agree with you--North Light is doing some amazing page layouts these days--great design team!


Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous banner Judy, it so matches your elephant book style, I love it. I'm racking my brain to work out some of the symbols.
I'm glad you liked your necklace, I really enjoyed making it, you're a special gal.
Enjoy the rest of Michael's stay.

lisa said...

Hi Judy, I've just got into your blog and love your stuff.Very beautiful......I see a childs face and the eye of a bird? I havent been to your blog enough to know or understand the meanings for you so i'll guess.....Maybe you have a child or this is you or someone close to you......The eye of an eagle,hawk,raven or crow because of the freedom to fly and the insight to see where your art can and will take you....
Again i love your work and look forward to reading your blog...

Gisele said...

Hi Judy, fab new banner....did you have as much trouble as I did doing mine? I won't even hazard a guess at the symbolism here, I'm useless at this kind of thing but can see a face, hands & eye, so looking forward to your explanation. love Ruth's & Ro's artwork & am lucky enough to have some in my collection too. Have a super time with Michael.....can't wait for that book to drop though my letter box, have had it on order from the word go! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog & you know if ever you do land in Jersey, I'd love to show you round :)

Megan Pickwell said...

Love the Banner Judy - as to the symbolism, I have gone crosseyed I've looked so long at it for hidden messages! I think from memory and listening to the artist, the hands are protection against the evil eye, I think it can also mean all seeing all knowing and represents God. I think I am imagining a dove now - but that often represents the Holy ghost, eternal life and resurrection, but I think I am perhaps imagining the dove? The text is possibly Hebrew.
It's a bit of a guess, but I love games.

Megan Pickwell said...

Is there a cherub there too? Mx

Tessenei said...

I also see the word "amour" and a mandala.


Maj said...

I like your banner very much - to me the symbols could be: eye for "visual", hands for "creation", the fingers of the hands are meeting: "connection", the angels face: hmm...guardian angel? The circle for eternity, is it a white dove? (peace)or an owl? (wisdom) And the ancient script... maybe "storytelling"... anyway, just guessing :)

Maj said...

Oh - and there seems to be a sun in the circle - well the suns is essential to all life!

Elaine Kerr said...

A friend of mine, from India, once wrote a passage about our friendship - in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. The written symbols in your banner look very much like one of those languages. In this case it would, no doubt, be a tale of elephants and dreams on the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo river!

The eye in the circular image could be an eye of wisdom or 'third eye', a symbol of enlightenment or perhaps an evil eye. >:}(Did you know to remove the evil eye, a traditional Hindu ritual involves holy flame on a [circular] plate rotated around the person's face to absorb the evil effects?)Or maybe you're just peeking through your fingers at Michael.

I see patterns near the curved edges that remind me of paper coffee filters.Which probably has nothing to do with the sweet south Indian coffee called kaapi.

Speaking of symbolism, just one question: is that a white dove of peace in the top right corner or one of those wedding cake

The work you put into your gorgeous new banner is certainly appreciated - I just finished a huge PhotoShop job on mine and had a great time doing it.


craftyhala said...

Beautiful banner.
The eye might be to ward off evil or it might be the eye of your soul.
There are two hands with the fingers separated. The hand can represent protection from the evil eye, however, they look like hands held in benediction , like on gravestones.
The text in the shape of a big flower looks a bit like a Mandala. I also thought of a tree of life, but there seem to be too many petal shapes.Maybe a Bible Wheel?
The horned character could have something to do with what your Michael likes to work with, but maybe the horn of Moses? It was a symbol of honor and power if I remember correctly.
I don't really know anything about Hebrew text, so I can't figure any of that out, however, it is beautiful.

Judy said...

Hi all,
Just an update.
So far two people have very good answers. I am amazed that they got that much, gosh I don't even know if I could see so much. So keep on guessing and thanks for the comments and for playing everyone.

craftyhala said...

the 12 squares in the upper left corner with some Hebrew text...does it represent the twelve tribes of Israel?

Maj said...

Just to sum up my thoughts: Asuming the text is hebrew, you might be using symbols for finding your soul-mate, warding off the evil eye and suggesting a life-cycle. I see a kind of "weil" behind the text and a meter in a slight curve. Maybe I am far out, but seeing the love and contentment between you and Michael in the photos, (if you are not already there), you might want to marry and have children?

Well, it sure would be a nice message, but I am probably just getting carried away here?!

craftyhala said...

The Mandala is actually a calendar? It looks to have 13 petal shapes, kind of like a Treceluna...13 month symbol.

craftyhala said...

the circular shape that looks like a ruler...I saw a picture of a round ruler with Saturn in the middle and it said that he is the god of the crippled and the creative. Is that what that is for?

Shari said...

Hello Judy. I usually tend to read rather than comment on blogs, but I decided to finally come out of hiding and say a few things. This may be long winded---hope that is OK. Also my thoughts run kind of deep---hope that is OK too. I may be way far off and you don't have to publish my comments if you don't want to.

First let me say that I love your art and story telling. It inspires me and makes me feel good. I am just coming back from a very long creative drought. Seeing yours and other's art has helped me through the process---kind of rekindled the flame within me that seemed to go out for a while. Well, enough about me and a bit about your beautiful banner, wonderful son and delightful romance!

Speaking of candles and flames, the hands before your eyes remind me of a woman lighting Sabbath candles. A woman lighting the candles in her home can have a lot of meaning---it's spiritual, about lighting her own soul.It is about what she wants for her child and helping him find his full potential. It is about a woman bringing light into the world (by lighting a candle or maybe by creating art and happiness).

I also see some ghostly, almost skeletal images in the background (upper right corner). I think that this possibly relates to your feeling and thoughts on the Holocaust. The links in your sidebar show that this topic, "that we must never forget", has much meaning for you (it does for me so maybe I am just projecting me onto you).

The young man has to be your wonderful son Ari, "the Lion", or a representation of him. It appears like he is reading or praying. I had a tour guide named Ari who took my husband and I to Masada when we were in Israel a while back. It was on Israeli Memorial Day. We reached the top of Masada just as the the sirens blew to honor those who have passed. It was a moving moment and this Ari had such great passion for his land and people . He truly was a Lion and he made the moment very memorable for me.

So if I had to tie it all together, I guess it would be about love of family, love of art, an apprecaition of tradition and a remembrance of those who have gone before us.

You are a very fortunate woman to have such a wonderful son and to have found a great love again in your life. Your joy in all makes me feel happy---so thanks.

I am signed up to take a class with Michael at Art Unraveled in August. I am looking forward to it. I love the name Michael. I have two wonderful sons---one is a Michael the other is Daniel. Michael will be traveling to Toledo, Spain in two weeks to complete his Masters. He is majoring in Spanish and is planning on teaching when done. He is looking forward to his studies and also to finding a connection to his roots and heritage while there.

Wow, I have said way too much. Thank you for taking the time to read it!!!

Hoping to get to know you better.
-shari schneider